Time After Time

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Chapter 7: School Days

The Eleventh Doctor and Kuyou quickly shooed away by the school faculty. Of course he could have used any number of tricks to let them in but he just walked away. The issue at hand was he was crossing Kyon's time line. He couldn't risk getting spotted by Kyon or the SOS Brigade.

After a while they figured out it was some point after the Doctor and returned Kyon to his time line. At this point Kyon wouldn't be able to recognize him as Kyon had never seen this face for years. He couldn't meet him earlier. The younger Kuyou was their enemy so it would only further complicate things should they get spotted. The plan for the moment was to wait until after school and sneak in.

They had to wait and wait, around noon the Doctor felt like he was going crazy. Kuyou sat on a bench and did nothing. The Doctor kinda just walked up and down the hill thirty times trying not to go mad by the wait. The Doctor walked around the school trying to be subtle to see if there were anyone else around, anyone else trying to sneak in. He was fairly certain that any one trying to get in would have to deal with the security guards set up espers, time travelers or interfaces. He was certain none of the current day version would get involved, if they detected anything they'd assume it was something Haruhi was doing. Honestly he needed to get the key to time out of there, if anyone decided to take a look it could seriously disrupt the time line. He didn't need any more time anomalies to boot with how badly things were already going.

The good news is anyone who knew about Haruhi wouldn't dare move until she left. If someone did move into the school while she was there it was likely everyone else would strike them down to keep the charade going.

After hours the school emptied and sometime later to clubs let out. Nothing had happened.

"Finally!" The Doctor bellowed. "That felt like an eternity."

It was really just a few hours. This Doctor was never good with being bored but because of his lack of Tardis couldn't just sneak away and jump ahead to when things got more interesting.

The Doctor and Kuyou sneaked into the school, their might have been a few students left but it was empty enough. The Doctor help out the small stick like locator that the White Guardian had given him. The small tracking device would be able to locate the pieces to the key to time.

It was directing them to the old building the very building the SOS Brigade usually met.

"Of course." The Ancient Timelord grumbled as he fixed his coat.

They ran across the open yard trying to avoid going to the building through the school building. They wanted to avoid running into anyone else.

As the old building was in sight the Doctor felt something shift in the air, something that made the airs on the end of his neck stand up. He span around in time to see a blast bolt heading straight for his head. At this point a normal person would be as good ad dead but the Doctor was not a normal anything. His mind quickly calculated several complicated equation and pulled out his trusty sonic screwdriver. In the ticks of a second he adjusted the device and aimed it at the blast inching closer to him. He came up with this brilliant idea to capture the bolt of energy with the sonic. Then he used to redirect it and use it to locate his attack. All of that in a fraction of a second, but it was useless.

A swirl of black surrounded the Doctor, it was almost like tendrils and at the last instance deflected the attack.

The Doctor looked to his side to see Kuyou had used her rather long hair as a shield. She was actually able to detect the blast before him and moved to act.

Her hair quickly turned to normal and she turned toward the direction of the attack.

Foot steps were heard coming from the neighboring building.

"I have to admit that was rather impressive." The voice was young and angry. The Doctor quickly surmised it belong to a teenager.

He stepped out to reveal he was thin teenager with light colored hair. His most notable feature was this horrible burn on the side of his face that extended to the rest of his body. Though his purple turtle0neck did a good job of covering it up.

"I should have known the attack would not work on you."

The Eleventh Doctor raised an eye brow.

The young man continued, "You are not to die today. I was hopping that Classified Information Kyon would be here. No, I get his alien friend."

"Oh!" The Doctor began to figure it out.

"_Fujiwara_" Kuyou spoke silently.

"Good to see too." Fujiwara spat at her. "It's always good to see an old friend."

"Oh, yes, I know you. Kyon has a rather less than favorable opinion about you." The Doctor told him.

"The feeling is mutual." His voice dripped his anger.

"Suou, help me. Detain him and I'll collect the key of time that is here."

The interface said. "No."


"No_will_protect. Protect_friends."

Fujiwara looked at her, surprise painting his face.

The Doctor studied him, "Last I heard was that esper boy took care of you when you tried to kill Haruhi. I'm guessing you barely escaped judging from that nasty burn."

Fujiwara glared at him, "That's true, I barely managed to move out of the attack and jump to another time frame. From there I was lucky enough to be chosen."

"Choose?" The Doctor jumped on that word.

"For the Key to Time, a device capable to re-write time. I can get everything I want."

"What? Revenge? Your sister back? From what I hear that timeline no longer exist. You would need something like the Key to Time to bring it back."

The time traveler before him didn't deny it, no he almost smiled at the thought. It certainly told the Doctor his motivation. Kyon told him about their last run in. He wasn't even sure that he was from another timeline. There was a chance he was insane. It didn't matter, he was certainly desperate and a man with power and desperation was a dangerous man.

"Well, sorry can't allow that to happen. That is too much power for anyone to have."

"So says the timelord." He raised the weapon he held again and fired it once more at the Doctor.

