Juan paced the waiting room. Normally he didn't mind waiting. There was one time in fact that he had to wait for 45 minutes because Eva had to get on her makeup and do her hair. He had been fine with that kind of waiting. This was not waiting he was okay with. His wife was in the hospital after passing out for seemingly no reason. He was able to spend some time with her but then Eva's brother, JD had told him she needed her rest. She seemed to have some kind of infection and could not be exposed to germs. He had to wear scrubs and a surgical mask when he came in. She still wasn't conscious. It was killing him that he couldn't kiss her or hold her hand. Even as she was sleeping it looked like she was in pain.

JD came out to speak to him about a half an hour later.

"Eva is a mess," JD said bluntly, "She is not doing well at all."

Sí, me imaginé que fuera a su muerte," Juan replied.

"Well there are basically three things wrong," JD said, "She has an infection from a scar opening up from the time when she was four. Her heart is weakened and only functioning at 20% and she's pregnant."

Yes I know this is a short chapter but in the next chapter you'll find out how she got hurt and several other pertinent things.

What Juan was saying was, "Yes I figured that out when she passed out"

JD is also a doctor that's why he's treating Eva