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So casually cruel in the name of being honest...

Jade's POV:

"I…I slept with Tori."


It took a minute before my body went into shock as I repeat the words in my mind, comprehending what he said.

My eyes widen and I drop my phone to the floor, my body soon sinking down the wall to join it.

I knew it.

My arms went around my chest as if trying to hold my body together. I immediately begin to sob, practically choking on my tears. I couldn't breathe.

I've never felt so…brokenused…wasted. No matter how pathetic I know I am right now, I can't seem to get myself to stop crying.

Beck. Just thinking his name caused my tears to fall faster.

I finally reach over to my phone next to me and click "end". I didn't want to hear his voice, which was just repeating the same word over and over again, "sorry". I didn't even care that he heard me crying. He should feel guilty…and I should feel angry...Yet all I feel is sadness and shock.

I shouldn't be surprised. I knew that would happen. I knew since day one that she… it… that thing would mess up my relationship with…him.

I start to think back to past conversations.

"Who said I've stopped?"

"I love you, Jade."

"I've missed you."

I mean, he must have actually meant those words at some point…right?

That's when my mind took me to the times when he was harshly honest. Thoroughly negating the conversations I thought of previously.

Kissing that thing…in front of me…almost twice…

Hanging out with Alyssa Vahn…when he knew it would hurt me.

"I'm not happy with our relationship!"

However, before tonight at least, nothing could beat the worst thing he's ever done to me.

"…9, 10." He never opened the door.

I am such a fool. I must have misunderstood his words.

He's never actually loved me… no one can ever love the over jealous, clingy, goth girl.

This is easier to believe. It hurt too much to think he would do this while he loved me.

I feel anger boil inside of me as I realize that I never even fought back to what he said. But, honestly, how could I fight back when all he's told me is the truth?

I still haven't stood up and the tears still haven't stopped. Rather, I wallow on the ground and allow my mind to wander, thinking back.

As much as it hurt, I couldn't seem to stop myself.

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