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Other pairings circulating around: NorikoxTouko, SeixYouko

After all, there's something about red roses...

Title: Something About Red Roses

Pairing: ShimakoxYumi

POV: Shimako 1st, other scenes 3rd person

Chapter 1

I sighed in relief as I exited the 2nd year Wisteria classroom. I paused for a moment, making sure that nobody heard me as I sighed. Normally, I wouldn't care what other people thought, but I didn't need Mami catching wind of me sighing. This year was going to be hard on me already, without the Newspaper club beating down my door with everything that has happened so far. I stopped as some fellow 2nd years from the Pine class greeted me briefly before making their way down the hall. I returned their greeting with my famous watery smile before staring at the door they just exited enviously. They get to feel her presence in their class while I…

"Onee-sama?" A voice behind me asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

I turned around with a smile on my face as I greeted my petite soeur. "Noriko."

The younger black haired girl returned the smile and joined me in heading towards the Rose Mansion. It was the day after the Welcoming Ceremony for the first years, the day after I gave my Rosary to Noriko, and I had to formally introduce her to the other members of the Yamyurikai. I wasn't particularly concerned with whether they would accept her or not, but I was concerned about one particular person waiting there.

"Are you thinking about her again?" Noriko asked, "Rosa-Chinensis en Bouton?"

I smiled weakly at the younger girl. She was the only person, other than my own Onee-sama, who knew about my crush on the vibrant member of the red rose family.

"Noriko," I chastised weakly.

She just grinned back at me cheekily. "You've got to do something about it, just tell her. Yumi-sama is kind, she would never turn you away."

"Yes, but she is also in love with Sachiko-sama right now; she would never return my feelings at this moment in time."

Noriko and I stayed quiet the rest of the way to the Rose Mansion. When we reached the meeting room, I opened the door and found my very dear friend (and secret crush) sitting quietly by herself, staring out the window.

"Good day Yumi-san," I greeted her in a soft voice in hopes not to startle her.

She turned her head when she heard me call her name. "Good day Shimako-san, Noriko-chan," Yumi replied. How I wish that she left the formalities off of my name, it would be far easier to do the same in return.

Noriko made us all some tea, and refilled the pig-tailed brunette's cup. I observed my secret crush discreetly. Something seemed off about her, her brown eyes did not spark with the same vibrancy and enthusiasm that I was used to seeing in them. I knew of only one person who could cause such loss in the other girl's eyes so I decided to question as to her where-a bouts.

"Sachiko-sama hasn't come yet?" I asked, kicking myself when I saw Yumi flinch and a flash of pain in her eyes.

"No," Yumi sighed, "She said she had to speak to Touko-chan about something, so she would be here later."

"What about Rosa-Foetida and Yoshino-sama?" Noriko asked, directing the conversation away from the person who could quickly become the victim of a homicide if I wasn't such a nice person.

"Kendo club meeting, they'll be here soon," replied Yumi, her eyes becoming distant again as she resumed her stare out the window.

We waited for a few minutes in silence. I continued to look worriedly at my melancholy friend, not knowing how to help her. Rei-sama and Yoshino-san walked in the room and took their usual spots at the end of the table. Both of them seemed distracted because they didn't seem to notice the mood present in the room. I knew that if Yoshino-san had noticed Yumi's behavior, she would have immediately demanded an explanation. Sometimes I wished I could do that, and then maybe my heart wouldn't hurt so much seeing my love in pain like this and not being able to do anything.

A few more minutes passed, and Sachiko entered with a "Good day," and started the meeting. I introduced Noriko officially as my petite soeur, and a few other items of business were discussed. I continued to glance at Yumi every now and then, and noticed the distinct space between her and Sachiko-sama. Her eyes were clouded with a mask of false cheerfulness but I could see the undercurrent of pain in them.

After the meeting was over, Yoshino-san and Rei-sama excused themselves, and left in a flurry. It seems that an argument still needed to be settled. Sachiko-sama packed up her belongings and looked ready to leave as well before a soft voice halted her departure.

