Time After Time

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Chapter 1: Old Faces

It had been a couple of years since everything happened. Me and Haruhi had a daughter, Yu, and after all the craziness things had settled. We had really started a life and had our own family. Yuki lives with us and was there to help us in anyway we needed it.

I wasn't sure what I expected after Yuki was disconnected from the Data Overmind but she's pretty much the same. Sometimes though I think I see the slightest smile on her face when Yu calls her Aunt Yuki.

Every once in a while Mikuru shows up for a visit too. I still don't know what happened to Koizumi, I have never felt like looking him up after how we left things. Yu is every bit as energetic as he mother but thankfully it doesn't seem like she developed any of her mother abilities. I was worried that when Haruhi found out about everything something bad would happen but Haruhi has really showed me how she matured and that she could take it all in.

Yu doesn't know about Mikuru being a time traveler or Yuki being an alien interface or even about me and Haruhi. In the end we decided it was best to wait until she is a little older .

Tsuruya and Kunikida got married and had had a boy named Haruto. Yu and Haruto play all the time. They've become extended family. Taniguchi is Taniguchi, and well, I don't know what else to say about him without sounding insulting. I have really been trying not to insult him as often. My little sister is going to college and she's passing philosophy only because of our talking cat Shamisen.

All said and done my life is pretty good. I write somethings and that helps pay the rent. Haruhi is a researcher for things I can't understand and write things for a paranormal magazines. The funny thing is that she uses my contacts I made when traveling with the Doctor for information. She is hopping to let a little information about the paranormal out at a time so people can adjust to it. We get to spend a lot of time at home with Yu. It also helps that I planned it out when I was back in time and made some smart investments. Still some nights I looked out into the star and wonder if he's still really out there. I want to believe the rumors about Lake Silencio are not true and he found some way to survive it. I wait for that same old sound to fill the air to tell me he's coming for a visit.

I try not to worry about it but I can't help it.

I really try to keep from worrying but I can't help it as the dreams come back to me. It's those dreams of mine that gives me a glimpse of the future. I see the Tardis in the time vortex and Haruhi. I also some some other figures hidden in the mist. It's getting so bad that I'm starting to hate falling asleep.

I try not to let it on but I'm sure Haruhi already knows about it, she can be so observant when she wants to be.


Deep in the Time Vortex the Doctor pilots the Tardis. He walks around the the console pulling on a lever when suddenly the monitor beeps.

"What?" He questions.

The screen flashes a map of Japan.

"Something is rippling across time and space but that's impossible." His finger worked the controls with lighting speed. "It's rippling from Japan in the early 21st century."


I serve up breakfast to Yu and Kyon. Kyon looks like he had another sleepless night. He hasn't been telling me anything about it but I know he's been having those bad dreams. I know he's just trying to keep me from being scared but he should tell me.

Kyon explained to me his dreams are affected by events in time, moments with enough impact that their effect ripples back and forth in time. Usually these things aren't good.

"Are you okay daddy?" Yu speaks up from eating.

Yu is such a sweet little girl. She reminds me of Kyon's little sister when she was younger. She's just the cutest little girl she has me put a yellow ribbon in her hair like mine because she wants to be as pretty as her mommy. These days I've let my hair out and put it in a ponytail. Yu liked playing with my hair when she was a baby so I wanted it to be long enough for her to play with.

Kyon gives her a weak smile, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just didn't sleep too well last night. Eat your breakfast mommy worked hard on it."

I sit down and start eating, I'm sure going to have a talk to him about this after breakfast.


Canada is called the icy North by some. Ryoko Asakura has become familiar with the term since being stranded there. She is busy wiping off a table after the breakfast rush. She takes her tip and pockets it. She doesn't like wearing her light blue waitress uniform but she does because she needs the money. She no longer has the power to transport herself to Japan so she's had to save her money for plane fair. It might have been fast if she didn't spend so much money on rent and utilities and her rather large food budget. She hasn't gained much in the way of weight but she has definitely gotten older. Now she looks to be in her twenties. She's quieted down the voices of the Data Overmind deep in her head and just tries to make it through the day. She musters up her bright smile as she walks over to the table with a new customer.

"Good Afternoon, I'm Ryoko I'll be your wait-"

She stops mid sentence when she sees the face of the new customer. She's gotten older too and looks to be in her twenties as well.

"Kimidori?" Asakura question.

"Hello Ryoko Asakura." The green haired girl gives her a small smile. "I have come for you."


Kyon got a phone call before we finished breakfast and left me and Yu to clean the table. I'm planning on on talking to him the second he steps out but he comes out rushing out putting on his coat.

"Kyon?" I call after him. "Where are you going?"

"The call was from UNIT they called me in to consult on something. This morning their scanners detected something."

That makes me worry since Kyon has been having dreams and UNIT only calls him to consult on things when they are lost.

"How bad is it?" I ask him.

"It's something big. I got a message from Jack he's coming over too. They're calling in people from Torchwood it means it's big. Plus I was told Kate Stewart is already here to take charge of the project personally."

