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This is not a part of the is what inspired me to do the story. Also I like to explain why I chose my couples. I'll only explain my main reasons for liking the couple of Naruto and Hinata.

I don't own Naruto nor Naruto Shippuuden.

When I read the reasons some people thought why they support Naruhina or hate Naruhina I started to think about my own reasons. I mean I knew I liked the thought of Naruto and Hinata, but why did I choose them over Naruto and Sakura?

Some of the things Naruhina fans state a just ridiculous and I found myself unable to relate to it. For example I read example that it is a good reason for Naruto to be with Hinata because (and I quote) "Hinata loved Naruto the longest." … Well I get what you want to say but I don't think it counts as a valid reason. Just because you saw something first doesn`t mean it belongs to you, it's not like she called dibs on him or something. Worst of all the argument can be turned around easily because Naruto was also into Sakura since the there goes that reasons.

Even worse was when I read that Naruto should be with Hinata because she has bigger breast. …Okaaaay, as "sufficient" as that argument is, I don't really think that it as ANYTHING to do with the topic. Naruto called Hinata plain after all, so you may want to rethink the "who has the better looks" discussion because there drawn characters, I don't think we can measure that. And even if, I for once don't like pink hair, but it's really in the eye of the beholder isn't it?

I also didn't like the Hinata deserves him more argument. Sure she has done a lot for him, but he should feel something for her too, don't you think. He isn't some price you can work for and earn it.

This is basically the reason I want to add this. A lot of the things I say here you can later find in the story, so I want to let you know what I thought when I wrote it.

Ok first of all, I won't deny that Naruto never showed ANY romantic interest in Hinata whatsoever, so until the manga indicates otherwise I refuse to believe that he has completely moved on from Sakura. I include the Manga 615 in that, because that was a symbolic gesture nothing more and nothing less. However that doesn't matter too me, because Sakura may be what Naruto wanted and (until further notice) still wants, but in my opinion Hinata is what he needs. Even if he`s may not seeing it.

Naruto always wanted to become Hokage. He also said why he wanted it, he wanted to be accepted by everyone, he wanted to be looked up to, he wanted to be acknowledged and loved.

What he didn't realize however was that Hinata was already doing exactly that for him. She already saw something in him others are just beginning to figure out: Inspiration. She was the first person Naruto inspired before Iruka or Sasuke or everyone else. He touched her heart, he changed her, he saver her. And not by intercepting a kunai for her, he did all that for her just by being who he is. He impressed Hinata not with some flashy jutsu or a gigantic rasengan, because he didn't need to. Hinata was able to do what no one else could, seeing what he could be, seeing behind his goofiness and let´s be honest denseness.

Of course one could argue that Naruto didn't actually benefit from that. Hinata never approached him herself. She could see his suffering and just stood by it and watched. That is true but considering her background it is not surprising.

Hinata comes from a very traditional clan. All her life she has been told what is right from wrong, what she is supposed to believe in and what she is supposed to do, how she should behave and how she should be. So with all the pressure on her, she was too afraid to do something wrong. Probably thinking it would be better to do nothing than to make a mistake, like she made so many at home. Plus all those times being called a failure and unworthy by her own father probably didn't help matters. Maybe Hinata thought she wasn't good enough and feared Naruto would reject her. So it's only natural she doesn't approach him she's just as afraid of rejection as he is.

Naruto has been looked down and hated by others as a kid. But so has Hinata not from everyone and much less obvious, but her own family did that to her. People who are supposed to love you no matter what. I´m not trying to make Naruto´s childhood look like a piece of cake, I am merely trying to explain why Hinata didn't approach Naruto. It doesn't make it any better and I still think she was wrong by not helping him, but I can understand where she came from.

Still you have to give her credit for not listening to all the people saying Naruto was someone to stay away from because she didn't. So unlike most, she admired him despite of everyone telling her he was someone to hate.

Basically Hinata is what Naruto needs because she can make him feel everything he ever wanted to fell without having to constantly prove his worth to her. She would be a constant reminder of how he can inspire and change people to the better. By looking at her Naruto can see all the approval, admiration and love he has ever longed for.

Some call Hinata a creepy stalker. I can understand that position.

But looking at it from another point of view opens up another reason why she would always watch him. I have already stated how I explain why she didn't approach him. Hinata watched Naruto, because she needed to learn from him and she knew it.

Hinata was twelve, somehow I doubt she was trying to peak on him naked. Besides she wasn't in love with him back then, she admired him and probably had a crush on him, but I have a hard time picturing her already loving him.

