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Present day

Eva could feel herself beginning to sway. Her heart was pumping faster then a terrified rabbit. Her palms were sweaty and clammy. She felt dizzy and had to hold onto the chair to keep herself from collapsing. She tried to stay focused but it was not happening. Everything ached from her stomach to her back from her head to her toes. She could hardly breathe let alone concentrate. She could see Juan was talking but all she could make out was the pounding of the blood in her ears. Why was this happening? Was she trying to do too much too soon? Something told her this wasn't a simple panic attack.

"I have to get some air," she said... or rather she tried to say. She couldn't get a word out. Her brain simply could not make her body comply.

"Eva," Juan exclaimed.
He was very concerned about her. It was obvious something was not right. She heard him scream her name. Rise and stay steady she told herself silently. Nothing was making any sense at all. She grasped the chair but it could no longer hold her weight. Slowly she started to fall. Juan caught her in his arms, gently moved her down to the floor and elevated her legs.

"MEETING ADJORNED," he said, "Cancel all of my engagements of today. YOU call in ambulance. She may need care on the way to the hospital. YOU are in charge until I say otherwise."
The last thing Eva heard before she passed out was Juan calling her name over and over again. Then there was darkness. Nothingness.