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Okay guys, here is my new story! On to the first chapter of "Dragon Ball Universe"! I would like to point out two things before I begin however. First, I will NOT be nerfing the DBZ characters or powering up any of the characters from other anime's. Second, I will have to return my computer to school in a week or two, so the story may be delayed for a few days. Also, *important!* In this fic, since GT is non-cannon in the first place, I will be doing my own spin of the after years of Z, while also including Battle of the God's, so disregard DBGT in this fic, although I will include the golden Oozaru transformation(SSJ great ape). Also, since this revamp, I'm including the story to Buu's origins that Akira Toriyama gave in a recent 2014 interview. And the MOST recent change is the inclusion of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, or Super Saiyan God 2, which is the blue haired SSJG form that Goku and Vegeta used against Golden Frieza, in Fukkatsu no F. I will be changing small parts of the story, as new changes come. Hopefully they won't get too many more forms, lol. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Prologue.

On Kaizon, in the DBZ universe

It had been nine years since the day that the hero of the universe, Goku, had erased the foulest evil ever known to it. Majin Buu. That was the name of the being that almost erased all of creation. He had been so close to terminating his greatest challenge. His ONLY challenge. Buu had never met anyone whose power even came close to his. The closest thing to a challenge he ever faced was the South Supreme kai, but even he was no match for the full power of the pink, rubbery, semi-solid. In the end, he fell to Buu's greatest ability, which is to absorb living beings and to integrate them into Buu's body.

Despite what most thought about Buu's origins, of Babidi as his creator, the pink djin's history was much more complex than that. You see, when the universe originally formed, a creature named Buu was born from the malice, negative energy and dark matter that collected after being overcome by normal matter. This being was what is known as a universal abstract. It went through stages of destruction, and hibernation and could be stopped by none, as it's power was capable of overthrowing anything in the universe other than the gods of destruction, which also seemed to come from nowhere. The being avoided the gods, knowing of there superiority over it.

This cycle of destruction went on for trillions of years, until a certain wizard caught wind of a demon that slumbered on the very brink of existence, and formed a devilish plan… Bibidi formed a spell to control the entity known simply as "Buu". This spell allowed him to channel spirits into inanimate objects as catalysts for them to roam in, like puppets. They would also be drawn to their masters, and feel obligated to serve them. However, Buu was not so easily subdued.

Bibidi was the most powerful, master wizard in the entire universe. His magical powers and abilities were only trumped by the Supreme kais, the literal GODS of his realm. However, even he was incapable of creating a real soul. He could create life, but not a soul, meaning that the life he created would cease to exist once destroyed. Bibidi loved his creations with all his heart(even though he did a bad job of showing it.), so he hated it whenever one of them died. So, he intended to create one that couldn't die. To do this, he based the catalyst for the creation he would call "Majin Buu", in the most resilient, and self-sustaining object he could think of… A piece of chewing gum. The combination of Buu's devilish ki, monstrous strength, amazing magical and matter manipulation capabilities, and vicious animosity, along with the elasticity, resilience and resistance to physical damage of chewing gum created a being that knew nearly no danger, as it could withstand anything from being shredded into mere atoms, to flying through a black hole, all with the utmost ease.

This creature, dubbed "Majin Buu (known as kid Buu to some, due to his child-like appearance), went on to topple the universes greatest fighter, before being subdued by the strongest of them all, Goku. He finished of the seemingly invincible beast with the combined energy of the entire universe (and then some), in the form of a giant, holy orb of destruction, known to him as the spirit bomb.

This is the story of what happens, when a spar session between the two strongest fighters in the universe, and their father (and half-father), goes too far, and the entire Multi-verse is put at stake. Now, we go to the seemingly innocent battle between Mystic Gohan, the son of Kakarot (now known as Goku, savior of the universe), Gotenks (the fusion of Goten, son of Goku, and Trunks, son of Vegeta), whose power is now equal to that of the mystic form that Gohan, his half-brother, holds.

Gotenks has reached the mastered Super Saiyan 3 form, and can now hold it for the entire 30 minutes of his fusion at full power! Gohan has achieved something that even the elder kai thought impossible. He had accomplished the task of ascending to the Super Saiyan form, while using his Mystic powers! Goku, however, is a completely different story. 1 year after the battle with Bills (1 year after Buu), an old favorite enemy of Goku's had re-appeared. Broly. The legendary Super Saiyan. He seemed to never die. Even after Goku came back from heaven as a mastered SSJ2, and killed Broly with the help of SSJ2 Gohan, mastered SSJ1 Goten and Trunks, he still came back.

