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Penny 19

"Hi! It's my job to tell you about the rest of my grandparents lives. Maybe we should start with who my parents are.

Josh and Abby Cooper. Actually Josh Sheldon Cooper and Abby Margret Marshall Cooper. Yup my dad is the first child my grandparents Sheldon and Blondie Cooper had.

My mom the first born daughter of my grandparents Jon and Maggie Marshall. Mom is two years younger then my Dad.

I know, you all want to know do they have the genius gene like my grand-pops had? Both my parents are brilliant in their own way. Sadly for my grand-pops they do not have the eidetic memories and their IQ's don't pass the 167 marks. Though by most people's standards that's genius enough. Unless your Sheldon Cooper and Jon Marshall.

It's not that the grand-pops didn't love their sons and daughters. They did to the ends of the universes and back. It was just a little disappointing for them. You know when your dealing with IQ''s of 187 and 189. A twenty point drop for your kids can depress a man.

Two years after my dad was born, my Uncle, Ben Sheldon Cooper was born. Three months after my mother's birth if you need to know exactly. Grandma Blondie would only let Grand-pop Cooper use his own name for the middle of dad and my uncle's names. She put the kibosh as she would say, to all the other goofy scientist and comic book names. Only Grandma Blondie ever was able to make my Grand-pop Cooper believe anything someone else said was the best way to go.

Grand-pop Jon insisted Grandma Maggie use her given name Margret as middle names to my mom and to my Aunt Bella Margret Marshall Cooper. Yup Uncle Ben married Aunt Bella.

Grandma Blondie said that Daddy and Uncle Ben always knew that Mom and Bella were the wives for them.

"It's Destiny." She told everyone. If he was sure she wasn't looking at him Grand-pop Sheldon would roll his eyes at her proclamation.

I have two older brothers. Deacon Curtis Cooper, he's 4 years older then me and Lucas Wyatt Cooper. Lucas is 2 years older then me. Did they get the genius genes? Deacon's is a little higher in the low 170's. The Grand-pops said at least IQ's were improving. Until Lucas with his in the upper 160's. Like I said before it's hard to please guys with IQ's in the 180's.

Then there is me. I was born during the worst storm of the year. I was four weeks early which is why it was Grand-pop Sheldon who was staying with my mom when I decided to make my entrance into the world.

Everyone else had obligations for that day. So Grand-pop Sheldon said no need for anyone to worry he'd stay with my mom. Course no one would know until 2 in the afternoon that the worst storm to hit Pasadena in a century was about to blow in with no warning. Grandma Blondie always said no one tells Mother Nature how or when to do her business and no one tells a baby when, where, and what time to be born.

When the storm hit, within an hour, a 55 car pile up on the interstate bogged down everything.

Unlike my brothers when I decided I was coming that pretty much meant right now.

Grand-pop Sheldon handled childbirth like everything else. He had an emergency bag for it.

In later years Mom would tell me she never would have believed my Grand-pop would handle birthing a baby so well. She was well and truly impressed and she was the one in labor. Mom said when Grand-pop Sheldon took one look at me, well after he had the goo wiped off of course.

He said..."Well hello my little Penny Blossom."

Now you know my name Penny Blossom Cooper. IQ too high to score. Testing has come a long way since the Grand-pops were tested. Best as anyone could tell mine is a minimum 200. Yeah I don't forget anything either. Although I don't have Vulcan hearing.

Even though I was speaking pretty much in full sentences by the time I was a year old and could read like a third grader by the time I was two. Well I was my Grandma Blondie's little blossom.

Grand-pop Sheldon and Grand-pop Jon swear I'm so much like her it scares them.

For all my genius genes. The sciences only have ever held my attention for as long as it took me to read the book of which ever one it was to learn it. Then I dumped it. Totally bored out of my genius with it.

It drove my brothers nuts to come in to find whatever equations they were working on their whiteboards, solved by their 5 year old sister in less time then it took them to think up the equation.

