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Chapter 2


There had been a few objections and threats from Remus to the marriage but a very deadly threat/promise from Andromeda Black Tonks, daughter of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, had him fleeing for his life. He would not be seen again.

Harry had not required going to Privet Drive again as Andromeda pointed out, 'Why giving them a chance to ambush you by going there?' Harry had to agree, that was quite logical.

He had gotten to know Andromeda, Ted and Tonks (she took Tonks-Potter; she still wants to be called Tonks in front of company, only Harry gets to call her Nymphadora) quite well and was pleased to know that they had been quit close to Sirius before the war heated up first time.

A few days later, Bill's wedding day

The marriage was, in large part kept, a secret from the magical world; Nymphadora and Lupin had not invited many people and as such it was unlikely that even the Order knew that it had happened. It was both a blessing and a curse for Harry as the low numbers of attendees had kept the drama at his wedding to a minimum but on the other hand he now feared telling his friends that he had married, to Tonks, none the less.

'Oh Merlin, Mrs. Weasley and Ginny would skin me alive; that's for sure.' He thought sadly as he got ready for Bill and Fleur's wedding.

Seeing his expression, Nymphadora Tonks-Potter, his wife, walked over to him and kissed him softly saying; "Let them say whatever they want to, love; it is not your concern how they take the news. We are married now and they cannot do anything about that." She said flippantly, even though she was scare a little inside.

Harry just nodded but his expression did not clear much and Tonks' fear increased a bit. Summoning every bit of her Gryffindor bravery, she asked "Do you regret it?" in a small voice sounding nothing like the Tonks he knew and loved, well not yet but would, soon enough.

Harry turned to face her in a hurry, if there was one thing clear as a crystal in his mind; it was that he did not regret it, not one bit. Cupping her face in his hands, he said, "Don't you ever think that again Nym, I do not regret it, not one bit; you hear me, I do not regret it at all; heck, I can't think how miserable I would be now without you."

Tonks brightened at hearing this and regained her usual manner, her hair turning that shocking pink again; "Why the long face, then?" she asked.

"I am just thinking how I am going to break the news to them; I mean; they are like a family to me. You are of course family for me." He added hastily, and continued; "And I know it for a fact Mrs. Weasley was planning for my marriage to Ginny as soon as we started going out."

"Oh, don't you worry husband; I have an idea." Tonks said smiling brightly, harry had not been around his father and Sirius much or he would be fearing for his life seeing the look on Tonks' face; as it was, he just smiled at her thankfully and proclaimed himself ready for the ceremony.

"Ready for the ceremony, Harry, Nymphadora?" Andromeda asked once they got out of the room.

Harry and Tonks nodded in unison and Andromeda walked around them examining their dresses and waving her wand here and there; finally she came to a halt in front of them and said, "The outfits look good; do something about your hair Nymphadora."

"Mum." Tonks whined and subtly kicked Harry for some support.

"Actually Mrs. Um... Andromeda, I quite like it as it is now." Harry said.

Andromeda hummed and nodded finally, though she had not missed her daughter's pleased smile and in return had to hide her smile herself, said "Off you go, then; and if they give you any grief, just use that spell I taught you about."

Harry nodded and disapparated with Tonks.

Andromeda shed a tear of pride in her daughter still staring at the spot she and her husband had just left. Standing there, she tried to imagine her colorful, cheery, energetic daughter beside a shabby, worn, tired Lupin and had to suppress a shudder; they say opposites attract, that was too much. And then the image of her daughter with Harry flashed to her mind and she smile, Harry had his silent, brooding moments and acted like Lupin quite a bit but he valued her daughter's presence by his side and never once, since the wedding, he looked as if he was there against his better discretion, which was the case with Lupin even as the marriage was decided.

The Burrow

The Weasleys, Hermione, and the Delacours had all gathered in the back garden of the Burrow. They were all waiting for Harry who was due to arrive any moment. Though some of them were less than happy that he was not already there and was, in fact, coming with Tonks. Just then, the couple materialized in front of them with a soft 'pop'. They were just about to welcome them with hugs when Tonks grabbed Harry's robe and kissed him soundly, on the lips.

Still dazed from the apparition, Harry found his mind turn to mush as Tonks kissed him instantly after and thus forgot that they were not in the bedroom but rather in the back-garden of his surrogate family, in front of the said family members; he reacted in the way he had always done and kissed back with passion, one hand cupping his wife's bum and the other slipping inside her robes.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER. WHAT FRIVOLITY IS THIS?" shrieked Molly, glaring at the couple venomously, hands on her hips, breathing heavily, and getting ready for a big rant, she called it giving them a piece of her mind; she was supported by her daughter who mirrored her mother and if possible, surpassed the intensity of her glare at the couple. Besides them, Hermione looked, for the first time in many years, utterly confused; Ron looked jealous, rest of the males too looked a bit shocked while Charlie and Bill glared hotly at the couple; the twins wolf-whistled. The Delacours looked approving, as it was something they saw almost daily, being French, and in turn tried to top the passionate kiss demonstrated by the couple themselves. Oddly enough, Fleur and Gabrielle looked a bit jealous at the sight.

The kissing couple paid no heed to the shrieks of Molly and continued, completely lost in the passionate moment; finally, as the need for air started becoming too much, they separated, breathing heavily; wearing identical dazed expressions on their faces.

Just as Molly drew another deep breath to start ranting, Tonks reacting with her auror instincts; whipped out her wand and waved it once in a wide arc, flicking gently at three points and Molly, Ginny and Hermione found themselves unable to speak. Shocked at the unexpected charm, the three were not able to reverse it, not even remembering that spells could be cast non-verbally as had just been demonstrated.

Nodding once, Tonks flicked her wand once again and a booming voice was heard in the background, like an announcer in theaters, it said; "Ladies, Gentlemen, and banshees;" a light blinked into existence around Molly and Ginny, "we present you, MR. AND MRS. HARRY JAMES POTTER!"

With this Tonks cancelled her silencing charm to listen what they had to say to that and all hell broke loose.

"You bitch…"

"Harry gets everything…"



"Congratulations mate…"

"Are you sure…"

You can probably guess who said what; during the various exclamations, the Delacours had walked to Harry and quietly said, "Congratulations, Meester Potter, Mrs. Potter; zat was quite a show 'ou put on."

Gabrielle congratulated Harry too but had tears in her eyes; then she got a determined look in her eyes and said something in Fleur's ears causing the older witch to turn bright red and sputter something to her. Gabrielle insisted though, and Fleur turned to harry and Tonks and whispered something in Tonks' ears after taking her aside.

"Hmm, that's some suggestion…" Tonks said in response to whatever Fleur had said to her, then she turned thoughtful, her hair changing colour pink, blue, yellow, purple, black, red, then back to pink as she brightened considerably; "Maybe in a few years." She replied to Fleur and Gabby looked quite relieved.

Harry was just trying to decipher whatever the three witches had conversed when an angry shout reached his ears; "HE WILL BE MINE, YOU BITCH; AVADA KEDAVRA!" Ginny shouted, brandishing her wand and sending the sickly green jet of death bringing magic at Tonks. Harry's eyes widened while Tonks had turned pale in shock, her hair bleached; 'I would not lose her!' with this single thought in mind, harry potter put in a desperate dive and managed to intercept the curse just before it reached Tonks just as his mother had done all those years ago, last thought flashing in his mind was 'I love you, Nymphadora.'

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