"Onee-sama, can I talk to you for a moment before you leave?" requested Yumi, eyes trained on the older girl's shoes.

A spark of outrage bubbled in my chest, before I pushed it back down, appearing busy so it wouldn't seem like I was listening to their conversation. I glanced over to Noriko at the sink and it seemed that her attention was also on the red rose family.

Sachiko-sama sighed audibly before turning back to her soeur. "I have a few moments," she replied, in a bored, detached tone of voice.

I saw Yumi flinch slightly, but continue on in a stronger voice. "Are we still going to the amusement park this Sunday? If we are we need to make plans…"

"I'm sorry Yumi," Sachiko interrupted, "I thought I had told you, but I have attend to some family matters on Sunday."

"Oh," replied Yumi, meekly, "So some other time then?"

"I'll have to see what my schedule is like and get back to you." She didn't even bother waiting for another reply, and walked out of the room. Yumi sank back in her chair in defeat.

I placed my hand on top of hers, which were folded on top of the table. "Yumi-san, is this why you have been so sad lately?" I asked, trying not to sound like I was intruding.

She nodded her head. "I…" she started, "I tried not to think too much into it, but she broke another date already and has been spending a lot of time with Touko-chan." She looked like she was close to crying but held the tears back. "Don't worry about me Shimako-san, Noriko-chan, I'll be alright." She patted my hand, and I took that as a cue to start packing up. We all left the mansion together, but Noriko and I hung back, watching Yumi walk slowly towards the bus stop.

"You have to do something now Onee-sama!" Noriko hissed at me, "If you don't do something, Sachiko-sama is just going to keep hurting her."

"Alright, alright, I'll wait until next week to do something, nothing we can do for now. Can you talk to Touko-chan after class tomorrow? It's Saturday so there isn't any meeting. See if she knows what's going on with Sachiko-sama."

"I'll ask her, but don't expect a normal response…"

"Touko, can I talk to you for a minute?" Noriko asked the drill-haired girl the next day after class.

The actress acknowledged the request by following the other girl out into the hallway. "What can Touko do for you Noriko-san?"

"Rosa Gigantea asked me to come and ask you about Rosa Chinensis, she has been acting oddly and wanted to know if you, as her cousin, knew what was wrong," Noriko replied bluntly. When dealing with an actress who talks in circles, it's better to get straight to the point.

Touko looked thoughtful for a moment, "Touko doesn't know, there doesn't seem to be a problem with Sachiko Onee-sama. In fact, if you want to know, just last night she called and asked me if I would spend Sunday with her at the estate."

Noriko looked startled for a moment. "But she told Yumi-sama that she was dealing with family business on Sunday," she mumbled, forgetting who she was with.

The other girl's sharp ears caught what she said. "What is this really about Noriko-san?"

Noriko motioned for Touko to be quiet and follow her to a more secluded spot. They walked outside and found themselves under the cherry blossoms where Noriko first met Shimako. "Sachiko-sama has been unusually distant and cold to Yumi-sama lately and it has been hurting her. Onee-sama is concerned."

Touko nodded sagely, "It is hard to see the person you love in pain." The short-haired girl looked shocked at Touko's statement. Touko looked at her blankly. "When I first entered high school, I saw that Rosa Gigantea seemed very melancholy. I thought that it was just because of her Onee-sama graduating, and so I thought it would lessen when she met you. However, I did what I could to observe her and found that it did not lessen, so I looked for another reason. Yumi-sama isn't in her class this year, so I deduced that that was why she was so depressed."

"But-but…" Noriko stuttered, "How did you know she had a crush on Yumi-sama."

"Touko pays attention," Touko replied flatly, "Same as how you figured it out. As far as I can tell though, no one else has figured it out. I'm surprised Rosa Foetida en Bouton hasn't called her out on it, but Rosa Gigantea seems to have hidden it well all this time. And even though she's calling it a crush, she's head over heels in love with Yumi-sama, that much I know."

Noriko sighed, "You're probably right, but back to the matter at hand, what is up with Sachiko-sama?"

