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It upset Prussia to no end that he wasn't free to roam on his own. He detested being tied down in any way and being confined in his own home only made it worse. Prussia was a free spirit, someone who went where the wind took them. Now he wasn't even able to move from the couch without his younger brother's assistance. Not to mention that he was tired all the time and was in agony despite what little bit of medication he could hold down.

Germany didn't enjoy the situation any better. It hurt to see his brother in such agony every moment of the day when he didn't deserve one bit of it. Everything that happened in the war was his fault not Gilbert's. Yet Gilbert had taken all of the blame. Gilbert was the one tortured while he received nothing but help from the allies to rebuild his country. It made him despise himself and what he put his sibling through.

However, now wasn't the time for Germany to lament about what has already happened. Now was the time to do whatever he could for his brother so that he may be as comfortable as possible. And step one would probably be cleaning his wounds. So far he has been unable to do so as either Francis or Antonio have done it thanks to them being over or Gilbert hasn't allowed him to try, preferring to do so himself. At the moment Gilbert was asleep so he couldn't protest Ludwig helping him out. Plus he needed the help no matter how much he would argue otherwise.

As Germany began to undo the Prussian's shirt he realized why he had been denied assisting in cleaning his sibling's wounds for so long. The moment Germany saw the tattoos on his arm he was crushed. Not only was Germany responsible for the death and torture of millions of faceless individuals. Now he was also responsible for the torture of his older brother. The man that had been his shield and sword for so long was the one that was put through the most. And to top it all off he was tortured for crimes he didn't even commit. He was punished for crimes that he himself was forced to experience firsthand. How could Germany become even less of a decent brother than he already was?

"West? W-what are you doing?" Shakily asked the injured male upon seeing his younger brother kneeled by his side.

"Brother, what are these numbers for? How did you get these on your arm?" Were the questions asked with a pointed look towards the red-eyed male.

"You know what they mean. I got them in the concentration camps. Where else could I get them from?"

Gilbert had a humorless smile across his face as he looked down at his arm. He was remembering. Remembering every face that belonged to the individuals that suffered under Hitler's reign. Having those numbers on his arm. Not only was it a representation of what he personally went through at the hands of the Nazi's it was a representation of what every single individual that passed through the doors of those caps went through. All of the lives that were lost before they could even begin. All of the families that were ripped apart. The innocence lost so that someone could live at least one day longer. All of this, represented by six digits on his arm. Number 000000, the one that was never supposed to leave the camps. And despite the fact that his body may be freed from the confines of that camp his mind is still trapped there. Forever forced to remember everything that happened behind the locked gates of those camps.

"East? Gilbert?" Worriedly asked the German male when he received no response to his questioning.

"What was that?"

"I asked why you had never told me. Don't you trust me East?"

Gilbert sighed, "Of course I trust you it's just… it's hard okay? I don't exactly want my little brother worrying about me. And with you already having to fuss about thanks to that Russian I don't need to add to that with things that are in the past now do I?"

"You've always helped me East what's wrong with me helping you for a change?"

"Everything! I'm the big brother not you! You shouldn't have to help me West…"

"Gilbert...There is no shame in letting someone help you when it is needed. It doesn't make you weak because you need assistance."

"Who said I needed help to begin with? I've been fine so far…for the most part at least."

Germany knew this was getting him nowhere. Prussia was nothing if not stubborn and prideful. But Germany knew he wasn't fine. Waking up screaming in the night wasn't the definition of fine. Neither was barely being able to move around. But Prussia didn't know about these things. He didn't know that Germany was awoken on a regular basis due to his screams.

"West, just let it be okay? What's done is done. Just leave it die." Pleaded Prussia weakly.

"East you know I can't do that, you know I can't do that. I caused this. I need to fix it." Said the German.

"Fix it! Fix it! And how do you expect to do that? People died West, you can't change that. I was tortured! Do you know what Russia did to me? No you don't! Because I took the beatings, because I was the one that went through everything. I always take the punches. I always do everything for you! Face it West. This isn't some stupid broken trinket. This is what happens when you go to war. Shit happens that you can't fix." Yelled the Prussia.

Prussia had had enough of the pitying looks he always got. He was done going through with it. He just wanted to rest. He just wanted to be able to be himself and to have things to back the way they were. But that wasn't going to happen. That couldn't happen. Life wasn't that easy and it was time for Germany to learn that simply fact.