For every evil, there is a greater good.

For every innocent, there is a protector.

For every legend, there is a hero.

- The Book of Dundae 2:27


Gather round all of you who would listen, I have a tale to tell. A story of warriors and kings, a saga of dark magic, a legend, my adventure. Long ago, during the first age, a series of dark spells were created, one of these spells had the power to bridge our world with the one of darkness. An evil spell with no purpose but that of destruction. Before it could be invoked, it was stolen, and broken into six separate parts, six lines, six incantations. The spell however was dark and powerful and not easily destroyed, so it was hidden away in place where none would find it, scattered about the world in six separate locations, six different families entrusted with its safekeeping.

But men are mortal, and time can be the enemy of fear. All too soon we forget how the bee will sting and fire will burn. As time passed, the families forgot what these marks were for. Mankind dismissed the ancient warnings about these words of power. They were merely stories, tales from a long past time. Denizens of the world of darkness knew nothing of time, with infinite patience they waited, then, after millennia, to their dark joy… the spells were rediscovered...