Summary: Prussia is finally back from behind the Berlin wall, however things are not going to return to normal as Germany had hoped. His brother has changed and the effects of the time spent with Russia are clearly evident.


"We are having fun, yes?" said a distinctly Russian voice while looking down on the beaten man lying at his feet covered in bruises and blood.

"Sh-shut up you…s-sick bastard." Coughed out the bloody albino.

"Does the little bunny still have some fight left in him? We'll have to take care of that, Da?

"W-what? Screw you! I'm n-not your damn bunny!" Cried out the beaten Prussian.

"Quiet my dear. You are beginning to get on my nerves. Its playtime anyway! So no fighting allowed!" was the crazed Russians reply as he drew his pipe.

"W-" but that's as far as the Prussian was able to get before the pipe was brought down quickly to beat his back repeatedly, while only being able to cry out for his Russian tormentor to stop. However, no matter how many times the thin albino would beg, it would have no effect as the Russian would continue to beat him until, once again, he blacked out from pain and blood loss.

"Oops looks like the little bunny passed out again! Oh wel,l no worries! Toris! Come and get Prussia, he cut our fun short again!" Called the Russian from the basement. An brunet of average size came scampering down the stairs shortly after.

"Yes Mr. Russia?" he asked meekly.

"The boy. Clean him up. He is of no use if he is damaged to the point of not being able stay conscious longer than a minute. He still fights, and thus, needs to learn who he belongs to" was the only order given before Russia turned to climb the stairs to the main floor.

This left the burnet alone to witness the carnage brought on by Russia. It was horrible. Blood coated the walls, how much was from this round was unknown. It was a gruesome sight to behold. Gilbert's condition was even more shocking. Toris would have thought him dead had he not heard the rasping breaths coming from the beaten and broken body lying before him.

Prussia was covered in his own blood, practically swimming in the sheer amount the pooled around him. Toris could see a bone sticking out of his right arm. His back was covered in bruises from what could be seen through the blood and scraps of clothing. He probably had a concussion and there was no movement other than the slight rise and fall of his chest. The only sound in the room was from the painful wheezing produced from the bloodied man.

But this was not the time to gasp in shock at the picture before him however; no this was the time to give any help he could to the beaten man. Lithuania didn't even know why Prussia fought back anymore. It wasn't like he could run. No, Russia had made sure of that the first and only time the prideful man had tried.


Prussia had been with them for only a few months before he attempted his first and only escape. Russia had just finished beating him for disobeying and talking back once again. This was normal however, as Prussia couldn't shut up if he tried. As Ravis was on his way down to treat any serious injuries, Prussia took his chance and ran past him up the stairs and out the front door. It was a shock how quick the man could run after being beaten with a pipe and god knows what else only moments before. Too bad for him though, as he had only made it to about the middle of the forest outside Russia's mansion before he was caught. Russia had gone after him with a handgun, and shot to the leg dropped Prussia instantaneously.

"You think you can run from Mother Russia? No one, can escape me, and you are not an exception little one" seethed the tall Russian before grabbing Prussia by the hair and dragging him through the snow over rocks and jutting tree roots all the way back to the Mansion. It was the first time anyone had seen Russia actually frown in a long time. The smile had left his face, this was not good for the Prussian as it meant he was too upset to even put on his mask.

Once back, the Prussian was freezing from being dragged through so much snow in nothing but his military outfit. The thin material of the outfit wasn't much for the Russian winter, especially when the uniform was ripped from the multiple beatings he received on a regular basis. It was torn and ripped all over and thanks to the weight loss it hung off his bony body. However, Russia did not care that Prussia was freezing and threw him down the long staircase to his basement/torture area.

Prussia cried out as he hit the bottom of the stairs as he had dislocated his left shoulder during his fall. As he looked up at the Russian he was truly afraid of what would happen to him for the first time. Russia looked terrifying. You could almost see the aura of anger around him and feel the hate in his eyes. The smile that normally never left his face was gone, replaced with a tight-lipped frown. As Russia stalked down the stairs Prussia tried to scramble back only to be stopped as white-hot pain seared up through his shoulder.

