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Naruto had tried not to rip off her shirt but in his haste to get her out of it he had torn the hem of it. Not that he cared in the very least and judging by the moans that left her lips Hinata didn't either. The softness of her mattress gave in as he laid her on the big bed with smooth white sheets.

"Don't stop," his voice was hoarse as he whispered hotly into her ear "Don't ever stop."

Their eyes met as he leaned his forehead against hers, his hands running along her rips all the way up to her arm to bind them above her head with one of his big calloused hands.

"I love you, Naruto," Hinata's beautiful lavender tinted eyes were smothered with tenderness and darkened with desire and it was that look in her eyes that drove his lips onto hers with fierceness unknown to him up until now.

Hinata took a shaky breath as his lips dragged down her neck, his hand had long since released hers and her fingers brushed through his hair and down his still in a shirt cladded back. She took a sharp gasp as his knuckles brushed down her rip case and his mouth left kisses on chest, reveling at the softness of the flesh of her breast that wasn't covered by the satin lace of her light orange bra. She panted when he travelled further to leave butterfly kisses on her flat toned stomach, Hinata's hand fisted in his hair and she barely registered that he had opened the button of her pants just to carefully slide them off as she involuntarily lifted her back from the mattress when Naruto's tongue darted to her belly button.

Her body felt like it was set on fire and the sounds forcing their way out of her mouth, the moans that filled the room could no longer be controlled. Naruto smiled against the soft skin of her thigh, as he finally got rid of her pants. Each of his arms came to rest on either side of her head and he looked at Hinata breathlessly. Her face was flushed and her breath was coming out in short huffs. She looked unbelievable beautiful, especially considering that the only thing she was wearing was her delicate underwear in his favorite color and damn he had been right; orange suited her amazingly.

He watched in delight as her cheeks filled with color. "S- stop staring, p- please," she squirmed under him and her hands came up to hide her chest.

The giant grin that overtook his face made her heart pound, "Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't see that happening any time soon." He smirked, "Hinata, you better take your hands down or I will make you," his tone was playful, but his gaze held hers with an intensity that made her shiver.

Hinata started to fidget nervously, she was never very confident about her body and being that exposed to the man she had loved for the most part of her life made her insecurities booming loudly in her head. "I…," she had trouble voicing what she wanted to tell him, maybe because she didn't really know what she wanted to say.

In one swift motion his shirt was removed and revealed his broad chiseled chest, "Hinata look at me," he hovered over her and clear blue eyes met pale grey ones. "I love you. I love you so much; I don't think I'll ever be able to put it into words, so please don't hide from me. You are beautiful…," he kissed her neck tenderly "…and stunning…," his kiss moved closer to her ear "and you're the most amazing and perfect woman I have ever met," his breath tickled her earlobe.

He smirked as he felt her whole body heat up from the blush she was sporting and the goose-bumps that appeared all over her porcelain skin despite the heat her body was emitting.

Hesitantly Hinata removed her arms from her chest and wound them around his neck. Naruto lifted his head, he had been restraining himself for a very long time and his patience was starting to wear thin.

His eyes travelled over her body. The moonlight illuminated her shapely slim body, from her long slender neck over her ample chest and down to her narrowed waist, which merged into wide hips that formed – and he knew that for sure – the nicest ass he had ever laid eyes on, all that beauty ending in endless slender legs.

"So perfect," he breathed out in amazement.

Naruto traced the path his eyes took back up with his fingertips, until he reached the valley of her chest and suddenly all breath left his lungs and he felt like someone just punched him in the guts. Right above her right breast was a faded white scar, it had ran deep and could have killed her easily, and Naruto remembered exactly how she got that one scar. His hand started to shake as he traced the mark, his eyes started to get foggy and Naruto tried to get his breathing under control.

Very slowly his lips descended down to the stab wound and he kissed it cautiously and full of regret. "I'm sorry," he whispered against it.

A delicate hand placed itself onto his cheek, and he followed the gentle nudge until his eyes were on the same level as her pale ones. "This was my choice and I don't regret it in the least. It brought me closer to you."

"I know and I'm glad you saved me, and what you told me that day saved me. It's just that I couldn't protect you and I lost control that day. I could have killed you," his voice was trembling and blue eyes filled with unshed tears.

"But you didn't. Instead you saved all of us. Thank you," Hinata's voice whispered closely to his ear and Naruto buried his face in her neck.

"I love you Hinata," with renewed fierceness his lips found hers again.

"I love you too," her small hands ran up his muscular chest to his shoulders and scratched his back.

A dangerous growl escaped Naruto and his hands hugged her waist to bring her closer to a passionate embrace.

"Was about damn time!" hearing Kiba's words Naruto sighed.

That was about the reaction everyone had had so far after learning that he and Hinata were dating.

