As I told you last time. All the minor Prefaces are now put together in this one.

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I was wondering for a long time what kind of person Lee would best be with. And the answer is really simple, I believe that Lee would actually best be with someone who is, or can be, similar to him. He is a very passionate character and I like that about him.

So when I thought about the person he could spend the rest of his life with, I came up empty. Currently in the Naruto series, there is no one suitable for him, in my opinion. However, there a bunch of underdeveloped female characters that have been showed only shortly and their character could go in different directions, though a basis is already made.

I think that Lee would need someone, who could share his optimism and passion, but the woman should also be more observing and smart. Not to say that Lee is dumb, not at all. Similar to Naruto I feel like Lee is just a little too trusting and a teeny tiny bit naïve. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but he would do good to be with someone more perceptive.

Unlike a lot of people, I never found myself disliking Karin all that much, neither was I a big fan of her. While she was with Sasuke I basically thought she was funny in her futile tries to win him over. It was always just a little too much, which made it fun to watch. But I changed my mind about her when she was shown after Konoha caught her and she was in prison.

There was this scene where she was in prison and she was going back and forth about Sasuke. I believe most of the people, thought that she actually meant it, I was not one of those. For me, it looked like she was deceiving the guards so that she could escape. She was planning to make them not take her seriously anymore and maybe ignore all her craziness. And for me that was pretty smart. However that is only my view and of course that manga can prove me wrong any time. I won't change my story, though.

Anyway I think that in my story she is most likely an OC or at least OOC, because no one knows how she really is. I made Lee and her fit together, that that may not be the case with her "real" character…I'll have to take that risk.

Still I do like them together, at least the way I made them. I like Lee and I think he is an awesome character, that deserves to be happy!


Shikamaru is portrait as a lazy guy yet he is a genius, so I guess what he would need is, and the fan base is right here, a woman who would... well, shove her foot in his ass and tell him to get to work. On the other hand she would also need to know when to leave him alone, so any kind of clingy women are out of the game.

Basically that leaves probably only two women, Temari and Ino. Truth be told I can see Shikamaru with both of them, but I also believe there are some reasons that would make it harder for him to be with Ino than with Temari.

While I believe that both women have a lot of similarities there are two different characters. Temari is a rather hard character, not really soft while Ino is more romantic.

Ino and Temari are demanding women, but what makes the difference is how and what they demand. I like both of them and I think they are pretty kick ass women.

Seriously again, I think that Temari demands that Shikamaru gives his best and gets his act straight, I think Ino is more of a woman that would want a guy to give all his attention to her. Again, I like her and that is not a bad thing, I just think that Ino wouldn't be happy with a guy like Shikamaru.

Temari is more straight-forward with what she wants and if she wants him to go on a date with her she would say that, while Ino would just expect him to do so. That on the other hand does not mean that Temari can't become mad without telling him, but I think Ino would explode more often and they would constantly fight. Not to say that Temari and Shikamaru would not fight, but I think that Temari is tougher and would take his careless attitude less personal.

Temari is tougher than Ino when it comes to stand up with a guy. Ino seems like the type of person who would want to be spoiled from her boyfriend, again I don't think that's bad, because I think Ino would also be a little clingier and shower her guy with affection as well, and I believe that that would annoy Shikamaru.

As I said before, Temari strikes me as a woman, who is hard and tough and she could use someone as laid back as Shikamaru who tells her that sometimes it's ok to do nothing and just watch the clouds.

And think a lot of this will be clearer once I argue my Ino pairing, because a lot of what I stated here is correlated to what Ino wants and why Shika is not the right guy for her.


For me Kiba is a very intense person. I think that his animalistic side is more developed compared to other people. I reason this with the fact that he needs this in order to communicate correctly with Akamaru and to transform into one another.

So his instinct impulse is stronger, which means he needs someone not only willing to accept that, but maybe even willing to participate in it. Yeah, you figured I'm talking about sex…bite me to it.

Considering his strong drive and his dependence on his nature the woman at his sides needs to keep up with him, mentally and physically. Kiba is not the most sensitive person and whoever he is dating will need to know how to date him.

Honestly speaking I think that a person like Sakura would be suited best for him, however there was one thing keeping me from picking her, Sakura is most likely a more uptight person in regards of a physical relationship. Yet, the woman Kiba needs it most likely someone partly similar to her.

Kiba, unlike Naruto, would actually not just take her punches but rather tell her off and defend himself, and unlike Naruto, he may deserve some kind of punch. I'm still not a fan of this kind of thing but you'll hear more about it, when I will talk about the Sakura pairing.

Funny thing is, there is actually one person that somehow resembles Sakura in her temper, yet this woman is still not a fully developed character. That gave me the possibility to form her a little bit, so that she and Kiba fit together.

Karui has a similar, slightly violent temper, so she wouldn't allow Kiba to trample over her and dominate her with his intensity. She is someone who will stand up to him and tell him off. Somehow I can really see those two fitting.

Karui most likely has complexes regarding her body, since she was in a team with Samui, who has rather large chest and being with someone like Kiba who constantly wants her and makes her feel like it, is exactly what she needs.


Neji is a rather introverted character that shows little emotions. He seems to be very strict not only towards others but towards himself as well, he's a perfectionist that barely let's anything slide. So in my opinion he needs someone who is able to make him smile and relax, someone who can teach him to take it easy from time to time.

On the other hand she also would have to be able to keep up with him and willing to do so. Neji would most likely have certain expectations of someone he would date and the woman would then have to show him that there is no need to hold on to something that unimportant.