The arts though. They hold my interest for hours and hours. My dad has a touch of the neat freak like Grand-pop Sheldon. When I was three he went ballistic. He walked into his pristine white walled man-cave and found that I had made a decent dent in covering his walls with blossoms. Sadly for my dad I didn't use the water paints I had. Oh no I used his sharpie markers he had in his desk drawer. Did I mention my brothers tend to call me The Snoop? I have an insatiable appetite to be curious about everything. Which is how I found his package of multicolored sharpies in his desk drawer.

Anyway when Daddy called Grandma Blondie to come and see what her doppelganger had done to his walls. Well all I can say is it's a good thing Grandma Blondie is his Mom.

Grandma Blondie knows true art when she sees it. When I told my father that, as she gushed over my art work I was sure a vein was going to burst in his forehead. It was then that my mother had to explain to me that the one trait of Grand-pop Sheldon's I had, was not one to use at that moment. Apparently at 3 years old my mouth didn't have a filter on it. What I thought came out of it.

Of course that comment just caused my Grandmother and Uncle Ben who'd been at the house at the time, to both burst into a fit of laughter.

As my father stormed out of the room my mother shouted..."Josh where are you going?"

"To Sherman Williams for two gallons of pure white paint!" He yelled back. I'm pretty sure he muttered something about how easy boys were to raise.

Upon realizing my father's intention of painting over my blossoms I promptly burst into tears. I was only three after all.

Grandma Blondie consoled me by making Uncle Ben get the camera and he took pictures before my father returned.

Sharpies were banned from our house for the next 6 years. My Grandma solved the problem quite nicely the next day, by having a case of canvas and a huge roll of painters plastic for the floor delivered in my name.

The note that came with it said..."That mother's curse really does work! LOL!" I had no idea what that meant, but it prompted my father to say after reading it..."She isn't as funny as she thinks she is!"

Well I think Grandma Blondie is very funny.

I don't want you to think that painting was my only form of art. It isn't. I did sculpturing for awhile. Starting in the flower bed in the front of our house. Although that really wasn't the place to start. My father's opinion of course. I'm willing to admit it never occurred to me that wet dirt (mud) just doesn't hold a form like clay does. As Grandma Blondie explained to my dad, who had that vein popping up in his forehead again.

I'm keeping track of the number of times it pops up too. For some reason I haven't been able to explain yet, it seems to occur around my art work.

"Josh, how is she supposed to know that if she doesn't experiment with it? You should be encouraging her curiosity. It's only mud."As Grandma Blondie explained to my dad.

I really couldn't understand why he got so upset over a bunch of flowers. That vein popped up again,when I tried to explain if he hadn't planted the flowers so firmly I might have been able to pull them out in one piece more easily. I now know you can't pull them out by the bloom either. It certainly didn't appease my father when I said we could just float the blossoms in the fish pond.

I know people say my Grand-pop Sheldon is hard to deal with. Honestly I don't think they've ever met my father. Talk about somebody hard to please.

Anyway as it turned out sculpturing was not really my thing. Although I really think if they had gotten me that welding torch, it would have been a different story. My mother has the few things I created with clay in her bedroom, to this day.

At four I found music. Grand-pop Sheldon and Great Uncle Leonard both for some reason say they're extremely thankful that unlike someone else they know, I can actually sing.

I also found my best friend for the next 8 years. A guinea pig I promptly named Moon Pie. Her front half was all dark brown as was her back hind quarters. Around her middle she had a band of pure white. Since I knew that's what a Moon Pie looked like and that I was forbidden to call my Grand-pop that. Well I just took matters into my own hands and found my own Moon Pie.

I'd had Moon-pie home for two hours when I went to my brothers and said..."Here build this! Now! Please!"

Deacon stood there looking at the drawings I'd given him..."Snoop you expect us to build this for that glorified rat you call a Moon Pie?" He asked indignantly.

