Hey everyone, it's been a while, hasn't it? I know we've had a good, long run here on , but alas, I've decided it's time for a change of scenery. I've recently created a page on patre0n (with an o, not a 0), and am now starting to upload stories on there, rather than here.

For those of you unfamiliar with patre0n , it's basically this great website where creators like me can upload our content for our loyal fans, and actually receive pension for doing so. Not only does this reward our labor for creating artistic expressions like stories such as these, but it also makes it possible to dedicate more time and passion to our creations- by creating for us, a source of income. This makes it possible to put more time into creating our artistic expressions, without having to find time between work and personal life to be able to create for the people who appreciate our creations.

Simply put, you can now find my stories on patre0n's website, with /Saiyanfoeva immediately after the url for patre0n. You can also find instructions for the link on my profile here.

You will find posts of mine, as well as the first, completed(final revision) of Dragon Ball Universe! With luck, my following of supporters/patrons will increase to the point where I'm able to publish these stories as a career, rather than just a hobby. This will skyrocket my ability to update the stories, and allow for further development in them than was ever possible on this website.

For those of you who have remained loyal fans of mine, I look forward to seeing you on , where you can support me in creating the stories we all love. As I gain more support, it will even be possible for my loyal fans to have a hand in the creation of the story, as well as open a personal dialogue with myself to discuss certain aspects of the story. I have high hopes for this new venture, and can't wait to have fun creating more stories for you all in the near future! See ya there!