Whaaattt? An update to a 7, almost 8 year old fanfiction?

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Some things I would like to say. Demi Lovato. Oh my god. She is engaged now, I had always hoped her and Nick Jonas would end up together. I think it was close, don't know what happened, but I'm pretty happy with his wife. I have a massive crush on her.

Sorry for the ramblings. its almost like catching up with an old friend as i was writing this chapter.

So please enjoy this. I will try to update it as I can, but I do have another story that I have been updating, so let me know what you think.

Honestly, does anyone even read SWAC fanfiction anymore?

To set the scene, lights dim, dramatic music playing in the background, the sound of a soft patter of water hitting a small pool, a waterfall.

"Mackenzie." Lilly's character Dani, an old friend of Mackenzie's said, "You promised. You said we would be friends forever. Did that promise mean nothing to you?"

"But Dani, I have never forgotten you. I simply couldn't bring myself to face you, knowing I have failed you." Mackenzie, the shows lead said. "I have loved you since I met you. When we were children. And since I had to move on and become the owner of this company, I had no choice. I had to grow up too fast."

The spotlight fell on the 2 cast members, lighting them up in a soft glow.

"Oh Mackenzie!" The girl cried out, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around the blonde's neck, pulling their faces together, eyes closing.

"Cut!" Adam, the rather portly Director called, ending the scene. "That was great guys! Go take a lunch. You deserved it."

Lilly let go of Chad as if he had burned her. "Oh thank God. I did not want to kiss you."

"Oh come on. I'm not that bad. You can't say you don't want to kiss this." He waved his hands up and down up his body as if to make her suddenly decide she was in love with him.

Lilly quirked an eyebrow up at him. "First of all, you said, and I quote 'Not that Bad' Meaning you do recognize that you aren't as 'good looking' as you seem to think you are. And second, Eww." She spun on the heel of her boots and walked off, putting distance between herself and her old friend.

"Wait!" Chad called out to her and began following her, "No. Look I'm sorry. I'm sorry okay? It's not my fault. I had to grow up. I wasn't allowed to wear the necklace much. My Agent thought it would look bad to have the star of his show to wear a necklace with a heart on it. "

The girl shook her head, not responding to the blondes excuses.

"Every time I saw it light up it killed me. Because I missed you too. I really did." Chad followed her to her dressing room. Standing in her doorway, watching as she grabbed her bag and started shoving her things in it. "I knew you were much better off without me. I knew you would be successful in life. I did it all for you."

Lilly turned around, anger behind the tearful eyes. "You saw the necklace light up? And you did nothing about it? And I would be better without you? Life was miserable before I met you. It was miserable after I moved. Without you and your mom I would have been killed by neglect. Never say I was better without you. You knew how bad my father was. So don't EVER tell me you did this for me. No it was all for you. You and your reputation." A tear fell down her face and she pushed her way past the sorrow filled boy standing in the door way.

Late that night Lilly lay in bed, the soft breathing of her sister across the room. 'He said it was all for me.' She thought angrily, rolling over, her eyes fell on the ruffled fur of the build-a-bear that lay at the foot of her bed. Its beady eyes seemingly peering into her soul. She kicked the bear off of her bed and off it flew onto the floor and under Sonny's bed.

She sighed and crawled out from under her blankets to pull the bear back into her arms. In seconds she was sat on the floor of the bathroom, door shut. She squeezed the hand of the bear for the first time in months.

10 year old Chads voice erupted from the bear. "Hey Lilly, I miss you. Don't forget to press your necklace every time you hear this. Love you sis from your bro."

The 17 year-old's fingers numbly located the small black button on the back of her necklace and seconds later a soft glow lit up around the heart. Lilly let out a small sob. It had been nearly 2 years since she had last seen that glorious light. And even though she had seen Chad every day at Condor Studios, she felt like she had a piece of her friend back, if only for a few wonderful seconds.

The next day at work had started like any other. Her and Sonny arrived early. They fought to get a 'Falls' parking spot. They were unsuccessful. They joined the rest of her cast mates in the prop room. They were rather Salty with her at first when she had joined their enemy, but eventually calmed down. And they eventually split ways to work on their own sets. But of course, here is where things were different.

As Lilly made her way to her set Chad joined her and the 2 walked down the halls of the Studio side by side, a comfortable silence between them.