I think that Tenten is most likely the one female who can do so. Unlike most other kunoichis she barely cares how things make her look like. She's not too girly, so that she would annoy Neji; she has a strong drive that would make her strong-willed enough to oppose him, yet not too tomboyish so that he would compare her to Lee. She is a specialist in her own way and would be able to give Neji a challenge in a spar.

Sadly we don't really know much about Tenten except that she admires Tsunade a lot. It would be good for her to have someone by her side who will keep her focused, while she will force him to take a break from time to time.

What also makes this couple appealing is that they know each other for a long time and are more or less close. Due to that both of them are well aware of the other person's strength and also their weakness.

Neji does strike me as a very proud person who does not admit that he was wrong, but he will do so when he realizes a mistake and Tenten would most likely not be childish enough to use this against him. If he would have to do something that would embarrass him, then she would accept it and move on without making a big fuss about it. She'd let it go and would just pretend it didn't happen, because most likely she would understand how hard it is for him to admit he was wrong and therefore know he really meant it.

I also see Neji as someone who would barely explode or be emotional about it, maybe Tenten could help him to be more open with his feelings even if it is just towards her.


Ino is a very vibrant and temperamental woman. She is kind at heart but nevertheless I think she does come off as rather shallow at first glance. In a relationship I picture Ino as someone who likes to be spoiled, and I don't mean it in a bad way. I think that Ino would be affectionate to the max as well. She would most likely want her boyfriend to shower her with affection because she would do the same thing.

That's precisely why I don't think that Ino and Shikamaru would work out. He would soon be annoyed by her and she wouldn't like the fact that he isn't exactly the most affective guy. I think that Ino would want an attentive man who would take her out and compliment her and I just really can't picture Shikamaru doing that.

The person who would go best with Ino is Chouji in my opinion. He is gentle and cares a lot about his friends. He would be the composed pool in their relationship that would calm her down, when her temper explodes. I really can't remember Ino ever raising her fist against him. I don't doubt that she would scream or throw a fit at him and it wouldn't always be justified, but I also think that Chouji would most likely be the sole male that would know how to take that. Besides Ino would feel guilty after that and make it up to him by spoiling him rotten.

The reason that I believe Chouji would understand Ino the best is because not only are they childhood friends and he knows Ino sometimes says things that she doesn't truly mean everything she blurts out in the spur of the moment, but apart from that his personality is laid back and relaxed in a way different from Shikamaru.

In some ways Chouji is even too laid back and it makes it easy for people to exploit him. If he was with Ino and someone would even attempt to mess with him she'd probably hunt them down and kill them. A relationship with her would help built his self-esteem because I'm guessing that he was always worried about his weight, even though he knows it's important for his Jutsus.

Basically I think a relationship between Chouji and Ino would be very affectionate and they would spent a lot of time together. They balance each other out nicely.


Shino is a character we know very little about. From what I understand Shino is very rational, but also loyal to a high degree. He doesn't get emotional often but his teammates are very important to him as well as his other friends. Shino also has the tendency to be bear grudges, that last for a very long time.

What strikes me as interesting is his passion about his insects. He views them as a part of himself and respects them as his comrades. This point of view is remarkable and likeable about him, because it shows that he has a big heart.

Naturally a traditional girl would most likely not share this opinion. What Shino needs is someone who would rather be fascinated by them, than grossed out. I see such a person also as some sort of scientist.

After going with this approach it was relatively easy to find a suitable partner.

As far as I understood Shiho works for Konoha as some sort of code breaker. She is shown and immediately develops a crush for Shikamaru, caused by the fact that she thinks he's cool.

I don't see Shino making the first move, but I think that for someone who meets him forthe first time he comes of as pretty cool. A crush is nothing serious, it is developed soon and forgotten fast. So if Shiho develops a crush for him, maybe she'll break the ice. Her curiosity about his insects for example.

Since both of them are more or less scientists ( or at least have a scientific approach of things) they would find something to talk about.

Also for a lot of people I think Shino's way of talking can be quite tiring. As for Shiho, well she works as a code breaker so I assume she has a lot of patience. And Shino would be happy to share his passion for bugs.

I think they fit each other well, but I'll be happy to hear your suggestions.


I don't know if any of you know Ranma ½, but that was what made me think of that pairing. Their relationship is passionate and aggressive, and the important thing is that it comes from both parts. While I usually don't support any type of violence in a relationship I have to admit that from time to time Ranma kind of deserves the punches. Besides while he is not hitting back, he does defend himself and personally I think he enjoys making her mad.

That's the kind of relationship I see Sakura in. She's stubborn and has problems to admit her true feelings, because of her past experience with Sasuke. She was in love with him for most part of her life and whatever guy can make her move on, that's the one for me.

Someone who won't treat her like she's a porcelain doll that can break any moment, but instead takes her seriously. All she wanted throughout Naruto was to be accepted as a great kunoichi and not left behind.

And as I said I could see her in a relationship with someone who enjoys to make her mad, but is there for her every time she needs it. Someone who can make her laugh and forget about Sasuke.

I stated in the Kiba pairing, that I think they would be acceptable, but not perfect. So I designed a character that fits her in that way. I choose Kankuro, because the distance between him and the leaf would help her move on and their past could make him interested in her.

She could keep him interested because Sakura has many façades to herself that she barely shows. She can be very strong one moment and vulnerable in the next, and Kankuro would have to learn to adapt to it and that would help him get deeper in a relationship, instead of pursuing a shallow one.

The reason I'm not a fan of Sakura and Sasuke is because I don't see them in an equal relationship. She will always be the fangirl and he will always have the upper hand, because she just can't seem to go against him. Also Sasuke seems to be annyoed at her most of the time and she would have to spend the whole relationship trying to be someone she's not, just to please him.

Well that's that.

Any questions or suggestions?

Let me know what you think