Why me?

Chapter 1

Why me? Just why me? Have you ever thought about your life and thought why is it always me!

I'm not writing this story to moan and slag people of I'm writing this story to get my life across and the up and downs endless decision you have to make about just life it can be tough as hell but just remeber u can do it.

Waking up to a fresh start to the day thinking what could happen,could it be a day that will change my life just one word or could it be a day were its just a normal day doing the usual, getting up going to school coming home then going to bed and starting the day all over again. Which one will it be you wonder as you wake up at 7.00 am only time


As I stroll up the drive thinking about the endless questions racing around in my brain why me? I get there and they ignore me what I ask myself what have I done wrong? Is it me or is it them being foolish? Think think, as I sit in lessons thinking what have a done come on! Saying a word to now one and people asking if I'm okay of course I say yes when secretly I'm dying inside, its just just I'm sick of being it just a person nothing special is this really me I ask myself? Strolling around behind them thinking as I go will they confront me or will they leave me I try to ask close friends for advice but they say nothing is the world getting to big for me or i am I asking for two much.

The day is over I got threw the day dying inside thinking and thinking not focusing at all, keeping myself to myself gosh life is tough! I have a thought a thought that was clever and a way I could find things out but what what could it have been could it of just be walk away from life start fresh, trick her into doing something, make people feel sorry for me or what it had taken endless thoughts but I finally decided I knew what I was going to do to try and see if itz me being what I call a greedy pig. Do I do it or do I don't risking my life but what if she finds out what if they all hwte me , but I dont care anymore no I'm going for it straight on even if it gets me into fights.