Hinata needed to watch him because as explained earlier she was too much of a coward to actually talk to him. By watching Naruto she learned about him and how to stand up for herself. Hinata probably hoped she could try to be like him in a difficult situation. To never give up was also something she learned from him.

I also think Hinata would be good for Naruto, because she is the first person he voluntarily showed his weak side to, as far as we know. Before the last part of the Chunin exams he met Hinata at the training posts and he let his guard down in front of her, fully aware that she could hurt him and break his spirits even more. Yet, he trusted her enough to take the risk.

I think this is an astonishing thing to do for someone who, like Naruto, was always told to give up and that he wasn't good enough. Somehow it seems like he knew back then that she wouldn't use it against him.

In any future relationship it will be essential for Naruto to allow himself to be weak. When he will become Hokage, it would mean that he will not be allowed to show weakness at all and will have to make difficult decisions that could lead to people's death.

I can see him coming home to Hinata and just being able to relax, to sit down, not getting screamed at for being late and eat some homemade Ramen.

Also I think another thing Naruto needs is someone who is honest with him, without hurting him with her words. It was very well shown in Manga 615, where Hinata managed to get him back. Someone who is able to take is flaws and turns them into strength with her words. This is just what she did before the Chunin exams. Hinata is a person that would be able to say exactly what he needed to hear.

Also she would always listen to him first without interrupting. Just sitting next to him and wait till he is ready to spill. Naruto may not be the fastest thinker but by telling his problems to someone who would give him all the time he needs to form the words and encourage him. Maybe then he could figure out some of the answers himself.

Hinata was able to find the right words for him twice already, to embrace his weakness and turn it to strength instead of telling him to suck it up. I can't think of anyone better to say the right words for him when he needs comfort.

Being allowed to show weakness and at the same time not feeling weak, knowing she still thinks he is the best person she knows, being listened to and get told what he needs to hear without just always agreeing with him.

He needs to be loved not despite of his flaws but because of them.

Hinata seems like someone who doesn't judge people based on her own experience of being the object of prejudges. So no matter what rumors are there, Naruto could come to her and tell her his side of the story without having to fear looking into biased and accusing eyes.

I could see him turning up at her doorstep in the middle of the night and Hinata will let him in and make him tea without even asking and just patiently waiting till he wants to talk. Hinata will give him all the time he needs to come up to her with an answer to her confession or if he just wants to rant about old times. She is patient and that's what is missing in his life. She is someone who could understand him by just looking at him, because she did that so many years.

Strangely enough she gets criticized because she jumped in between Naruto and Nagato. Some say she was going to make him watch her getting killed. Of course that is true, but at least Hinata did something to help him.

It's funny that in the first episodes everyone talks about how important team work is, but when it comes down to it, everyone just fights the important fights on their own instead of working together, I am grateful that now in the war it is different.

Hinata jumped in fully aware that she was going to die, that's why she told him "I´m just being selfish." She wanted Naruto to know he is not to blame.

Hinata was well aware he had no idea how she feels about him, so she told him she came on her own free will to help him, as some sort of thank-you for how he unknowingly helped her. It is the first time she acts on her feelings regardless of what her clan thought of her. He helped her free herself in more ways than one.

It seems like Naruto doesn't care about Hinata since he never talked about her confession, not to her and not to anyone else. That strikes me as really weird and out of character.

If an unknown person had jumped in between, everyone would have expected a thank you at least.

Just look back to the fist arc, the Zabusa Haku thing, he told Zabusa exactly that. It is out of character for Naruto not to acknowledge someone who almost died for him or supported him in any way, for that matter.

I don't expect him to return her feelings that wouldn't be good character development, but I do expect Naruto to thank her or talk to her about it at some point. Even if I think that it is wrong, considering his character that he waited so long.

And now that he knows about her feelings maybe he will start to see her, literally see her, as in acknowledge her existence. And only then there is a possibility to gain feelings for her. Naruto simply didn't see her before. Sure he knew Hinata existed but he never gave her a second thought, now he will and who knows where that leads him.

Naruto has matured a lot, and he's starting to reconsider many things he once thought of as facts. You can only love what you see and acknowledge, and now he does know her feelings.

Some people say Naruto needs someone stronger and since Hinata is weak that cannot work out.

Hinata may be the weakest of the Konoha twelve and granted Sakura is physically stronger than Hinata. I still don't get how that is important in a relationship?