"I certainly do." I started covering Moon Pie's ears so she didn't hear any more insults from him. Then I proceeded to remind him why he calls me The Snoop..." If you don't, I'll tell Mom about those specs you have hidden behind that fake panel you put in your closet for that time machine." I might only have been 4 years old but it's never ceased to amaze me how my older brothers never give up on the hope of besting me one day. Lessor minds and all that like Grand-pop Sheldon says.

He glared at me for a moment and then called Uncle Jarrod for a ride to Home Depot.

24 hours later and my Moon Pie was living in a cage fit for the princess she is. I even got Grandma Blondie to make a little bag I could carry her around in.

At six I found my true calling. Acting. Lucky for me my Aunt Bella runs the family television studio. Although it's not like I didn't have a whole closet full of costumes my Grandma Blondie had made for me.

Turned out it wouldn't be so lucky for me for many years. My mom and dad totally put a stop to me becoming a child actor. I was devastated and refused to talk to anyone with that same opinion.

Uncle Devlin however came to my rescue. He'd very skillfully convinced my parents that if they ever wanted me to speak to them again. Reminding them that I had the stubbornness of not just their fathers but Grandma Blondie too. My not speaking could go on for years. That they should build a very small scale stage in the backyard.

For years I held shows. Naturally I was the main star, but my brothers had parts too. I actually ended up with quite an acting entourage. Uncles Raj,Howard, and Leonard all had kids that wanted to be in my plays.

When your a child even one whose IQ is beyond measurement like mine, you don't realize how quickly time goes by. You don't understand that nature is a cruel task master, who no one can over rule. Sadly we are human beings and death cannot be withheld from us. No matter how much we wish it wasn't so. That the people we love grow old and they die.

One morning in my twentieth year on this planet we call Earth, my Grandma Blondie failed to open up her beautiful green eyes.

I remember the ringing of the phone waking me. My father's voice low, then frantic. Getting up to head to their room. Only to meet them in the hallway. My mother telling me to stay here, she and my father would be back soon.

Only they didn't come back soon. It was many hours later, both obviously had been crying. My mother practically had to carry my father into the house. I rushed to help her but she said to go to my room she'd come see me in a few moments.

The phone call had been Grandpa-Sheldon telling my father, that Grandma Blondie had not woken. My father and mother were in for a double shock when they reached my grandparents house. After he hung up from my father, he called and told my Uncle Ben the same thing.

My grandfather made one more phone call. He called Uncle Jon. It was when he was telling him that the grief became too much and he dropped the phone.

When my father and mother reached my grandparents bedroom. They found them in bed together. My Grand-pop Sheldon slumped over my Grandma-Blondie.

My brothers tried to console me, even though they were as devastated by the loss of our grandparents as I was. I found that the words "They wouldn't want to be without each other." not any comfort at all.

Two weeks later my father found me pruning Grandma-Blondie's roses.

I looked at him and said..."She says roses are hardy, but you still have to trim them up every now and again."

He pulled the pruning shears from my hand and set them down..."Come on my Penny Blossom." He led me over to the flower covered arbor and pulled me down on the bench beside him.

It wasn't until then that I realized he had been carrying two leather bound books in his other hand.

He let go of my hand and caressed the two old books..."Do you know how Mom and Dad met and fell in love?"

"They were neighbors. They got to know each other and fell in love." I said quietly. For me my grandparents had always been in love. I never had any reason to question it. No one talked about it. I just assumed it had been like my own parents. They were in love from the moment they met.

"That is a very short condensed version." I watched as he ran his fingers over the books..."No my parents had a true romance and all that involves.
From them being with the wrong person, to misunderstandings, the whole nine yards as they say.

You know that your grandmother wrote romance novels right?" I nodded my head..."Have you read any of them?"

"Just the first couple. Not really my thing." I admitted while cursing myself out for not reading more then two.

I watched as he raised the books to his lips and placed a kiss on one, before handing it to me.

"These two books were never published. This one is the first. The Genius and The Waiter. This one is when my mother walks away." Then he kisses the second book before passing it to me..."This one is the The Waitress and The Genius. This is when they find their way back to each other."