The Russian laughed at the pitiful display. "Are you afraid bunny?" asked the Russian, smirk appearing on his face. "Do you fear what I am going to do to you?" he asked, laughing at how afraid the Prussian was of him at that moment. "Well you should be…" said the Russian smiling all the way now. Oh how much joy he would have in truly breaking the man in front of him.

Once Ivan reached the bottom of the stairs he picked up the Prussian by his hair and cuffed his hands to some chains he had hanging on one of the walls. After securing the albino he went to go grab his favorite pipe he had set down in order to restrain Gilbert.

"I'm going to make sure you Never try to leave me again. Do you understand Prussiya?" Russia said before bringing down his pipe onto his right knee again and again until he heard the satisfying crunch of bone breaking and Prussia's delicious scream of pain. Ah how the man lived for this kind of thing. To bring down the once feared "Black Eagle of the North". Finally he will get the one he has always wanted as a pet. This proud, spiteful, brilliant man will finally belong to Mother Russia. He then started on Prussia's left knee until the same thing happened and he heard that voice let out another satisfying screech of pain.

"Now I'm just going to leave that to heal alright Prussia?" stated the Russian not really caring what the bound man thought about the whole affair.

*End of Flashback*

The only thing that saved the Prussian from being crippled forever was the fact that even without his country he still had the body of a nation and therefore healed unlike normal humans. The Baltic trio still wonders how he has managed to cling to life though. Rome and Germania have faded a long time ago, but that is for another time. Maybe it was the wall separating the West and East? But does that mean that once the wall falls so will Prussia? Maybe it is like the Italian twins?

Toris had finally finished cleaning up and patching the worse of Prussia's wounds, but before he could leave he felt a hand weakly grasp onto his ankle.

"What do you need Prussia?" Toris asked in a calm manner, as to not startle him.

"Please Toris t-tell me… what is g-go-going on w-with…my people? A-are they o-okay?" rasped out Prussia with a few breaks in between to either catch his breath or cough.

"They are still fighting if that is what you are wondering. How well is another matter completely, Russia isn't too keen on allowing any to escape. Remember, Russia built that wall to keep your people from escaping. However, just like yourself, they refuse to back down and move closer to freedom every day." Said the Lithuanian with a soft smile. Happy that at least one of the many stuck under the Russian may be able to rid themselves of the pain and suffering that has become commonplace in the Russian household. Even if it is Prussia and not one of his brothers, it would be nice if he himself could escape and go back to Poland or if maybe Eduard, Ravis, and himself could all escape and be one big family again. Unfortunately he doesn't know how plausible that is with how broken some of them are. Ravis quakes in fear at the mere thought of Russia. Eduard has become emotionless and goes about daily life close to that of robot-like. Him? He's so far gone he doesn't even question Russia. He's helping to make another in the same spot as him suffer more. Maybe there is a chance though. Maybe that's why he likes Prussia despite everything. No matter what, Prussia continues to fight for what he believes in, his people, his brother, his family, his friends, and anyone else who might need it and is willing to ask. Maybe he could learn a thing or two from the Germanic country.

"Th-thank you." replied the man one last time before he fell back into the void of unconsciousness, smile gracing his face now that he knew at least his people were okay and still fighting, for as long as they continued to resist he would do the same. At least it was him who had to face this and not Ludwig…he didn't know what he would do if it was his little brother had to face this…

How sad it was to see this once proud nation reduced to such a state. Lithuania severally hoped that Germany would come to rescue the Prussian and not let him down as Poland had himself. Toris could remember waiting and hoping that Poland would come riding in and rescue him from this prison. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and Feliks never did come for him. He believed Germany was different though. Ludwig loved his big brother as was evident by the pained look that came across his face and all the protest that he put forth when it was decided that Germany would be split into East and West making his brother East and that the eastern part of Germany would be under the control of Russia. Poor little Ludwig seemed like he would shatter at the thought of losing his dear brother. Yes, Ludwig would definitely come for Gilbert…just as soon as the Allied Forces would allow it.