Touko crossed her arms and a dark look appeared on her face. "If I know my cousin, Sachiko Onee-sama has feelings for Yumi-sama and is denying them. She always runs away from her problems, so she's pushing the source of feelings away from her, in hopes to make everything go away," Touko responded with a sigh, "She really is rather childish."

"So my Onee-sama's love will continue to go unrequited, especially if Sachiko-sama admits her feelings to Yumi-sama."

"We cannot let that happen!" Touko shot back, fire blazing in her eyes.

The other girl looked startled, "Wha-?"

"Where is Rosa Gigantea?" Touko asked

"Waiting for me in the Rose Mansion…"

"Let's go then."

I looked up startled when Touko-chan and Noriko burst through the door.

"Rosa Gigantea," Touko addressed me, "You cannot let my cousin win! You need to tell Yumi-sama how much you love her before Sachiko gets her head together."

Noriko and I both looked at Touko liked she had grown two heads, before I motioned both of them to sit down. "Now calmly explain to me what is going on," I said, keeping my serene facial expression while my brain was furiously trying to wrap itself around what was going on.

They explained the conversation that they had had and what Sachiko-sama is most likely doing. "I don't understand," I replied, looking at Touko-chan, "Don't you want Yumi and Sachiko-sama to end up together."

She shook her head, "Touko knows her family well, I know what she's like. By the time she finally confesses her feelings to Yumi-sama, she would have broken her badly. Sachiko-sama's pride and her ideals are like a cancer. She would never let down her family by canceling her engagement, but she's too selfish to let Yumi-sama go. She would poison the love that makes up so much of who Yumi-sama is, causing her to slowly die inside. I don't want to see that happen to her."

"You care about Yumi don't you?" I asked her.

She simply nodded and excused herself. "I'll keep an eye on Sachiko-sama," she told us before she left, "but you need to tell Yumi-sama how you feel and soon, before she's completely broken by my idiot cousin."

Monday came and I was nervous about confronting Yumi. I was distracted all through lessons today, thinking about how I would talk to her after the student council meeting this afternoon. It was so bad that my fellow classmates had to nudge me to get me to pay attention to the lesson. When the meeting finally came, I was on pins and needles the whole time. However, by the time it started, Yumi wasn't there.

"Excuse me Sachiko-sama," I interrupted her as she was starting the meeting, "Shouldn't we wait for Yumi-san to get here?"

"She knows what time the meeting starts," Sachiko-sama replied coolly, "If she's not here, that means she has something else to do."

I looked at her incredulously, along with everyone else in the room. Unsurprisingly, the meeting was short. No one really had much business to discuss, and with Sachiko's attitude, no one really wanted to stay. Sachiko-sama left immediately after the meeting, stating that Touko-chan was waiting for her. Yoshino-san and Rei-sama left right after she did, leaving Noriko and me alone in the building. I glanced out the window at the rain coming down. The disturbed feeling persisted and grew to epic proportions while watching drops of water trickle down the windowsill.

I got up and turned to Noriko when I could no longer take the feeling any more. "Something feels wrong," I told her, "I'm going after Sachiko-sama to look for Yumi. I feel like something is going to happen."

Noriko nodded, "Do you want me to go with you?"

"No, no, I need to do this myself. I have to talk to her alone."

"Good luck Shimako-san." I smiled briefly at her before I walked out the door. Every now and then when we were alone, she called me by my name. I collected my things, changed my shoes, and started to look for Yumi when I saw something going on out towards the gate to the school.

"Yumi!" I cried, running over to the girl collapsed on the ground in the rain. I looked around for the cause of the utter anguish on the other girl's face before my eyes alighted on a sleek black car sitting a little further on down the road. Sachiko-sama was just climbing into the vehicle, while Touko-chan stood next to the car, staring helplessly back towards us. I nodded my head towards her, letting her know that I would take care of Yumi. She sighed in relief, before entering the car with the elder red rose.

My attention turned back to the girl in my arms. I hadn't realized that I wrapped her in my arms to partially shield her from the rain until I saw them around her. I also hadn't noticed my Onee-sama until she was holding an umbrella over our heads.