I've met Jack and seen what he can do and both him and Kyon have spoke highly about Kate Stewart. They said she was daughter of someone they both respected.

I know he has to go and all I can manage to say is, "Be careful."

"I will." He gives me a kiss before he runs out.


A little more than an hour later I find myself at UNIT's office in Japan. I'm not an official UNIT employ but any companion of the Doctor's could just walk in after saying the fact. There are a whole series of protocols set up incase of the Doctor one of his companions that were set up after the Doctor accidentally left me in past and I got work with them. I think that was during the eighties, but who can remember?

"Kyon!" I hear a familiar voice call out.

As I walk down the hall to see the ever young face of Jack Harkness.

"Hello Jack."

"They called you too." The immortal grins. "How's the wife and kid?"


"Any chance I can come over for dinner. I'd love to see them."

"Maybe if you promise to stop flirting with my wife, and me, and never flirt with my daughter when she grows up."

"I can't make that promise."

With that we starts laughing and the soldiers leading us start giving us weird looks.

"How did you get here? I thought you were still in Cardiff."

"They were eager and who am I to refuse? They even let me use Project Indigo to get over here."

The soldier lead down to a meeting room, with a long table and some computer monitors in front of large screen, it all seems very efficient and everything but I would still like answers. Part of me wishes I didn't give them my contact information after the Tokyo Tower Fiasco.

I'm about to ask what Jack if he knows what it is about but then she walks in. She's a woman with blonde hair, older looking than Jack. She is confident in her walk, something that I've come to know comes only from experience.

"Hello Kate." Jack greets.

"Hello Captain." Kate throws back. "I'm sure you are both wondering what you were called in here for." She puts a flash drive in the computer and the screens begin to flash the data. "For a while the this UNIT base has been detecting strange temporal anomalies. The record of such incidents have been poorly kept. We never bothered took look into since they stopped. That is until recently when more anomalies have began to appear. These seem to be worse than before. If the data you see before you is accurate they're release artron radiation."

"It's harmless." Jack comments. "Sometimes it actually helps. I've never gotten a clear reading but I seem to spill over with the stuff when I come back. There some evidence that suggest artron radiation helps the immune system."

"Yes, that's why we called you here Harkness." Kate tells him. "The readings are similar to those of the Cardiff Rift. You studied it for a very long time and even closed it so we were hopping you could shed some light."

"Those aren't regular rift reading but it does look like some sort of rupture in the space time continuum." Jack sounds worried as he looks over the screen.

"And that brings me to you." She turns to me. "You are one of the few companions of the Doctor who lives on this side of the globe. Companions tend to be aware of alien activity in their area. So would you happen to know of anything we don't?"

That does leave me for a lose words. I know a lot of it but seeing as my wife is sometimes responsible for temporal anomalies along with a visiting time traveler and the live in alien I'm reluctant to say anything.

"Nothing comes to mind."

"Really?" Kate says in a tone that makes me believe that she didn't buy my lie. "Have either of you had contact with him?"

We both shake our head.

"Petty." She says letting a bit of worry enter her voice. "Things have gotten worrisome. Time is never something my superiors like to hear it rupturing. I was giving authorization to call him. I used something that he left my father to no avail."

"Martha has his phone number, doesn't she?" I ask.

"Yes, Mrs. Smith-Jones and her husband had gone undercover for something but they did leave me the number. I tried it this morning and it failed to connect."

"That is bad. The number should work no matter what." Jack explains.

"Yes, my technicians are saying that that anomalies are stopping us from connecting. They also fear that if we don't find the source of these disruptions and stop it in the next forty eight hours the world will be torn apart by a temporal storm." She pauses. "So if you have something you want to tell me now would be the time?"


As I put Yu down for her nap I wish Kyon was here. I wish Yuki was her too she might be able to tell me if something is happening. Yuki left early today since the library she works at got new books today and she's always there bright and early for that. I leave Yu to sleep as I make myself a cup of tea I can't help but wish Mikuru was here too. Mikuru being a time travel she might know exactly what is going on. Mikuru could also a better cup of tea.

It's funny Kyon explained it to me that these power I have can make my wishes come through but I'm not seeing it today. My powers haven't really been active in a while and I'm fine with it. If I had control over them I wouldn't need to do anything and that would be a boring life. I like that I've earned what I have. Still I can't hope that something would happen and explain to me what's happening.

Then I hear a strong knock on the door. Hey, maybe I still have it.

I quickly jolt to the door and open it. The faces before me are familiar but not people I know well.

One of the women in front of me has a panicked smile plastered on her face. She has light brown hair tied into long twin pig tails. It takes me a second to remember her name, Kyouko Tachibana.

My eyes don't stay on her for too long. She's holding up her friend whose side has a large gash and it's fresh judging by the blood dripping. She's petite and has short brown.

She's in pain but she musters up a smile, "Hello, is Kyon home?"

Since I've met her I haven't forgotten her name, Sasaki.

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