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Chapter 1

His Mistake

"For the last time, Nymphadora; we cannot afford to invite him to the wedding, he is in much danger out of the wards at Privet Drive." Remus Lupin spoke and immediately was kicked in the balls by an angry metamorphmagus and auror.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT, Lupin; and danger pfft. We are in the middle of a bloody war; our wedding is a huge danger but it does not mean that we are not marrying." Nymphadora Tonks exclaimed angrily at her husband to be.

"But Dora, he would be in even more danger there." Remus almost whined.

"No buts Lupin; does the son of your best friends not deserve to share the happiness of the last link to his parents?" she asked rhetorically.

"But—"Remus tried to explain but was silenced mis-sentence.

"Enough, if he is not at the wedding tomorrow Lupin; I wear, I will Apparate over to Privet Drive and I will marry him instead." Tonks promised and showed him out of the door.

Remus disapparated thinking there was no way in hell she would carry through with her threat.

At the wedding

"Mum, is Harry there?" Tonks asked Andromeda as she was putting finishing touches to her daughter.

"Harry? Harry Potter?" Tonks nodded and Andromeda continued, "No dear he is not there; I do not know if he was invited." She said genuinely confused.

"Hold the wedding off a bit, mum; I have a promise to keep." Tonks stated and disapparated with a soft 'pop'.

She reappeared instantly in the bedroom of one Harry James Potter, coming face to face with a wand.

"Put the wand down Harry, it's me Tonks." She said as she hanged her hair colour to prove her identity.

"Uh, hello Tonks; why are you in a wedding dress?" Harry greeted with confusion.

"I am in a wedding dress because it's my wedding day." Tonks replied.

"Oh, congrats! But why are you here then?" Harry asked.

"To take you to the wedding; now hurry up and put on some decent clothes." She ordered.

"Um; I don't have anything to wear to a wedding, the best robes I have are funeral ones." Harry told her with a furious blush.

"Don't worry, we would find something there. Now we have to get going." She said and promptly disapparated them both to the altar.

There she stunned Remus and floated him and Harry to her mum who was waiting for her. A quick switching spell and a few resizing spells from a very confused Andromeda on her daughter's orders switched and fitted Remus' robes to Harry.

"Okay Tonks/Nymphadora; what's this all about?" both Harry and Andromeda asked at the same time.

"Uh, I swore an oath to marry Harry if Remus did not invite him to our wedding and I am merely fulfilling it now." She replied nervously at once but grew more forceful as she plowed on.

"I mean, he is the last link to James and Lily that Harry has and he was not even planning on inviting him." Tonks continued.

Harry sighed a little sadly, he could not help but feel that Lupin was at fault; 'he did not even contact me for nearly twelve years, some friend he is.'

Andromeda, on the other hand, cheered inside; 'finally she sees reason and ditches that werewolf; not to mention he is too old, he did not even deserve her.'

"You sure about this Tonks?' Harry asked and she nodded.

"Okay, let's get this over with." He said making to go out of the door when Tonks stopped him.

"You agree to this?" Tonks asked.

"Yes, as you said; you swore an oath; I am not about to let you die because of me." Harry spoke with conviction and determination.

Andromeda did a little victory dance in her head at these words even as she remained impassive outside. Tonks hugged Harry tightly and spoke "Thanks Harry, no worries, mum?"

"No worries, Nymphadora; I am happy for you and Mr. Potter." She spoke.

"Call me Harry."

"Call me Tonks."

"Of course Nymphadora; Harry dear you wait outside, I will explain everything to Ted and the minister."

Harry nodded and went outside even as Ted Tonks and the minister came in to find out "What's the holdup?"

Andromeda explained everything to them and they nodded; Ted a bit reluctantly.

The wedding proceeded as they normally do…

"Do you Harry James Potter take Nymphadora Athena Tonks to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love her, protect her cherish her, till death do you part?"

"I do."

"Do you Nymphadora Athena Tonks take Harry James Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love him, protect him, cherish him, till death does you part?"

"I do."

"Then, if nobody has any objections…" a well-timed wide area Confundus charm from Andromeda took care of all, if any objectors to the marriage.

"I pronounce you man and wife; you may kiss the bride."

Tonks took initiative as Harry looked too dazed too kiss her; she dipped his head back and leaning forwards snogged his brains out. Harry still wore the dazed expression after the kiss.

"Wow" he breathed out after a minute.

"Well husband, wait till we consummate the wedding." Tonks said seductively in his ear sending shivers down his spine.

The after-party went along well except a few threats and the departure of Lupin who was muttering angrily about 'Showing her.' as they went to Tonks' house after it.

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