It has been almost 20 years though. Surely by now they must be getting close to saving Gilbert? Sure Germany made some bad moves but hadn't they all at one point or another? They lived long lives. No one was perfect. Not to mention the decisions were made by their leaders not themselves. Prussia wasn't even completely for the war to begin with! He was just there to support his younger brother from taking all the blame for himself. They all knew it! Gil is relativity well liked anyway. He is loud and obnoxious at times but he has helped most of their countries at some point. America owes him for being one of the reasons why he was able to gain his independence from Britain! Spain and France should help him, he's their best friend. Sure France was attacked by Germany but Francis had his bad points as well…we all remember Napoleon. Hell even he wanted to help Prussia and they had fought many times before and he knows what the German siblings did to Poland.

While Toris was going through his inner monologue he didn't notice as Russia once again descended the stairs and walked over to his precious bunny as he had taken to calling the militaristic nation.

"Good job Toris…you may leave now." Stated the larger nation. At first the Lithuanian appeared a little confused after just returning from his thoughts but as soon as he saw his life's tormenter he understood completely and ran up the stairs as fast as he could.

Ivan had that look again.

The look where he's beaming and his eyes show how sadistic the childlike nation really is. Yes, those eyes. They show you what kind of creature he really is. How many horrors this man can inflict upon another of his own kind, the type of person who preys on the weak of body and mind. This is not the kind of person you want to end up controlled by.

Back with Russia and Prussia, the Russian has just grabbed a bucket of steaming hot water to dump all over the Prussian to wake him.

"Wake-y Wake-y Prussia!" Said the giant man joyfully as he dumped the water over the wounded individual below.

"Ahhh!" screeched Prussia in pain as the water burned his skin, turning what skin wasn't bruised to a bright reddish-pink color. The water had soaked his clothes so, no matter how he tried to get away from the scorching heat of the water, it continued to rest upon his skin.

"W-what the he-hell's your problem!?" choked out Prussia. Still trying to find an escape from his clothes that were scorching his already beaten body. However, Russia pointedly ignored his question and continued to smile as he leant down to grab him by the shirt and drag him over to the stairs.

"Up." Stated the Russian. When Prussia only stared at him in confusion he repeated the word again. Yet again the snowy haired man just stared up at him not comprehending what the larger male wanted from him.

Ivan just let out a sigh before stating, "Climb the stairs Prussia."

"What! H-How the he-hell do you expect m-me to do that!" Cried out Prussia having to break a few times for coughs.

"Why you walk little one. Or is that too much trouble? I could always carry you." Ivan stated in a flat voice.

"N-no its fine I-I can do it." Prussia said before attempting to get to his feet. Unfortunately it wasn't that easy for his legs to work again as they would have to be broken again and set properly this time. He tried propping himself up against the wall but after attempting to take the first step he fell.

"Are you sure you don't need my help little one? If we do not hurry you will not eat, or are you not hungry?" said Ivan with a smirk placed across his lips.

"I-I awe screw it." Stated Prussia before lifting his arms indicating that he wished to be picked up. Even though it hurt his pride to do so he hadn't eaten for around a weak and he was hungry. If he wanted something he would have to swallow his pride and let the Russian have this small victory.

After being carried up the stairs Prussia was allowed to eat along with Russia and the Baltic trio. He was carried back down to the basement and thrown on the floor after dinner was finished and left to lie there.