Then my father wraps his arms around me and kisses my temple..."Don't get me wrong my Little Blossom. Your mother and I love each other. But it was easy for us like it was for your Uncle Ben and Aunt Bella.

I know you'll find this odd now. But my wish for you is for you to have to work for your true love. For it not to be easy. You read those in order. When you're done, I know how much more you'll appreciate why it was good your grandparents died together."

3 years later...

I pushed through the large wrought iron gates. Even though it's well past midnight the air is warm. I move quickly among the graves until I come to the center of the cemetery.

My father and uncle had spared no expense on the headstone. Shimmering black granite. The names of my grandparents etched deeply in the stone.

Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, and Friend all declare who Blondie and Sheldon Cooper were to the people they loved and who loved them back.

Above all of this my father and uncle had what looked like multiple universes engraved in the granite. A symbol of my grandfathers string theory. That I now understand that he believed that he and my grandmother are together in multiple universes.

A belief that I pray with all my heart is true.

Even though I read her books, I will never understand how Grandma Blondie thought she wasn't good enough, she wasn't smart enough.

Grandma Blondie was the smartest person I've ever met. Her type of genius is the true kind that can't be measured. It's the genius of the heart.

I understand why my father wanted me to read her books. Why he doesn't want love to come so easily to me as it did to him.

I went through 3 boxes of tissues reading the story of my grandparents love.

The anguish my grandmother felt at what she thought was my grandfather falling in love with Amy. The shock of finding out my grandmother was an alcoholic. Even though I read her books, I will never understand how she thought she was in love with Leonard.

It was so obvious from her first words..."Are you one of those beautiful mind guys?" To my Grandfathers..."Yeah."

I've often thought about building my brother's time machine. I know the missing formula to make it work. I always remember my Grandma Blondie's words that stop me..."Everything happens in it's own time, in it's own way my Little Blossom. It would be so wrong to cheat ourselves the road to our destiny. To try to take a detour. There is so much we could miss by doing that. There are so many lessons to learn in this life. Lessons we have to experience to understand the beauty of why it was such a painful journey."

I plop down in front of the headstone, laying the small spade and a small wooden box, I brought beside me. I run my fingers gently over their names. I've done this countless times in the last three years. Some how it comforts me.

"I brought you something Grandma." I pickup the wooden box, setting the lid to the side. I pull out the 13 inch tall golden statue. I hold it up in front of the black granite like they can really see it.

"I took your books of your love story. I turned it into a movie. I was going to hire an actress to play you. However Dad insisted if I was going to do it, I had to be the one to play you Grandma. That's the only time I've ever been unsure of myself.

When I gave voice to my fear, Daddy said that's why it had to be me. I would give it my whole heart.

He was right. I drove everyone crazy during filming. I made them do scenes over and over again. Changed sets and costumes if I didn't think it was absolutely perfect. By the time we were done filming, everyone who worked for the studio had gone to Aunt Bella and threatened to quit if she didn't do something about me. The few who knew Grand-pop Sheldon swore he had come back and possessed me.

It was worth it. This belongs to you not me." I said as I wiggled the statue. Then I point to the name plate..."Best Actress Blondie Cooper. I had this name plate specially made. I took mine off and had it placed on a fake statue. I'll keep that one in my office. The best motion picture statue will stay in a place of honor at the studio." I gently put the real statue back into the wooden box. I set it aside and stand up.

Taking the spade I carefully dig out a perfect square of grass and dig down two feet. When the square hole is up to my standards, I carefully place the box with the real statue down in it. I push all the dirt over it. Then carefully set the square of grass back into place. Unless you knew to look for it you'd never know the grass had been disturbed.

"I know you'd say I should keep it. It was my work that earned it. You're wrong Grandma. You earned it many years before I was even born. Without you and the books you wrote, I never would have put myself out so much.

I haven't found the love of my life yet. He's out there though. Just like Grand-pop Sheldon was for you, he's out there just waiting for me to walk down the right path to him." I took one last look at the headstone and walked away. I'm eager to start looking for the road that will lead me to my destiny.


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