I highly doubt Naruto´s girlfriend would have to worry about defending herself from him. Besides I think Naruto needs to be needed. Not necessarily physically but in some form.

This is really just considered the fact that he is a male, and I think that they like to be able to protect what the care for and able to be their significant others hero.

Naruto needs to know that his partner needs him as much as he needs is probably important for him to have someone in his life, who can take care of herself, both Hinata and Sakura are able to. That doesn't mean Naruto needs someone who can beat him up.

Naruto needs someone he can find peace with, let go and just be himself.

Sakura´s "attacks" on him may have lessened but then again they spend significant less time together than they used to. And opposed to what some people seem to think she did not always hit him for a reason, if a reason for a reaction like that exist at all. I believe Naruto has had enough violence in his life and he doesn't need it in his home.

Naruto has been shoved away all his life so what he needs now is someone who would never do that to him. He isn't especially smart or a fast thinker, he is a prankster and a bit goofy, it is just part of his character.

Hinata will perhaps often be embarrassed by his action and not always happy with his way to react but she wouldn't hit him or shove him away. Even the slap she gave him in chapter 615, was mellowed by her hand taking the pain away with stroking his cheek.

He will say something inappropriate or something that isn't particular smart from time to time because what would Naruto be without the usual sweat-drop moment.

What he needs then is one face in the crowd that doesn't look disapproving but encouraging like "Ok that was not the best way to put it. Just try again I know this time you're gonna get it right". Because Naruto often needs a second try and he is not gonna stop saying not so smart things.

Imagine what kind of picture it would paint if the Hokage constantly gets beaten up from his wife for being himself. If Naruto's and Sakura's roles would be reversed and Naruto would beat Sakura for doing something he's not pleased about, that would be called abuse. I´m not a big fan of this anime cliché and the implied violence but if people like it…

There was this one comment I read about Sakura being able to keep Naruto in line. What is he? A dog?

Being a little slow outside of the battle field is part of his character and not supposed to change.

Who says Hinata isn't able to cool him down? Again look at the manga 615, it shows a lot of what I'm trying to say.

If he should to something that will upset Hinata, he will feel horrible and apologize, Hinata will tell him what he did wrong, he will apologize again, she will forgive him and Naruto is gonna get it right next time.

He isn't someone who will always get it right at first so he needs someone who can tell him where he went wrong in a sweet "I still love you" way.

Naruto once said that Hinata was a "dark, shy weirdo" and as far as I can tell nothing really changed about his opinion.

Though I never got the dark part, I mean sure she is quiet but does that equals dark? Maybe that is something he will later discover he was wrong about. No one can deny that Hinata is shy, it´s part of her personality and the reason why she doesn't fit in her own clan.

So in one way or another she used to be just as lonely as Naruto. One of the reasons she can see behind his mask and understands him, he wants to be accepted by the village and she wants to be the same from her family.

Naruto also always wanted Sakura to accept him but Hinata wanted the same from him, now if that isn't bound to make him feel good and comfortable with himself the way he always was, I don't know what will.

About the weirdo: I can of course only speak for myself but I really don't see that as a bad thing. Hinata is different in every way, from the people in her family, from the other girls and even from the other shinobi. I think she still needs to find her way, because for now she´s way to fixated on Naruto.

Besides that can anyone give me an example for a Naruto character that isn't somehow weird? I personaly think I am very weird so it's not a bad thing for me.

Naruto called Hinata plain at some point, I said that earlier. She was 12, people change and even if she is plain, I refuse to believe Naruto falls in love for looks only. Hinata is on her way to find out who she is and if the female characters would be more developed it would be a surprise not only for Hinata but also for Sakura and the others. Her father is right when he says Hinata is too kind to be a shinobi and too insecure.

Hinata used to stutter and blush and pull the occasionally faint especially around Naruto. So people believe she isn't suited for a relationship with such an outgoing character. Hinata was in a team with KIBA so she probably has some experience with public attention and/or embarrassment. Also part of her stuttering and blushing is due to the fact that Naruto had no idea how she felt and that caused her to be extra cautions around him and feeling pressured into seeming normal and look pretty and being someone he could like.

But now he knows of her feelings, so Hinata got rid of one of the things pressuring her. When Naruto saved her during the war she didn't faint or seemed too flustered. If she would get to know him better and spend more time with him she would gradually learn to relax, because her fear of not being accepted would cease. And that is something that kept her from approaching him sooner, something he could teach her and get to know her better.

