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Jade's POV

I was furious. And confused. And upset. And happy! Ugh, I just don't know what to feel!

I'd found out that had started the fire. The fire that had scarred me, permanently. On one side, I was happy. There was always a little voice in the back of my mind telling me that it could of been Beck that started the fire, it was a nagging little voice that I always tried to push aside. But now I have proof.

On the other side I was angry. Not only am I scarred both emotionally and physically, but Beck won't even speak to me. Not a word unless absolutely necessary.

But I was also upset. My mother and I had gone to the hospital this morning looking through our options with correctional and plastic surgery to try and tone down my scars. But the doctors there refused to offer us anything at all.

Apparently surgery was only an option if I was in pain or discomfort or my face needed reconstructing in any way. Something about lack of funding and having to use the little money they had for the most important cases.

So my day had not gotten off to a good start. I arrived at school during lunch, having missed the first three periods. I made my way towards my locker to grab some lunch money and a book to read when I pass Sienna and her two new friends.

I'd shown her around for the day but she'd been quick to make new friends and I hadn't heard from her since. I pick up on the words 'surgery' and 'boobs' and quickly catch on to what they're talking about.

'It'll make me at least a double D cup.' Sienna says to them proudly, and the awe and ooh at her excitedly. I slam my locker closed making them jump.

'Your getting a boob job? Classy.' I sneer at her and she glares at me.

'I'm just trying to look good. It's all the rage these days, all the celebrities have them. It's not as if I'm doing anything wrong or illegal! What's your problem?' She snaps at me snottily.

'Your using up valuable hospital funds to make your tits bigger when there are people with permanent scars that can't get surgery to fix them! I would swap this for small boobs any day.' I tell her with disgust evident on my face.

'Whatever, that's just your opinion right?' She says flipping her hair and stalking off, her little friends following.