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November (Present)

Jade's POV:

I ball my fists as Cat's gentle sob reaches my ears.

"'Winning that ticket, Rose, is the best thing that ever happened to me...it brought me to you.'"

I cross my arms, physically holding my anger in. It's bad enough that Cat's roped me into watching Titanic with her, but now she has to quote it, too?

I close my eyes and lay my head back against her living room couch.

"...and Jack is so good looking, I wish a guy who looked like him went to our school, right Jade?"

Groggily, I open my eyes and lift my head up to face the enthusiastic redhead that clearly did not register my unconscious state. I glance at the TV and see that it has a black screen indicating the movie must have ended.

"Heehee. Jade," Cat pokes my stomach as I sit up. I glare at her and she scoots away from me and giggles.

I run my fingers through my hair, straighten out my clothes and cross my legs. Cat curls her feet up under her to get comfy.

"So, um, what do you think of Robbie?" Cat's cheeks redden when she says his name.

I immediately laugh but stop after a minute when I see Cat rest a hand under her chin and sigh loudly. Clearly she was being serious.

"What do you think of Robbie?" I repeat the question, raising a brow.

"I don't!" Cat said quickly, feigning innocence. I simply tilt my head waiting for her to answer truthfully.

"Fine...I- I think I might like him," Cat mumbles out with her eyes cast downward.

I keep my mouth shut this time and refrain from saying "gross." At the moment, Cat is the only person who's feelings I wouldn't want to hurt.

"...Also, he asked me to go on a date," Cat continues. My eyebrows raise in curiosity. Wow, the nerd got some nerve.

"What did you say?" I ask. I cringe as my tone breached on the typical gossip-y teenage girl voice.

Cat ignores my question and instead pops off the couch.

"Do you want to bake some cookies? My mom just bought-

"Please tell me you didn't run away from him, again." I interrupt. I may not like the kid all that much but he deserved an answer at least.

Cat narrows her eyes and reclaims her seat on the couch. She crosses her arms.

"I," Cat takes a deep breath, "I said yes."

"Really?" I put on my most enthusiastic voice, knowing that Cat, although she doesn't show it, is probably buzzing on the inside. "That's great!"

Cat smiles in response to my excitement and bounces up and down in her seat.

"You're smiling!" Cat cried suddenly. My eyes widen as I realize that my mouth is indeed turned upwards.

"This is the first time in months!" Cat's face breaks out into the biggest smile I've ever seen her wear. Frankly, it's a tad frightening.

"You're happy because I'm happy! We're all happy, yay!" Cat stands up and dances over to her kitchen.

I purse my lips and grin a tiny bit as I join Cat to bake cookies (or just sit at her kitchen table while she makes them).

With her back turned from me she takes this opportunity to bring up the one person I had finally gotten out of my head.

"So...I know you may not be over Beck, yet," Cat starts, turning around to look at me. The glare I throw her from my seat at the table stops her from talking momentarily. I drop the glare and avoid looking at my best friend.

"Please just listen, Jade," Cat pleads, her hands on her hips. I sigh then give her a short nod.

"I have a guy friend from my theater camp named Matt," Cat pauses and I gesture with my hand for her to go on.

"He's single and over the summer he had seen the pictures of you that I have on my phone-

"He WHAT?! I thought I told you to delete all those!" I give Cat a look that is a mix of confusion, anger and surprise. My eyebrows knit together and my mouth is slightly hanging open.

"Well, I've deleted them now!" Cat says as though it were obvious.

"Now, let me finish!" Cat stomps her feet and sends me a cautious look before she continues,"His name is Matt and he thinks you're, erm...'hot'...So, I was wondering if you'd maybe try going on a date or two with him-

I open my mouth to comment but Cat lifts a finger up to pause me.

"It doesn't have to be now, it can be whenever you're ready. I just think you two might get along well. You're pretty similar...except Matt doesn't yell at me," Cat finishes her speech and turns to the fridge to get the ingredients for the cookies out.

I think over Cat's words and nod my head after a minute or two.

"Maybe I will..." I say, my voice trailing off, giving Cat time to run over and give me a side-hug.


"What's his number?"

Cat gasps at my question and then squeals as she grabs her phone to read it off to me.

My instinct nags me that I won't need and shouldn't take this guy's number...but the ache in my chest reminds me that I'll need to get over him at some point. This is just the start, anyway.

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