Naruto would see how he is able to change people and make them more confident right before his eyes, knowing he is the cause of her change. And Hinata can help him getting calmer and not to act first and think later.

He is gonna need some manners as Hokage and Hinata would be patient enough to teach him. He would realize that it is ok not to get something right immediately and could learn without having to watch every move out of fear to get a good beating. Naruto says a lot of unwise things without realizing it.

His character has matured a lot but he will still have a lot of energy. Yet, at the end of a day he needs to be able to go home to a peaceful place where someone waits for him, calms him down and listens to him patiently. And Hinata needs someone who will tell her to embrace her needs and wishes to and give her confidence to achieve it, someone who can get her to open up and have some fun from time to time.

If anything the fact that Hinata isn't one of the main characters in the show is more of a plus than the other way round. Naruto isn't a romance story, its adventure which the pairings are never going to be focused no matter how important it would be for him personally.

Naruto has always been alone even if he has friends now, but he is still lonely, therefore for him to know someone sees him as his family and loves him, should be more important for an orphan than anything else. It´s the reason he can´t let go of Sasuke because he sees him as family.

Also I think the pairing between Naruto and Hinata would have some interesting possibilities too. Just think about the whole Hyuga clan and the cursed seal thing which is one of the first promises of Naruto I can remember. Alone due to that promise Hinata and Naruto will have to talk in the future since there not many main Hyuga clan members who are in favor of an abolishment as far as I can tell.

A very general opinion is that Hinata´s life revolves around Naruto because every time she is shown she's all about him. Well that would make sense, why else would she be shown, the show is called Naruto. What I think is interesting that most of the times Hinata interacts with him, it has some sort of significance for his life.

Hinata wants to become stronger because of Naruto but it was never said it was the only reason. She wants to impress Naruto and her father and she wants to stop being a burden to her team.

However the problem is everything she does, she does for others sake not for her own, given a free choice I doubt Hinata would have wanted to be a kunoichi. She did it because she had to, but it just may is not her path.

After the war who knows what will change. Hinata needs to find something that gives her a drive on her own, something she is good at and then we will see her potential. As for now she is too fixated on Naruto.

Naruto is still into Sakura but I asked myself why he fell for her in the first place and found my very own explanation.

Whenever Naruto thinks about Sakura his thoughts immediately drift to Sasuke, he can´t think about her without it somehow involving Sasuke. It is like he connected them in his head. Naruto sees Sasuke as his rival and brother wants to be like him respectively better than him. Naruto wants what Sasuke has, and Sasuke has many girls attention. Therefore Naruto might thought if he could win one person over, he could prove to him he was better than Sasuke and the others would follow.

Still it doesn't explain why Sakura over all the other girls, well Naruto said he thought Sakura was very pretty and that's what made her even more unreachable for him. Naruto always wanted what seemed impossible for him: Becoming Hokage, get everyone's respect and acknowledgement, thus he went for the girl he though, he had the smallest chance of winning over.

Besides that, he also could relate to her by finding the same wish inside Sakura for acknowledgement from Sasuke that he feels inside of him.

If he had realized Hinata harbored those feelings for anyone or even beer him, he might had felt a connection forwards her too. But he hasn't seen her yet.

In retro perspective although he will be happy to have someone feel the way he feels/felt about Sakura and Sakura feels about Sasuke, feel about him.

Back to the reason Naruto likes Sakura. Beating Sasuke is unconsciously linked to winning Sakura over.

Additionally it would be hard for Naruto to stop remembering Sasuke every time he looks or thinks about Sakura. It isn't only the promise of a lifetime to her that's a burden to him; it is the link to Sasuke he made in his head without realizing it.

Could he ever look at her and not relate her to Sasuke? Honestly the most important person to him currently is neither Hinata nor Sakura, it's Sasuke. Everything he does is somehow associated with him.

Naruto deserves and needs to be free from that weight and that's not something Sakura can give to him.

There is a high possibility you couldn't follow my confused and chaotic logic, therefore feel free to ask me and be critical.

Keep in mind that almost everything stated here does not reflect the current state of the characters it is merely how I picture them in the future. How I assume them to be not how they are. Each and every one my thoughts can be refuted by the manga anytime. If you have other theories please let me know, I'd love to discuss it.

Thank you for reading...the next chapter starts with the actual story.

For the record...Neji is alive in this story, because I like him and I like coupling and Tenten needs a man.

Also one of the reasons is that I wrote the story before he died.