Surprisingly all of their friends had managed to gather to hear Naruto's proud announcement. The café located in a nice park near a water fountain are since the sun was shining brightly upon Konoha all of them were sitting outside.

"At least now we don't have to fix you up, too," Karui said happily. She took her golden sunglasses off to and put them atop of her head to keep her hair from falling in her face. The deep red locks fell freely over her naked shoulders, almost but not quite reaching the hem of her white sundress.

"What do you mean, too?" Neji frowned, his arm around Tenten's shoulders. Said girl grinned at the question and took a bite of her vanilla flavored ice cream.

"Nothing, she means nothing!" Kiba shot his girlfriend a warning look. As if it wasn't hot enough, Karui just had to poke the sleeping lion, Kiba sweat-dropped and felt the sudden urge to cool himself down by taking off his brown shirt.

Suspiciously Neji looked at him, before turning back to the newest couple.

"So you already thought about how you will tell your Father, Hinata?" he grinned maliciously.

"You are enjoying this to no end, aren't you?" Naruto groaned and pulled Hinata closer. Today he had let go of his trademark orange shirt and instead opted for a dark blue shirt that referring to Hinata made his eyes sparkle, combined with his black shorts he had to admit that today he looked rather dashing.

"He's not that bad. Don't worry Naruto, he already likes you," Hinata tried to calm him and softly rubbed her thumb over his hand.

"Maybe but that was BEFORE you started defiling his precious and previously innocent daughter," Kiba remarked, relishing the color on Hinata's face.

"Shut it, dog boy!" Naruto put a protective arm around her small frame. He still wasn't sure whether he should love the warm weather that had forced his beautiful girlfriend out of her layers of clothes and into a pair of black shorts and a simple egg-plant colored tank top, or if he should curse the heath because it seemed like the entire male population was staring at his Hinata like she was a piece of meat.

"Do you know what this means?" Karin's eyes went big and she bubbled with excitement, "I'm Naruto's cousin but personally I like to think of myself as his sister and when he and Hinata will marry, that will practically mean I'm your sister in law. We will be a big family!" she jumped up and pulled Hinata into a violent hug knocking the chair over in the process and they fell to the ground.

Naruto would have helped her but Lee, being Karin's boyfriend seemed to share her opinion and had Naruto engulfed in a hug with, "We are brothers now."

This was the one and only time where Naruto missed Lee's green jumpsuit, because that would have meant less direct skin contact. But unfortunately this was the one day; Lee wore his equally green undershirt and matching spandex short that stopped at mid-thigh.

Neji grinned gleefully and took a sip of victory from his ice tea. Secretly glad he wasn't the one getting jumped by his former teammate.

"You know Lee," Naruto managed to press out, "Neji is Hinata's cousin, so…"

Now it was Naruto's turn to grin at Neji's fruitless attempt to stop Lee from embracing him.

"I'm so glad not to be a Hyuga right now," Temari winked at her boyfriend.

"No kidding," Shikamaru agreed.

"So when are you leaving for Suna?" she asked out loud as she leaned back into the soft pillows of the wooden chair.

According to the peace treaty the Hokage had to visit each of the other countries once a year to ensure stability. Tsunade had already been to Kiri and she had visited Iwagakure. That left Naruto with Kumo and Suna. Since he was good friends with Gaara and Hinata would love to see her sister, Temari had assumed he was going to Suna first. Besides that, she was sure Naruto wanted to see Sakura again.

"Oh, I'm leaving next week with Nata," he replied, "I can't wait actually. That reminds me, Shikamaru, you will have to take over the Hokage Office!"

Shikamaru's head dropped and he mumbled something what sounded suspiciously like, "what a drag".

Hinata smiled but she couldn't help the worry that crept his way into her eyes.

Hanabi and Hinata had a brisk correspondence and of course Hanabi was not able to hide her growing feelings for the Kazekage. This caused Hinata to worry about her sister; she didn't want her sister to have her heart broken because she fell for someone who was out of reach. Hinata knew all too well what that felt like.

But when her sister wrote her that Gaara reciprocated her feelings, Hinata was torn between happiness for her sister and concern. She had written back immediately stating that Hanabi and Gaara were to do anything they could to keep their relationship a secret for now. Oh, and congratulations.

She was glad, that she was able to visit her sister soon. It was of utter importance that she talked to Hanabi as soon as possible.

"Hey, Nata," her lavender orbs met with concerned blue ones, "you ok?"

She blushed at his closeness and nodded shyly, "Yes, don't worry, Naruto"

A loud cheer erupted from Hanabi's throat; she didn't even care to read the rest of the letter. Instead she opted to jump from her chair with arms high in the air. Concerned from the sudden disruption of the peace and quietness of the Kazekage building Gaara appeared in the doorframe.

