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I was running as fast as I could. My heart was pounding and I had kicked into my survival mode. I looked back and saw three figures running towards me, careers.

I turned my head forward and tried to kick up my speed, but it was no use. My chest felt as if it was going to explode and my legs felt like jelly. Then, I fell and

no matter what I did, I couldn't get back up. I turned and saw the figures standing over me and I saw the glint of a shiny, bronze bladed sword racing toward me.

I woke up with a start. My heart was pounding and I was coated in a thin layer of sweat. I looked around, taking in my surroundings. Good, I was still at home in

my bed. I guess I was nervous. After all, today was reaping day. I looked over my shoulder and saw my little brother, Current, sleeping next to me. Due to the lack of

room, my brother and I share a bed, while my stepmother, Janice, slept in the room adjacent to ours. I moved a strand of hair from his face and smiled at him. I quietly

removed my covers, as to not wake him, and walked into the small washroom that I shared with my brother and my stepmother. Looking into the cracked mirror, it was

easy to tell that I was going to be spending a lot of time on my hair. It was nothing but a large tangle of strawberry blonde and it took me about twenty minutes to

untangle all of it, but all it did was make the kinky hair stick out in odd places. I eventually gave up and walked out of the washroom and into a main room, where Janice

was preparing breakfast. "Good morning Tessla! How are you feeling?" she asked in her regular sing song voice.

"Alright. I'm trying to get pumped for the big day." I joked, trying to show some actual enthusiasm, which came out quite short. Janice gave me a small grin and took a

seat in one of our wicker seat chairs, signaling for me to sit in the chair next to her.

"Hun, I know today is a scary day, but believe me when i say you do not have anything to fear. Your name is only entered in there twice. I would bet the whole house

you aren't going to get reaped. Okay?" she asked, trying to reassure me. I nodded, trying to let those words nail themselves into my head, so i would not forget. My

name is only in there twice. I have nothing to fear. The odds are in my favor. I kept telling myself.

"Now, we need some more firewood for the oven," she said, rising from her chair and making her way over to the oven, "Do you mind going and cutting some?"

"Sure," I walked over to the door and slipped on my leather boots and jacket. Opening the thin, wood boarded, front door, I could tell it was going to rain. The sky was

cloudy and there was the sound of thunder in the distant. I made my way across the dewy grass, to the back of our little wooden house, and yanked a small axe out of

an oak stump. Placing a log on the stump, I swung the axe and split the log right down the middle and continued this process for maybe 5 minutes.

"Tessla! Tessla! Show me a trick!" I heard Current shout from behind me. I turned and saw him leaning against the wall. He was clutching onto his

favorite stuffed animal, a little, spotted black and white dog that had been sown up too many times to count and was missing one of its little button eyes.

"I will, if you promise that you will stop holding on to that rag." I chuckled. He clutched onto it even tighter. He was so attached to that ugly thing. Our father had

given it to him when he was born. Then he died during a mishap with a peacekeeper a few months later. So, i guess you could say that the animal was the only thing

Current had to remember him by. I gave a little smirk. "Alright, alright. I'll do a trick, but I'm serious. It isn't good to be carrying that everywhere you go. It's not healthy.

Now, do you see that red spot on the tree," I asked, pointing the spray painted spot on the tree about six yards away.

"Yeah," He answered. I focused all my energy on aiming for it and I pulled the axe behind my head and threw it. It hit, but only at the edge of the spot. I walked

over to the tree, pulled out the axe and stuck it back in the stump. I grabbed the firewood and started walking back into the house.

"I wish I could do that! Where did you learn?"

"Dad taught me," I replied. My dad liked to practice axe and knife throwing in the back yard so that he would always be ready in an event arose, whatever that

was suppose to mean. When I was little, my father made the decision to teach me.

"Will you teach me?" Current asked.

"When you're older." I replied as we walked back into the little house.

The rest of the morning went by quickly. As the hours went by, I prepared for the reaping. I slipped on a short, pale blue sundress and tried to pull

my hair back into a braid, but when that didn't work, I let my hair go wild. I met my stepmom and little brother, who was dressed in a yellow dress shirt, khaki pants,

and had his light brown hair slicked black. "Oh, dear. I really wish you would let me put your hair back. It makes your face look better and we can see your pretty blue

eyes." My stepmother tried to brush the hair out my face with her hands.

"I'm fine, really." I smiled weakly. She obviously knew I was scared because she reached out and grabbed my hand.

"Don't worry, your name is only in twice. The odds are in your favor." She reminded me. I smiled at her. She may only be a stepmom, but she was the closest thing I had

to a real one, and she always knew how to make me feel better. We walked down the asphalt street, making our way to the city square, where the reaping was being

held. You could see the outline of the power plants where the adults worked in the distance. As I made my way into my age category 13-year-olds, my best

friend came and stood by me.

"Hey, Tessie" Elsa greeted me. Elsa was a bubbly girl who refused to look at anything with fear, including the games. I thought it had to do with her upbringing. Her

mother and father were always depressed and mourning the death of her older brother, who had died in the games eight years prior. So, she did everything she could to

make people smile. It was like her coping mechanism.

"Hey, ready for another reaping?" I asked.

"Yeah… oh, and don't forget, May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!" she laughed, causing odd looks from the other kids, who were obviously scared to death.

"All right now, children. Settle down, settle down. I know you all are excited for another Games!" the commentator, Thelma Morcina said, genuinely excited. "Now I am

pleased to present the 71st Hunger Games and May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!" She waited for applause to follow but nobody wanted too. "Right, so let us begin

with the District 5 Reaping. Ladies First!"

Now was the time that would determine my fate. Weather I die or live, but I wasn't really worried. Remember, my name was only in there twice. It wouldn't be me. It

couldn't be me. Thelma reached into a large clear, glass bowl and took a crisp piece of paper in her manicured hand.

She unfolded it and read aloud: Tessla Wheston!

My heart raced. I felt dizzy. I felt like I was about to vomit. It was happening, my life would be over in just a matter of weeks. What was I going to do? How was i going to

survive? No, you can't talk like that I told myself. You can do it! You can make it! The wave of people parted and Elsa stared at me in disbelief. I looked at her for help but

she just turned her head and began to cry, something she never did. Something that may have shocked me just as much as my name being called out. I slowly,

carefully, shuffled myself onto the stage and looked out at everyone. I heard a little child cry, no doubt my brother, and Thelma continued to read names. Eddison Volton!

She hollered. A scrawny boy, seemingly around my age appeared on stage. He had greasy black hair that kept getting caught in his eyes, which were almost golden. He

was obviously trying to show the other tributes to fear him, because he stood up straight and gave the crowd a big grin, but I didn't think that was a smart plan. I had

something better up my sleeves. "Alright, shake hands you two," she pushed us closer together and when I looked into his eyes. I began to cry, no, not cry, tantrum. I

screamed and wailed getting people to stare at me and most wondered what I was doing. Most of the district knew who I was, so crying was a huge shocker for them.

"Yes, well, give a round of applause for our District 5 tributes!" Thelma announced, trying to take the attention off of me. Absolute silence followed while I continued to

wail. A group of peacekeepers ushered us off stage and into the Justice Building, while the crowd behind us stayed still, perplexed. Everything was going according to my plan…

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