~Author's Note~

Ima back! With a new chapter hopefully longer than last times one, and thank you to Angel Of Dark Heaven and MasterofYou for submitting the OC's! You have already met Yasuchika but the next OC to come might be in this chapter or next chapter depending on my brain! And here is Ikashy Teruo!

Name :Ikashy Teruo

Gender : male

Age : 14

Appearance skinny black jeans, the shoes are skaters with graffiti marks on it, the shirts he usual wears under the jacket are with the logo of his favorites rock bands, like black veil brides, evanescence, etc, the jacket is white and made of leather and tight on the body, necklaces with diff symbols and marks, like dragons, logos from bands, etc. The brecelets are those rainbow brecelets of diff colors. and the uniform.

Personality : cold, rude, annoying, loud.

Hissatsu techniques :Purple Blizzard FW: When the user is in front of the keeper, her eyes become purple and a violet aura surrounds the ball making it flow in the air, the user jumps in the air to catch the ball with both legs. Rotate it and shoot it, creating a violet blizzard, after the name.
Winter Tears FW: The user has one leg on the ball while looking in the opposite direction, and in the background the picture of a peaceful field covered with snow appears, after that the picture went black and the user is shooting the ball in a donimo chain till the goalpost where the goal is scored.
Froze Whisper FW: The goalkeeper is freezing cause of the cold air which surrounds the ball and being kicked with an amazing power by the user.

A little bit of their history : his mom died at his birth, and his father abandoned him.

~Continue in Inazuma Town V2 2nd POV~

"Oi Chika-sempai, should we go back to the real world yet?" Skye questioned as she juggled the ball from her right knee to her left foot and head butted it to said male. "Meh, I've got nothing to lose here, so off we go" Yasuchika said as he clicked his fingers and a bright flash of light blinded the both of them and they began the day….again.

~Skye's POV again~

Waking up from THAT dream I sighed remembering I had to go through hell again, unless I decided to change that and become a peaceful unicorn in a meadow of rainbows…hahaha jokes! With having an alternate universe is helpful because it means I can change something that was supposed to happen on the day I do-over.

Taking the long way to school, AGAIN, I saw the Raimon guys hanging around on the soccer field all thinking really hard. Good thing I sent them home otherwise, I would be arrested for kidnapping. As I thought that I hadn't noticed an excited looking Endou, and a curious Tenma intersect me from continuing on for school.

"Skye-chan, let's play soccer!" Endou shouted enthusiastically as Tenma stood there awkwardly. "Endou-sempai…You still trust me even after that?" I questioned completely surprised by him. "Ehh? Course, anyone who loves soccer or is willing to help someone in need is a-ok in my book!" He shouted as he gripped onto my wrist and dragged me down the hill and towards the soccer field.

"Ohayo Skye-chan!" I just stood there unsure of how to react. Maybe, just maybe I could trust them…What am I thinking? I wasn't aware that there was someone watching us from on top of the bridge.

"Skye-chan I'm open!" I heard Hiroto-sempai shout I was about to pass when Nishiki-sempai and Tenma came in front and behind me and tried to steal the ball from me. I managed to avoid them both by using my hissatsu tactic, Magician's hat. This tactic is to confuse the opponents by making a magician's hat appear out of nowhere and make several duplicates of the ball to be with the user's teammates, after the opponents are confused enough the user throws the hat into the air and the ball will appear in front of the user's target.

"Score one for us Hiroto!" Endou shouted from behind me in the goals. "Yea! Ryuusei(I cant spell .) blade V2!" Hiroto shouted as he aimed his attack at Tachimukai-san. Point one to us, I thought as I appeared in front of the shoot and strengthen the shot by using Aurora Blade. A shot where I jump on my hands and lift myself off into the air, than a background with the aurora lights is shown, then the aurora turns into a blade and makes it into the goal.

"Aurora blade V5" I muttered under my breath as the shot made it in before Tachimukai could react. "Sugoi! Nice one Hiroto, Skye!" Kidou said as he walked past us, I nodded as Hiroto smiled.

"Oi Skye, right?" I heard Kariya say as he walked up to me, "Why don't you go away? You already pissed Tenma off." He stated before smirking and turning off into another direction. "Alright, later Misaki" I stated rather coldly as I walked to school.

~Bell rings and off to Kazemaru's world!~

"Students, this is your new classmate, Ikashy Teruo, so please make him feel welcome!" The teacher announced I looked up to see a male our age, he seemed like the rude type, but I can't judge someone by their cover.

"Yo, name's Teruo Pleasure to meet you" Some girls squealed at his sentence but I think they didn't hear the sarcasm laced through that second part of his sentence. I was seriously tempted to beat the shit (I hate swearing but I need to mix the characters a little so most of them will probably swear SORRY PEOPLE!) outta this guy.

"Teruo-kun could you take the seat next to Kazemaru?" Teruo only nodded and smirked when he came and sat down next to me. "What up girly-boy?" I was reaaally tempted to punch the living shit out of him now. "Don't ever call me that!" I whisper shouted. "Pfft, whatever girly-boy." If only he wasn't a new student then he would be dead by now.

When it was break time I saw Aoi dragging Skye, literally into the classroom. "Aoi-san what are we doing here?" Skye said as she was still being pulled along by Aoi. "There's a rumor going around that a cute new guy was in this class" Aoi stated and I saw her smile dreamily when she say Teruo sitting in front of her.

"The hell? Who the heck are you?" Skye deadpanned before getting out of Aoi's grip and walking out of the classroom. "So this is the tomboy that hates skirts? You sure you ain't a crossdresser?" Teruo stated and smirked when Skye didn't turn around. "Little tough there aren't you? Loosen up have fun kiss a guy or something." He continued to taunt her I really did want to beat the crap out of him.

"Look I really couldn't care less who the fuck (the f-bomb Nuuuuu!) you are (Sorry to Angel Of Dark Heaven if you're OC isn't like this!) but quit messing with me and any other female creature on the planet, so fuck (f-bomb number 2) off" She stated and walked out of the door.

"Hey wasn't that girl the one the first-year guys were talking about?" Most of the guys were talking to eachother mostly like this: "Yea, pretty cute don't you think, body wise anyway." It reaaaly pissed me off how they only gave a damn about some girl's body.

"Quit being perverted asses and get outside why don't you?" I said irritated as I walked outside and towards the club room. (Go's clubroom)

~Into the dimension which is Yasuchika~

"Kyaaa~! Yasuchika-kun will you go out with me?" I'm starting to get really pissed off with these girls who won't leave me alone, I mean seriously I've only been here for what 2 hours? And now I've got annoying girls trying to go out with me.

Damnit Skye, where the fuck (f-bomb no.3) are you? I was shouting in my head as I ran around the school trying to find her. Then I remembered she usually
hangs out on the roofs wherever and practically all the time. Off to the roof! I thought as I ran off to the building's roof top.


Muhahahahaha why can I only write five pages?! Even without OC info It only goes to 5… oh well enjoy this short chapter since I have nothing else to do, I shall try and work on next chapter!