Kuyou jumped in front of the Doctor and deflected the attack again with her hair.

"A Threllip blaster, where did you get that?"

"It was a gift."

"That's some gift. My people had dealings with the Threllip. Their transdimensional portals made them a target for the daleks during the time war. They were all but wiped out, the last few that remained fled this universe. They took everything they had with them. You shouldn't have that blaster."

He smiled a wide grin, happy to hold something over the timelord even if it was just a bit of knowledge. He wanted to hurt him if just to hurt Kyon by proxy.

"Enough of that let's end this."

The only reason he had bothered with the talk was to finish his plan. He vanished in a flash of light.

"He's time traveling!" The Doctor yelled out, he could feel the shift in time.

Another blast came out in the distance. Kuyou moved and blocked it again but at that instance another blast came out of the trees and she barely managed to deflect that. Soon blast were coming out of everywhere.

Her hair became a wild mess, it snaked into the air deflecting blast after blast.

"That is such a miss use of time travel." The Doctor snarled. "He's bouncing around us, there are over a dozen versions of him running around here just firing at us. That is a major breach of the laws of time. If this keeps up major paradoxes are going to start to form. Not to mention the fact that we still need to get the Key of Time."

"Go." Kuyou told him.

"Okay, you hold them off while I get the key." He pulled out the tracker and raced towards the school.

The interface continued to deflect the attacks to the best of her ability.

The Doctor knew it had to be in the clubroom so he raced into up the stairs and down the hall. He figured that Fujiwara wouldn't risk a paradox and if he was bouncing around here have to become the other versions. At the best he could calculate he'd have just a few minutes. As he ran the down the hall he hard the blaster firing.

As he reached the club door he pulled out the sonic screwdriver and unlocked the door and pushed it open.

As he took a step in something struck him hard in at his back. He collapsed onto the floor.

Fujiwara stood over him, holding the blaster. "Come now, we both know you're not dead."

The Doctor let out a groan. "You have the gun on a low setting. It's powerful enough to take down whole forests with one blast. On a timelord the radium blast is just enough to stun us for a a bit. Aaaah!" He tried to muffle a pained groan. "Still hurts!"

"Of course." Fujiwara lamented that he didn't kill him. "I told you before you're not meant to die here. It's a fixed point in time Doctor. No matter how much I want to kill you I won't be able to. The fall of the Eleventh is coming."

He leaned down and picked up the locator. He looked into the room trying to find the thing he was looking for.

"What? Why is this not working?" He spoke over the sounds of the blasts dying down outside.

"Yeah, people in your time aren't all that good with aline tech." The Doctor taunted. "This room is protected by those factions. It's easy enough to pick the lock but all the things they've set up-" The Doctor groaned."It's keeping the segment hidden."

Fujiwara began to panic. "No, it's a trick. The Segments to the key of time are supposed to hide as important things. Things of significance!" Fujiwara tossed Haruhi's' desk to the side. "Everything here is just junk!"

The Doctor glanced onto the floor were a small decorative pyramid fell with Haruhi's arm band and a small yellow button pin with a smiley face.

Fujiwara turned around the ask the Doctor but yelped as black tendrils smacked him to the window. The glass window cracked at the force and he dropped the locator.

"Did you lose track of time?" The Doctor started to get up and Kuyou stepped in and bound the other time traveler in her hair.

Honestly the Doctor had expected him to keep Kuyou distracted and then go and attack. He noticed how he didn't have a locator and he needed it to find the segment. He knew he'd try to steal his. He was going to play him, wait until time caught up and there were no more previous Fujiwaras to keep her distracted. The Doctor then just needed to wait for Kuyou. He knew that Fujiwara wouldn't think of it since he would only think of her as a doll not even considering that she could start to develop individuality and free thought.

The Doctor forced himself onto his feet.

He quickly passed the sonic screw driver over Fujiwara to keep him from jumping to another time.

The Doctor picked up the locator and began to pass it over various items.

"I will tell you one thing." The Doctor grinned. "The segment of time does hide itself as something important. In this case something that belongs to Haruhi Suzumiya, there are a lot of people who would say that is something important. The locator can't bing it down here but it can still reveal it's true form."

As the locator passed over the small smiling button and it glowed before suddenly changing into the crystal segment.

"Now answer me something." He picked up the segment and turned to the captured time traveler. "You shouldn't have that blaster and you shouldn't even know about the key to time. Your people are still too primitive to know about this. Someone told you about it and sent you. Don't deny it, you said you were chosen. Who did the choosing?"

The room began to shake and the Doctor could feel the power filling the room.

Fujiwara vanished.

The Doctor was shocked and pulled out the screw driver and scanned the area trying to discover what happened.

Kuyou vanished next.

"The first segment has been found."

The voice rang out into the room.

Then the Doctor vanished with the segment of time.

With the room settled and the door closed.


The terrible Zodin stood above the roof of a nearby building. They stood and looked at the apartment that at the moment Haruhi and friend waited. Zodin held one of the locators tightly in their hand.

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