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Just when I thought Chris McLean's twisted activities were put to an end, all the Total Drama contestants, including myself, were all taken back to Camp Wawanakwa. Everyone was surprised... even Heather. Actually, the only person who was quite happy about this situation was Sierra.

"Oh. My. Gosh... I've always wanted to be here... AND NOW I AM!" She shouted, happily squeezing Cody.

I rolled my eyes, already being sick of her presence. I stood next to Duncan, my boyfriend. What a funny word... Boyfriend. It's still unusual since I'm used to being alone. It's a trait i've adapted to over these past few years, so I can't really blame myself for feeling different. Apart from Duncan, the only other person I've ever loved was Trent, but we were nothing more than friends now... Speaking of Duncan, he seemed annoyed to be back at Camp Wawanakwa. I mean, who wouldn't?... We had to spend six weeks of our crummy lives there. It was ridiculous.

My eyes eventually landed on Heather. She had a frown on her face as she continued to sulk. She was tapping her foot on the ground, demanding an explanation as to why she was once again on the 'stupid island'... And just as though she knew I was staring at her, she immediately turned her head towards me. Her facial expression turned from frustration to disgust. I already knew what was coming, and I honestly wasn't in a good enough mood to deal with it.

"What're you looking at, goth girl?!" She asked.


"As if it was nothing!"

"And what is that supposed to mean?" I asked, knowing that she had something else to say.

"I'm saying that you're jealous of m-"

Heather would have been able to finish her sentence if Leshawna hadn't interrupted with her snickering. According to Leshawna, Heather's mouth only contained embarrassment and pathetic insults which should be ignored at all times.

"Shut it, Leshawna!... I'm basically saying that you're a freak. I mean you have skin like a ghost, and your hair looks like a disaster. Your parents should have named you Dracula-"

"That's enough, Heather. Don't you think you should shut mouth every once in a while?!" Duncan interrupted.

"And don't you think you should date someone with more taste? I mean, Goth Girl?... Really?"

Everybody's attention was now away from Heather and towards me. It was probably because I was running away from them. In all honesty, I just wanted to go home. Normally I wouldn't care about Heather's lame insults, but today was different. I've never felt like this before... Out of all times, why did I have to cry now? Why didn't I take everything to heart when we first met, or maybe when we were on the Total Drama jet plane? But most of all, why did I let my guard down?

I felt miserable... But worst of all I felt useless. Heather was right. What did Duncan see in me? I wasn't as pretty as Heather or Lindsay. I also have a complicated personality, and I guess I do have the slight resemblance of a vampire...

'I really am useless...'

I was now outside the girl's cabin. I decided to take a little rest, so I sat on the highest step. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Looking down, I let the hidden tears finally fall down my cheeks... I felt embarrassed for running away like that. Why did Heather have to insult me in front of everyone?

I continued crying until a hand came into my view. The mysterious person was holding onto a tissue, probably handing it towards me. Feeling more embarrassed now, I quickly took the tissue and wiped the tears off my face. I looked up to see Duncan. His face was filled with nothing but worry. It was at rare times when anyone would be able to see him like this. I liked that about him.

"Don't worry. I took care of that cow," He said, taking a seat next to me.

"… What did you say?"

"Oh, nothing..." He said, a smirk now appearing on his face.

"Come on... What did you say?" I asked, pushing his shoulder this time.

He rolled his eyes. "Well if you really want to know, I just told her to stop feeding your brain with insulting lies and..."

"And what?"

"I told her to go find Alejandro and beg for more pity sex."

"You didn't!" I scoffed.

"Now, now... Would I lie?" He winked.

"With that expression, I'm not so sure..."

I sighed and then looked at the floor again. Sure, it was satisfying for Heather to get her payback, but it still didn't change the way I felt. I then felt my chin being lifted up. Of course, it was Duncan... I gazed into his teal eyes. I know this may sound a little bit girly of me, but I felt as though I could stare in them forever.

"Don't tell me you're still upset about what Heather said."

"Well... I guess I am horrifying to look at, and I'm not the most cheerful person, either..."

"Gwen. Why can't you see that you're perfect in my eyes?"

"So you're saying that Heather is wrong?..."

"Of course I am. You really are perfect, and I couldn't possibly ask for anything better."

I wasn't sure if the weather was getting hotter, or if I was blushing. Okay, maybe I was blushing... Could this day get any more embarrassing for me?

"Pasty! Are you blushing?"

"Shut up! I am not!" I argued, now standing up.

'How humiliating...'

"You are!" Duncan said in amazement.


I would have been able to finish my sentence if Duncan didn't lock his lips over mine. Okay, I guess I ramble on at times, but I can't help it... It's just the way I am. When Duncan finally released himself from the kiss, he smirked at me- not in an angelic way, but as if he was up to something.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I don't think I should call you Pasty anymore... I'll call you Beetroot instead."

"I'm not even blushing!" I argued.

"You look like you just ate a jalapeño."

"Well I can't help it if you kiss me out of nowhere."

Duncan continued to smirk at me as my blush grew deeper. It was no use. There was no way I could cover my face now. All I had was the tissue filled with black tears... And about that Heather incident? I guess Duncan really could make the pain go away. He then placed his arm around my shoulder as we started to head back to the dock.

"Come on... Lets go back and make fun of Heather's horse hair," he said.

"Sounds like a good plan."

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