"Onee-sama," I murmured, looking at her. She looked at me with sympathy in her eyes.

"Come on," she said, motioning her head backwards to the woman standing behind her. "My friend here lives close by; let's get you two out of the rain and into some dry clothes."

I nodded my head in thanks to my Onee-sama and the other girl. Pulling the unresponsive girl in my arms up, I opened my forgotten umbrella to keep the rain from pelting us further. We followed the older brunette back to her house. I kept Yumi close to my side the entire time, not willing to relinquish her quite yet. It seemed she wasn't willing to give up human contact either as she clung to me the whole way there.

When we got to the house, the three of us pushed Yumi into the shower first, seizing her uniform in order to dry it. Our host pulled out clothes for the two of us to wear once we both finished our showers. As soon as Yumi was done, Onee-sama pushed me into the bathroom. I stood under the hot water thinking. I needed to tell her now, there wasn't any other option. Sachiko-sama has hurt her for the last time, and I won't stand by and let it happen again. With determination, I dried off and exited the bathroom to find Yumi sitting on the floor, with a hot drink in her hands, and our host drying her hair.

Onee-sama motioned me over and began toweling my hair off. "By the way," she said, addressing the other older girl in the room, "What's your name?"

Yumi and I jerked incredulously. "She's not your friend Sei-sama?" Yumi asked.

"I recognize her face…"

I rolled my eyes, and set my face in my hands. "Onee-sama," I muttered under my breath.

"It's Katou," the brunette replied, "Katou Kei."

"Oh yeah, now I remember you," Sei-sama cried out, proceeding to explain where she remembered her from.

I continued to glance occasionally towards Yumi, gauging her mood based on her facial expressions.

"Satou-san," Kei-sama's voice broke me out of my thoughts. "I think we should excuse ourselves for a bit. It would seem that these two," she said, pointing to Yumi and I, "have something to talk about."

"Alright alright," Onee-sama conceded. She stood up and was getting ready to go outside and poke around in the rain, when she turned back to me and said, "Good luck, Shimako." With that, both Kei-sama and Onee-sama disappeared out the door.

"What did she mean, Shimako-san?" I heard Yumi ask. I glanced at her fearfully before getting up to sit next to her.

Taking a hold of one of her hands with both of mine, I took a deep breath. "I need," I started slowly, "I need you to listen to me completely before you say anything." I saw her nod her head, before I looked back down at the hand held between my own. Not looking away from the hand I held, I began. "Since the first time I saw you last year in our class, I've been fascinated by you. This fascination quickly grew into something else. You were so kind to everyone, but also so terribly insecure that I wanted to be your friend but didn't know how to approach you. As the year went on and we became friends, the fascination and adoration I had for you quickly grew into something else. It grew into love. I love you, Yumi, I'm in love with you." I felt Yumi's hand twitch a little when I told her how I felt, but when it didn't automatically jerk back, I continued on with more confidence. "By the time that I had come to realize and acknowledge my love for you, it was too late, I could tell that you had developed feelings for Sachiko-sama, and I didn't want to get in between you two. I was content to continue to watch you and be your friend. But," I choked up a little, tears threatening to make their way down my face, "But these past few days have been so hard on me, to watch the one I love in pain and not be able to do anything. Please! Give me a chance to help you, to love you like you're meant to be loved."

"I…" Yumi began, "I don't know what to say. I still love Sachiko-sama, Shimako-san."

I nodded my head, "I know that you do, but can you just give me a chance to prove how much I love you, that I am better for you."

Yumi looked contemplative for a moment before nodding. "Alright, I'll give you a chance. But don't get me wrong, I do care about you Shimako, but I don't know if it'll grow into love or not."

I smiled wide at hearing my name come out of her mouth without a suffix and hugged the other to me. "But that is my job isn't it," I whispered in her ear, "to seduce you into loving me."

The brunette laughed, "Now I can really see the resemblances between you and Sei-sama, are you going to start acting like a dirty old man now too?"

I pulled back and shot Yumi and Sei-worthy smirk, "I'll do what I have to win your heart, make no mistake about that."

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