For a few weeks the routine would continue of Russia beating him for no reason, having Toris clean him up, then eating and going to sleep would continue. For some reason though Russia's beating would seem to get worse and worse despite Prussia doing nothing to antagonize him. It was almost as if something was going on that he wasn't a part of. This wouldn't surprise him though with how things are, anything is possible. He's been locked in the basement for so long he didn't even know what day it was for sure. He wouldn't even know of the passing of time if he weren't brought up to eat every night.

One day Russia decided that he wanted to make sure the Prussian suffered. When he came down the stairs during what Prussia assumed was the afternoon, he brought a little black box with him.

"What's in the box?" rasped out Prussia.

"You will find out soon enough Gilbert." Stated Ivan. He had started calling Prussia by his human name shortly after he started paying daily visits to beat him. It allowed him to humiliate the Prussian even further, rubbing in the fact that his country was abolished.

Ivan walked over and picked up the bloody man before attaching him to chains hanging from the wall on the left side of the room opposite the stairs. After attaching the man to the wall Ivan went over to the table he had set the mysterious box on a moment ago and brought out what appeared to be an ice cream scoop.

"What is that?" asked Prussia confused.

"This little one is what is known as an eye scoop. Allow me to demonstrate." Replied the Russian sadistic smile spreading across his features as he walked over to where Prussia hung. Naturally, the man immediately began to struggle against his bonds. But when your arms are tied above you and your legs have been temporarily crippled and your body is overall weak from years of abuse and torture there isn't much you can do.

"No, you don't want to be struggling and moving around a lot there little one. You don't want me doing more damage now do you?" Prussia desperately shook his head no before holding still. Realizing there was no stopping the inevitable. Russia smiled before taking the scoop and cleanly removing the right eye in one go. He looked at it for a moment before holding it up for Prussia's one remaining eye to see.

"Isn't it beautiful? Such a nice shade of red you have for eyes. I think I may keep it. Oh! I should probably patch up that eye socket before it gets infected shouldn't I?" mentioned the Russian offhandedly, talking to himself more than anything, before going over and grabbing the necessary materials to patch up the now empty socket. After that was done he simply left Prussia to hang on the wall and walked away to go preserve the eye for himself.

Prussia wasn't sure how long he hung on the wall. He knew it had to be for longer than two weeks for sure if his hallucinations were anything to go by. Sure as a nation he can't die by dehydration or hunger but that doesn't mean it doesn't affect him. After a while a nation will start to hallucinate and suffer pain from their stomach starting to try to find something to eat. Their throat will be in agony and they have the severe chance of losing their voice for a good period of time thanks to not having anything to keep their mouth and throat damp.

By the time he was finished trying to guess how long he had been down in the basement based upon his symptoms he had heard multiple crashes from upstairs. He didn't know if he should have felt relief or foreboding when he heard the door open. However, when he saw who it was on the steps he instantly felt relief. It was America along with his brother, and his two best friends Spain and Francis! They were here, actually here, not just one of his hallucinations! He would have cried out with joy had he any voice left but instead he just settled for a smile and he knew tears were rolling down his cheeks.

The minute Germany's feet hit the bottom of the stairs he was already across the room to his older brother and checking over his wounds. He grimaced at the amount of dried blood on the floor and how thin his brother was.

Prussia looked almost dead. His skin was a sickly grey from lack of nutrition and sunlight. Not to mention he was bone thin from not eating for who knows how long. And, oh god! He was missing an eye! From what he could see, a large portion of his brother's body was covered in cuts and bruises.

The other nations had caught up to him quickly after and they all had similar reactions to how bad Prussia looked.

America was the first to speak "Let's get him down and some medical attention okay guys?"

For once, the young country was completely serious and actually had a good idea. Though it was obvious how bad Prussia's condition was affecting both him and Germany. Their young age showing through.

No seriously though I do see Prussia as having a serious soldier side like it states in his bio. Also please keep in mind that this first chapter is near the end of the berlin wall and Prussia is pretty badly beaten. I don't think he would be spouting awesome all that much)

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