He had actually trained for once, and found that it increased his power level several leagues after every session. After a while, he attained the legendary level of SSJ3. Now, mix a Legendary Super Saiyan (LSSJ), and a Super Saiyan 3 (SSJ3), and you've got a brutal combination that even puts Vegito to shame. His power as a LSSJ3 was ENORMOUS. It even dwarfed the mighty Majin Buu! He broke out of H.F.I.L., and flew straight to earth to fight Kakarot, his most hated enemy. The Z-fighters were no match for the onslaught of the power hungry LSSJ3. It was then that Goku ascended to the next level, and Vegeta regained his title as prince of all Saiyans. The two SSJ3's(yes, Vegeta has SSJ3) stared into the enormous Omega blaster that Broly charged up in front of them, in his right hand held vertically over his head. All hope seemed lost, as the sphere reached a size that made the sun pale in comparison. Until…

Both fighters were consumed in a fiery rage. Their Saiyan blood would NOT let them die. The light from Broly's energy ball was bright enough to illuminate the moons on planet Kaizon, and the Saiyan warriors both looked at the moons, while seeming to undergo a trance. They both began undergoing a transformation, of what looked to be the Saiyan signature form, the great ape, or Oozaru. However, they were both Golden great apes! Since they both achieved Super Saiyan, their heritage poured their SSJ forms into their great ape transformation, thus making a Super Saiyan great ape! The multiplication of their power was 500X, even greater than that of a SSJ3. However, they also had MUCH greater endurance, strength, and ki reservoirs, due to their large ape bodies.

Vegeta, still being able to control his Oozaru form because of his training from so many years ago, charged at Broly first. Broly launched the blast, and it looked as though all hope was gone. Then, Vegeta shot a mouth blast that completely broke through the Omega blaster. Broly was shocked! However, due to the LSSJ3 form quintupling (5X) his size, he was almost as big as SSJ1 Oozaru Vegeta. So, he charged him as well, punching the prince in the gut. Vegeta winced a little, then merely scoffed at the futility of his punch, and raised both hands and smashed him into the ground with a single mighty blow.

Broly immediately charged back from the ground, laughing like a madman, to deliver another punch to Vegeta. Vegeta saw this, and was about to sway from the attack, but suddenly found that he couldn't. He was paralyzed. He couldn't do anything but watch as Broly inevitably flew closer and closer until he… Got the light momentarily knocked out of his eyes, by one of the most fearsome haymaker punches ever seen by Goku, to the face. However, the same thing then happened to Goku. They were both paralyzed for some reason. The distraction Goku gave was only temporary. Both apes now stared on as a pissed off Legendary Super Saiyan 3 climbed out of the rubble and began to charge another blast, which was much smaller than the other, about as big as a beach ball, but far more condensed. If it hit, it would destroy the universe.

He was about to fire it off, when he was suddenly hit in the face, and knocked off guard by a Mystic SSJ Gohan, who then worked into a vicious combo, finishing it off by uppercut punching him into the air. Gohan exhausted most of the rest of his already diminished ki in that combo, and had no other way to defend himself, so he had to begin charging up his ki. However, before Broly could recover, MSSJ3 Gotenks flew in and back-flip kicked him to the ground. Then, before he could hit the ground, Gotenks flew back down and grabbed him by the left leg. Then, he used dragon throw to spin him thrice in a 360* around and launch him back into the sky. Then, he drew his fist back, and shot a yellow ki orb at Broly. The sphere hit him in the chest and expanded all around him, covering all of him except his head (an evolved, more powerful version of galactic donuts)

Gohan and Gotenks used this opportunity to charge up their respective blasts. Gohan with his Super Kamehameha and Gotenks with his Big Tree Cannon. They fired them, and at the same time, two bright, golden lights enveloped Goku and Vegeta. The blasts covered up Broly, and Goku and Vegeta began to shrink. Then, the worst thing that possibly could have happened, happened. Broly blew away the two blasts by yelling. Gohan reverted back to normal mystic form, and Gotenks split back into SSJ1 Goten and SSJ1 Trunks. The three were exhausted, as they watched Broly slowly walk towards them while smiling maniacally with barely just a scratch on him… until the strangest thing happened.