"Is everything alright, Hyuga-san?"

"Better than alright, everything is just perfect," she smiled brightly at him.

The next thing Gaara knew that he was almost pushed into the wall, by a blur of happy pink, "Oh boy, did you read the letter? Did they tell you?"

Sakura may have been out of breath, but that didn't stop her from squealing and talking at a pace, that kept her from taking said breath.

"Yes! They finally managed to figure it out," Hanabi was most certainly not a physical person, so it had to be something really amazing, since she grabbed Sakura and together they danced while hugging.

Loudly the Kazekage cleared his throat, "Could someone may let me know what is going on?"

"Naruto and Hinata are finally going out with each other!" two voices answered him simultaneously.

"I can't believe how long they danced around each other," Sakura exclaimed.

"I know and I even put together a whole photo album of the two of them," Hanabi flopped back into her office chair, "and its only purpose was that I could give it to the idiot with the words 'Took You Long Enough'."

Well, Gaara deducted sharply, it looked like he was no longer needed.

With a sigh Hanabi dropped the letter Hinata wrote to her, the rest of the letter had unfortunately not been as pleasant as it had started. What the hell was that supposed to mean? Why would Hinata be asking how serious Gaara and her were or to keep their relationship a secret?

Slowly an idea manifested itself in Hanabi's head and she groaned. Why didn't she think of that before?

And what was she supposed to do now? She couldn't just go to Gaara and say, "Hi by the way how serious is our relationship? Are we just casually seeing each other or are you planning to marry me?"

That was out of the question. They weren't even dating that long.

Hanabi was not willing to make a fool out of herself. What if Gaara wasn't serious at all? What if…?

Another groan made its way past her lips.

Confused Gaara shot a glance at his girlfriend. For the past week Hanabi had been tense and somewhat distant. He was used to her distant attitude during official business, where he was Kazekage-sama and she was Hyuga-san, but lately she had been weird around him all the time.

Was she going to break up with him? Gaara wasn't sure what kind of feeling was settling inside his stomach at the thought but judging from past experience: fear, desperation and anger.

She couldn't just break up with him, he wouldn't allow that. She couldn't leave him. His eyes flashed with fury.

Hanabi wiggled on the couch next to Gaara. She hated how the last week had been, but her sister was supposed to arrive within the next days and she wanted to talk to Hinata first. On the other hand was she starting to get worried that her relationship to Gaara would suffer if she kept acting like this.

It was just…What if he wasn't as serious as she was? She didn't want to lose him, because he thought she was pressuring him to commit to her. She sighed and leaned her head on Gaara's shoulders, only to find them unusually tense.

Surprised she looked up to him, "What's wrong Gaara?"

He didn't answer at first, "Gaara?"

"The better question is: What is wrong with you?" his voice was quiet and calm.

Too quiet and too calm, something was terribly wrong, Hanabi realized.

"Gaara wha…?" she gasped when she felt him grab her roughly. And the next time she blinked he had her trapped underneath him.

"What is wrong with me? Why don't you tell me what is wrong with you?" he snarled and his grip tightened, "The last weeks you have been doing nothing than avoiding me and basically tried everything to not have spent time with me."

Hanabi bit her lips, she had known this would happen and now he would break up with her, "Gaara please, you're hurting me," she said as tears swelled up in her eyes from the panic of losing him.

His own sear green eyes widen and he let go off her like she just burned him, "I apologize, that was out of line. I will see you tomorrow, Hyuga-san," swiftly he made his way to the door.

"No, Gaara wait," Hanabi hurried after him, "let me explain," she grabbed his hand and looked at him pleadingly.

Gaara could see the fear in her eyes, and he interpreted it the very wrong way. He had made her scared of him, he averted his eyes. Looking at her right now, was something that was too much for him.

His voice was like ice, "I don't see any reason to stay. Again I apologize for my behavior but I have to make my leave now."

"NO! No, Gaara please," she flung her arms around his neck and jumped into his arms, "no, please don't go. Don't leave me, please. You have to let me explain."

She was shaking from the tears that were rolling down her cheeks, her usual cool and composed posture falling apart completely as she clung onto him.

"Hanabi," his voice was laced with confusion but he also had become visible softer at seeing her so distraught.

"Don't go, please, please," she cried into his shoulders.

"Shh, Hanabi, I'm not leaving," he told her.

Gaara wasn't sure what to do, but Hanabi did not want to go, so maybe not everything was lost. His arms went around her waist and he hugged her close while stroking her hair.

Slowly Hanabi calmed down in his arms, her hiccups ceased and she started to breath evenly. Relieved he let go of her so that he could look into her eyes

"Are you feeling better?"

"No," Hanabi answered immediately, "not until we talked"

She took his hand and led him back to the couch.

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