"Couldn't sleep last night?" The blonde boy asked his old friend turned cast mate. He had seen the darker spots under her eyes and her quieter statute today. Not to mention the flashing of his necklace at 3 in the morning. He couldn't say that he wasn't surprised. In the months that he had seen her and the couple of weeks that they have worked together she hadn't seemed like she was ever going to forgive him. But at 3 in the morning while he was studying the next episodes script he was pleasantly surprised and a few seconds later he had responded with his own push of the button.

Lilly glanced over at the blonde, but gave him no answer and continued by herself to her dressing room. When filming she was different, her usual self. She was curt, but not rude. She said her parts with no problem. She was friendly with Skyler, and even got along okay with Portlyn. After stepping off the main set she was a different story. Lilly was never a quiet person on set. She spoke her mind and let everyone know if she found a part of the script rather distasteful. She listen to them bag on SO RANDOM! with eye rolls and asked them if they will ever grow up.

But today she seemed withdrawn. She didn't talk with anyone off set. When they had asked her what she thought about the next script she simply shrugged she shoulders and mumbled "It's okay." When break came around she slipped off to her break room, and when Chad had peeked in, worried about his childhood friend she stood up and closed the door on him.

"That's great guys!" Adam called the end of filming. "Well you know what time it is." He dramatically waved his hands, releasing the teens. "Go get lunch."

For the second day in a row Chad followed who he liked to call his friend, even though she always denied it, to her dressing room, and this time didn't stop in the door way.

"We need to have a talk." He said shutting the door, the 2 of them in the room together.

"No we don't Chad." She said walking around the taller boy to open the room.

Chad grabbed her arm, pulling her away from opening the door, and turned her around toward him.

"Yes we do. Are you okay?" He asked her earnestly, eyes locked.

Lilly pulled her arm out of the blondes grasp. "Yes." She stared into his sky-blue eyes. "No." She looked away, "Maybe, I don't know okay? Can you just please let me out? I told Sonny we would go out to eat today and I don't want to be late."

"You know Adam lets us out 20 minutes before the Randoms. You have time. I want to talk today."

Lilly crossed her arms in front of her, "There's not much to talk about."

"Well how about the fact that I wasn't expecting you to light the heart last night. What was wrong? And why didn't you sleep? "

She looked up into his eyes again. He was worried, that much was clear. He had a tell that he hadn't given up in the 7 years that they had been separated. The iris of his eyes shook slightly and he lightly furrowed his eyes.

"Fine. I was thinking. I couldn't settle down, and I pressed the arm of Bat-Bear-"

Chad cut her off, "Bat-Bear?"

Lilly nodded, turning around. "The bear you and your mom got me. I-uh kicked it off the bed and I had to listen to it again. You said to press the heart every time I heard it."

"I wasn't aware you still had that thing." He chuckled "And you named it."

The younger girls eyes softened, "I would never gotten rid of it. It helped me through 7 years of hell. Without that and the necklace I never would have made it this far." She reached up to fiddle with the heart.

Chad narrowed his eyes at her statement. "Listen. I really want to apologize. I keep putting blame on other people. It was my own fault. I- I just got too busy. And you're right. I did forget about you. And I did see the heart light up. And I never pushed it. But I really didn't want to hold you back. I wanted you to have friends and not be hung up on your childhood friend."

With a shaky hand he pulled his own necklace out from under his shirt, identical to Lilly's. "I promise," He emphasized the words. "To always respond." He pressed the button on his and watched her heart light up. "Any time you light mine I will light yours."

"I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for you for 7 years. But I promise that I will be there for you from now on, no matter what."

Lilly looked up at the blonde who she had been angry with for the longest time. She finally recognize him more as her old friend Chad Goldfarb instead of Chad Dylan Cooper. Her vision blurred and she lunged forward and into Chads arms.

"I'm still angry with you for the last 7 years." She cried, tears falling down her face. And when her friend tightened his hold on her, she held tighter, tears freely falling now.

She eventually let go and turned to a mirror. "Dang it." She wiped at the tears on her cheeks and the ruined makeup under her eyes.

"I'll let you fix your make up, but remember my promise. And next time you can't sleep, text me." He gave her a wink and left the room.