A nearly 7ft. tall man, with wild, spiky, blue hair, blue eyes, and a furry, blue tail poking out of his baggy, orange gi bottom, fazed in front of Broly and busted him in the face with his elbow, literally breaking open a huge hole in his cheek and making him fly all the way to the planet Yardrat (they were on an abandoned planet, called Kaizon), millions of light years away. This was Goku as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, or Blue Super Saiyan, a form he had acquired while training with Whiss, the god of destruction, Beerus', trainer, a few years ago. As Broly flew back, another man, nearly the same height and look, but with tall, blue, spiky hair, tight blue spandex, blue eyes, and a similar blue tail, walked up next to Blue Super Saiyan Goku. This man was BSSJ Vegeta. They both kept their eyes closed for a moment, before suddenly shooting them wide open. Then, Vegeta began forming a green version of what looked like his final flash, as Goku made one blue orb in each hand, and pressed them together, then charging up a blue Kamehameha. Then, in an instant, Broly was back and the two BSSJ's both shot their hands forward and Vegeta and Goku yelled respectively, "FINAL SHINE ATTACK!", "100 TIMES KAMEHAMEHA!", and completely erased the legendary Super Saiyan. Broly was already dead, so he was erased from existence.

With him gone, the Saiyan Z-fighters teleported back to earth (yes, in this story, Goku made it a priority to teach Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin the instant transmission) , and lived for the next 3 years in relative peace…

On Ninjato (the Naruto world, in his respective universe)

Naruto had just become a ninja, and was now going to meet his sensei. He wore an orange, heavy jumpsuit that had blue shoulders and a red swirling circle on the back. He also had a trinket made of wood that had a string on a swirling white circle with a brown stick on opposite sides of it. He had spiky blond hair, that was wrapped in a blue leaf village headband. His face was decorated with three whisker marks on each of his cheeks. He had bright, blue eyes that complimented his huge smile, that was oddly similar to the Son family's famous grin. He also had heavy orange pants to go with the jumpsuit shirt. To compliment it all, he had a white shirt with the symbol of the fire country under his signature outfit.

His team consisted of the beautiful, luscious Sakura Haruno (who sadly hated his guts, despite the enormous crush he had on her.), who had beautiful, long, pink hair, and big, deep, green eyes. She wore a red dress that came down to her knees and had white circles on the bottom of the front and back sides. She also wore a white, velvet bra (she was about a 32 b, which was good size for her age.) and black shorts under her dress. She also had a slightly large forehead, that her rival, Ino, made fun of her constantly for. However, Naruto thought she was perfect in every way possible, he loved her truly and completely(at least his childish mind would construe it to be love, and not the childish infatuation that it was), but she didn't share the same feeling for him.

Then, there was the ignorant, bastard Uchiha sole survivor, Sasuke. He had raven hair, with a few subtle, blue highlights, and he wore a blue, short-sleeved shirt with a large neck, and his clans crest on the back and white shorts. He also wore a white sleeve with blue ending strips to keep them on his arms on each one. He was the last of the Uchiha clan, that was completely eliminated, by the now rogue ninja named Itachi Uchiha. He was Sasuke's older brother, and was now a member of the notorious group known as "Akatsuki".

Kakashi was a Jonin, whose silver hair swayed in a large spike pointing to the left of his head. He wore a green Jonin vest, blue ninja pants with white bandage straps on the left leg. He also wore a mask covering his face from the nose down, and his headband was worn sideways and covered up his left eye, showing only his right ear and eye on his entire face. They all wore standard blue, ninja sandals. Naruto was totally head over heels for Sakura chan, but he hated Sasuke teme, and had just met Kakashi, and never judged based on first impressions.

"All right, why don't you introduce yourselves? Things you like, things you hate, hobbies, dreams for the future… things like that.", Kakashi interrupted Naruto from his thoughts.

"Why don't you start off, you know, to show us how it's done?", Sakura questioned.

"Okay. I'm Kakashi Hatake. Hobbies… I have lots of hobbies. I like a lot of things, I don't particularly hate anything. Dreams for the future… that's none of your business.", Kakashi vaguely explained.

"All he really told us was his name…", Sakura whispered to Naruto, who nodded in reply.

"Okay, so we'll start with you, blondie.", Kakashi said, earning a fist shaking from Naruto.

