Chapter One – The Story Begins…

I watched my master diligently practice the art of swordplay in the exercise pit, the sturdy training dummies being eviscerated left and right, for years now my master had trained at the side of Baumusu, a noble warrior, he had become a fine swordsman and his training was now almost complete.

But why train if he was to stay in the safety of his home forever? My master was restless, it was time to move on, time to take his first step into manhood, his muscles yearned for action, his heart sought adventure, his sword craved combat.

My master entered the village inn and asked the innkeeper, Rongo, for work.

"Enarr, you want work huh? Ahh, I don't know, business has been slow lately boy, people tell me bandits have made our neighbouring forests their home. Anyone trying to get here is being robbed, or worse. It's made Baumusu nervous, he thinks it's the beginning of dark times, I think they just need a good kickin' before they move onto someone else's forest.

Hmmm. Baumusu tells me you've become pretty good with that sword of yours, maybe you could, nah. Well maybe I've got some other work around here you could do, arhh, how 'bout washing down some tables for me or, argh, mopping the floor. Or maybe you could help Totley clean dishes or sweep up, or pick up after her… she's kind of a mess herself; people keep flushing foreign objects down the toilet…"

Cleaning floors and washing dishes, hah, this was not the kind of work my master was looking for. He was young and in search of adventure, freeing the land from murderous bandits, now that was a job worthy of a warrior.

As my turned to leave the inn Baumusu put his hand upon my masters' shoulder,

"You wanna train boy?', Baumusu practically growled out the question, then continued, 'cause I am not letting you fight anyone of those bandits 'til I am sure you're up to scratch on the basics, meet me outside at the training grounds, I have a few skills to teach you."

My master followed Baumusu outside, a little confused, Baumusu had been praising his skills for the last few weeks of his training and was sure the old man was simply being overprotective, however considering Baumusu had lost a hand the use of one eye in a former battle, perhaps my master would be wise to listen to the advice Baumusu had to offer...