India was dreaming...

In it she was running in the forest. A thick mist had settled in, and she heard a name she didn't recognize. A man was screaming it as she continued to run...


India's eyes snapped open.

Her vision was so cloudy she could barley make out any shapes or colors. She heard voices under the wind and saw that it was still dark out.

She had curled up in this small cave, buried among the dry leafs. Her soaked clothes were now frozen solid, fused to the ground. Her eyelashes were covered in frost, and patches of frostbite were up and down her badly scratched up legs.

Her eyes shot open, her hair frozen solid lengths with chunks of ice hanging in them.

There was light outside, barley seen from outside the tiny hole she had crawled in from. It was flickering in the darkness as she saw it was a fire.

Slowly she lifted herself, unable to feel her hands or feet. A loud ripping sound came as she tore her body up from the ground. Parts of her skin ripped off without her even feeling it.

She stared out.

Two hermits were sitting by the fire, laughing.

She couldn't understand them, nor see them clearly but she knew she needed help. Slowly she crawled through the hole, breaking out into the cold wind to see both hermits turn towards her. The look of utter surprise showing on their faces.

Slowly, India lifted herself, bracing the rock behind her. Shivering, her breath came out in tiny little clouds. Her head throbbing she braced herself and couldn't for the life of her remember any German.

She stood there for a second trying to find the right words before both men rose from the fire. They wore heavy coats made from animal fur, their faces filthy. Both spoke German but for the life of her, she couldn't understand.

That's when a memory came back to her, sitting somewhere listening to Classical music and a man's gentle voice speaking a language she hadn't heard before.

Both men grinned, their teeth rotting and falling out. Both slowly began to approach India, one starting to undo his filthy slacks. India stood there in the flicking darkness when her memory seemed to come back again.

A map...

Hand had coordinates on it...

The numbers flashed through her mind.

Both men began coming towards her, one holding a knife.

Swallowing hard, India stared out at them before grabbing a rock that laid beside her. Holding it tough, her face crumpled as they came closer.

Moments later...screams were heard from the forest.

Ten minutes later...

India stumbled towards the hermit's bags. Drenched in blood, holding one of their knifes. One of their bloody fur coats thrown over her shivering body. Reaching down, she tore apart their packs before finally finding what she was looking for.

An old compass.

Praying, she hoped it worked.

Holding it up, tilting it towards the raging fire.

It pointed North.

Sighing, she snapped it shut and tried to think again of those numbers. Her head was killing her but she knew she had to leave, an unknown urgency was with her. Standing by the comforting warmth of the fire for a moment longer, she took what she needed from the packs and silently began walking away. The snow covering her tracks.

The next morning...

It was still snowing, the officers have called off the search.

Landa stood on the side of the ledge where the car had fallen off. The driver nervously standing there dressed in a coat.

Landa swore to the men to keep looking. That he wanted at least fifty men to go down driver and search. That he knew his wife was alive and was most likely hurt somewhere in the woods. Instead the men simply said they couldn't the weather was getting worse and white outs kept happening. It was no use to search until the storm passed.

Landa screamed, he pointed down at river saying he knew she was alive.

The men brought up good points, that the impact of the crash could have killed her or seriously injured her. That had she been unconscious when she was thrown into the water she could have drowned, that if she had washed up somewhere and there was even the smallest chance she was alive, in these temperatures she must have frozen to death.

Landa without even thinking twice took a pistol from his pocket and turned, shooting the driver straight in the head.

No...he wouldn't believe that his wife was dead.

He couldn't.

Pointing at the snowy cliff, he demanded they keep searching.

Five days later...

The men were packing up, ready to head out.

Aldo was ordering the men to load up the truck as the snow was lightly still coming down.

That's when they all stopped. Utivich dropped the box he was carrying and gasped.

Slowly, walking towards them was India.

She was drenched in mud, filth, and dried blood. She was limping and the fur covered coat she had was splattered with chucks of ice.

Aldo stared out.

"I'll be damned..."

Wicki and Donny both stepped forward, speechless.

India stopped, barley on steady feet. Staring at them, she shook.

"I...I've been on foot for a while...I was in an accident I think...I can't remember...please help me...please..."

With that she fell forward and collapsed.

Donny and Wicki ran forward, kneeling by her side. She looked fact she looked half dead. Both turned her over and seemed stunned by what they saw.

"Dear God..."

They whispered, both holding the young woman that had somehow...found them.