"India, open your eyes..."

Slowly India's long eyelashes fluttered open.

She had been lost in the thick heavy fog that had overtaken her. She blinked, before staring up at a cabin ceiling. She had absolutely no idea where she was, only that she was warm, and laying beneath heavy wool blankets. Her head no longer throbbed, but she felt soupy, as if she had been drugged with something. She had been privately injecting herself with morphine on occasion to deal with the constant headaches, and this felt like something much stronger. She felt warm, and light headed, but in a good way. Suddenly her vision cleared as best as it would, and she looked over and saw Aldo, Wicki, and Donny all sitting in chairs beside her.

After a second, she allowed her eyes to shift and look around. It appeared that she was in a log cabin. She didn't know where exactly she was, but there was a lit fire, the flames crackling and flicking across the way. The cabin was large, yet cozy looking. Blankets were hung on the walls along with snowshoes and pots and pans. She slowly tried to sit up, but Aldo held his hand out.

"Careful now, slow and easy."

India looked at the men confused, before very slowly she worked her way up to a sitting position. She found herself underneath the blankets wearing a plaid men's shirt that nearly went down to her knees. Her hair had been cut short and choppy, and a bandana was wrapped around it. She sat up against the brass headboard, and looked at the men.

The one named Donny had put his arm out for her to steady herself as she sat up. She took hold of it, before nodding showing she was okay.


Aldo rubbed his chin.

"Jesus girl, we didn't think you were gonna make it."

India looked around.

"Where am I?"

"Doctor friend has a cabin basically in the middle of nowhere. We called in a few favors and have been staying put for the last month or so while the weather keeps being a bitch. We nearly lost you."

"What happened?"

India only had flashes of the accident, and ice old water. Aldo shrugged.

"Not exactly sure, but you got away from Lana, We've been following the papers, guess there was an accident and he believes you were swept down river. Man basically lost his mind looking for you, didn't wanna give up hope but nothing turned up. You stumbled into our camp basically half dead. Now Neil, that's our doc...he said you got quite the tumor. Said it might affect your vision, but has been watching you closely. Neil said those German assholes basically had you written off...you're a fighter though. Got you pumped full of meds pretty good, but you'll make it..."

India smirked making a face.

"Yeah for how long?" Aldo smirked, while Donny and Wicki didn't look so amused.

"Well, not exactly sure...but I do have some bad news kiddo."

India rubbed her temples staring at them.

"Yeah what?"

"Seems you lost the baby two weeks back. You had been slipping in and out of it. Neil tried everything he possibly could, but...sorry darling."

The baby. The baby was dead. Hans' baby was dead.

India sat for a second, before she sighed and stared at them.

"Am I a monster to say I'm relieved?"

Aldo shook his head.

"Not at all kiddo. We're probably headed out in another month. We'll decide what to do with your pretty ass once you're healed up. You've been a great help to us kiddo, but you're as good as dead in your husband ever finds you."

"Ex husband..."

India mumbled, suddenly feeling very depressed. Wicki and Aldo exchanged a look before Aldo smirked and shook his head.

"Guess that's true. Now you rest up, Neil will be by later and give you a once over and pump you full of those good drugs and maybe something to eat. We'll be downstairs, I'll tell those animals to keep it down, we'll talk in the morning..."

Aldo stood up and patted her leg underneath the blanket before he caught Wicki gazing at her. Instantly he made a face. "Come on Wicki, we got some maps to look over or some shit..."

Wicki sighed, casting a lingering look at India, before turning, and joining Aldo down the creaking stairs. Donny was now the only person left there with her. There was an awkward silence for a moment, before Donny stared down at his boots and cleared his throat.


India glanced at him. As far as she could remember, "The Bear Jew" didn't much like her. Staring, she shrugged sitting up in the warm cozy bed.

"Well, I'm finally rid of Landa...he thinks I'm dead, and I miscarried his child that I didn't want. I might have bought a few more months to my life, and I'm alive...warm, and safe...I think I'll be okay."

Donny lifted his eyes before he smirked at her.

"You're certainly something else lady."

India smiled, before she suddenly felt tears starting to fill her eyes. Reaching up, she roughly rubbed at her eyes embarrassed. Donny sighed.

"Hey...it's okay...like you said you're safe..."

India nodded, staring down at her hands.

"Yeah...I guess so. I was just thinking...am I a horrible person for actually feeling relieved that I lost the baby?"

Donny shook his head.

"No...not at all."

India sighed, before Donny reached and handed her his own bandana, it was old, faded, and torn. India smiled, taking it and dabbed at her eyes. She didn't want to break down crying in front of Donny, he was still very much a stranger. Sighing, she stared down at the bandana before she tried to hand it back to him. Donny shook his head. "No, you hold onto it." India softly smiled before Donny stood up.

"Listen, when the doc comes up to look you over I'll bring you up some stew. I know you don't feel like eating...but you gotta, okay?"

India stared up before nodding.




"It's Donny..."

He smirked, looking as if he was blushing a little, before he dropped his eyes and went to the stairs. India sat, watching him as his large figure tumbled down them, creaking one step at a time. Sitting back, India sighed, before it truly hit her.

She had survived, and she was safe. Safe...with the bastards...