"Well, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, believe it. I like Sakura, instant cup ramen, I REALLY like the ramen Iruka sensei treats me to at Ichiraku. I hate the three minutes you have to wait for to eat the instant ramen… Oh! And my dream is to become the next Hokage, so that all the villagers will respect me, believe it!", Naruto practically shouted.

"Well, this one has certainly grown up in an… interesting way.", Kakashi thought,"Okay, next is you, pinky", the Jonin taunted, gaining a scowl from the kunoichi.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. Well, um… things I like *she looked at Sasuke*… My hobbies umm*she looked at Sasuke*… My dreams for the future…umm…*she looked at Sasuke*…", Sakura said while blushing.

"Girls her age are more interested in dates than becoming ninja", thought the silver haired ninja. "What about things you hate?", he bluntly asked.

"NARUTO!", she shouted, making Naruto tear up.

"How could she say that?", /emthe knucklehead ninja sadly thought.

"Last but not least, you, Mr. I-cut-myself over there", Kakashi said, getting a big grin from Naruto, who had instantly been delivered from his sadness, and a glare from the fan girl.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate many things… and I don't particularly like anything…", Sasuke said, making his fan girl gasp. "What I have is not a dream, because I intend to make it a reality. My ambition is to restore my clan, and strongkill/strong a certain someone.", the raven haired shinobi continued.

"As I thought, an avenger", thought Kakashi-sensei.

"I hope he doesn't mean me…", the blond worried.

"Sasuke is so HOT.", thought Sakura.

"Okay, now, tomorrow, we'll be taking on a task with all four of us.", Kakashi stated, getting a confused look from the 3 genin.

"What do you mean? What kind of task?", Naruto asked.

"Hm…Haha…hahahaha…", Kakashi chuckled.

"W-what's so funny?", Sakura weakly said.

"Tomorrow, we'll have a survival test. There is a 66% success percent rate at best. If you fail, you'll be sent back to the academy.", the Jonin stated, getting shocked looks from all three genin, " Oh, and don't eat breakfast tomorrow, or else you'll puke. See you tomorrow.", he said while poofing away.

The next day.

"The three genin had been waiting for hours for their sensei to arrive. Then, he FINALLY got there, upon being shouted at by Naruto and Sakura. Kakashi then set up a timer.

"Okay, it's set for noon.", Kakashi said while reaching into his pocket to pull out two bells, "You have until then to get the bells from me.", then he said something that made all the genin cringe. "The one of you that doesn't get a bell, gets tied to a post and watches the other two eat lunch."

"So that's why he told us not to eat breakfast!", was the shared thought that came from all three of the young ninja.

"Of course, you could all fail and you would all have to watch me eat my lunch. Come at me with the intent to kill, or else you won't succeed.", he said, getting a robust laugh from Naruto.

"HAHAHA! I think that'd be to much for you, considering how you couldn't dodge that eraser.", the future Hokage announced.

"Hmm, the one who barks the loudest is usually the weakest link, the dead-last.", stated the Jonin, getting an uproar from Naruto, who charged at him with a kunai knife in his right hand, intent on stabbing his new sensei to prove how strong he was.

"However, much to Naruto's dismay, Kakashi easily sidestepped him, and grabbed his arm. Then, he spun him around and twisted his arm, so the kunai in his hand would be pointed towards the back of his head, making the other two genin gasp.

"He's fast!"/em, thought the pink haired girl.

"So this IS a Jonin..."/em, Sasuke said in his mind.

"Hey now, I didn't even say to start... But you DID come at me with the intent to kill... So, I guess I am starting to like you.", he said, releasing Naruto from his grip.

"Now… BEGIN!", he said as the three disappeared from sight.

Okay, so, what did you think? I hope you liked the first chapter. I changed it to canonically fit in with the battle of gods movie, so no more SSJ4, but there is now SSJG, and I just changed the story a bit to fit in with the next chapters I have planned. I know it's pretty long, but whatever. As for pairings, I already know that I want Naruto with Hinata, Sasuke with Sakura, and maybe some other pairings. Anyway, please leave a review, and favorite. Till next time! NIMBUUUSSSS! *fly's away on the little, yellow could, waving goodbye*. Also, I made some changes because of this revamp, so I hope you like/still like it.

Next time, on DBU: The survival test ends, and Naruto's team gets its first mission, and something goes terribly wrong in the DBZ universe, causing… THE CROSS-OVER!