Kiss Me Princess II

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Shahi hadn't changed one bit in the past sixteen years. Nicole noted that quickly after his first, and only, outburst when he first arrived. Shahi was as quiet and distant as he remembered him to be. The crown princes gaze didn't make him feel anymore welcome. How was he going to get Shahi out of this one? Granted as a traitor to the kingdom himself he was in any position to complain about his treatment. This place had never been very warm to him anyway. The cold and dark hallways paid full tribute to his memories. Nothing had changed… nothing at all.

Nicole let his eyes shift to look at Shahi again. He still wore his tribal cloths but he could tell that time had been good to the man. His skin was as pale as it had been when they had first meet in the forest that day. His silver hair was still strange, those deep blue eyes held no emotion. He looked back to crown prince. He had to force his blood not the run cold. He looked so much like his father, it was scary. He movements freeze as his thoughts drift to Jed.


That's exactly what that man was. Nicole glared down at his food. He hadn't come here for this. He came to see about the assassination job… maybe. How many people here remembered him anyway? He had handled himself brilliantly as a child, because he was trying to impress that person. He scowled at the food infront of him. Any restraint that he ever had died that day. He looked around the room, this place still meant so much to him. Nicole let his scowl turn into a wicked grin as he thought about what kind of damage he could do to this place. How would that person feel when his former home went down in flames? Nicole chuckled lightly to himself gaining the attention of those around him. Feeling eyes on him Nicole looked around seeing them stare at him. He let himself lightly blush, and he cleared his throat.

"Thank you for you kind hospitality Crown Prince Renef," he says in a regal manner.

Renef gave him a suspicious look but smiled at Nicole none-the-less. "It is my pleasure, sir Knight, if you had not come when you I would most likely not be here to enjoy this delicious meal with you," he paused to set his fork down. He lanced his fingers together resting his chin on top as continues. "The food is to your liking?"

Nicole looked down at his plate practically tasting the tension between them. "It is absolutely divine," he answers giving the prince a charming smile. Renef looks slightly taken back by the man's charm. Unfortunately Renef's gaze shifts to Shahi. He breath catches in his throat when he sees Shahi staring at Nicole. He gave a quick glance to Nicole, seeing that he hadn't noticed yet.

"Do they know eachother?" he asked himself. Shahi never talked about his past. Even when he spoke he made inhuman attempts to avoid the subject. Renef was too prideful to admit what he was feeling towards Nicole was jealously. The man may have saved his life, but he knew something about his love interest that Shahi himself would not tell him.

"My I be excused your majesty," Nicole asks in his regal voice. Renef leans back in his chair, giving the man a nod. Nicole politely excused himself and exited the room. Renef looked to Shahi again, the older mans gaze had returned to his plate once the other had left. Renef wanted to know. He wanted to know about Shahi's past.

-Few minutes later-

"Who are you," the woman asks. The young girl that had lead Nicole here stood beside the older woman. She reminded him of the old crown prince Derek's mother. Her eyes were cold and calculating. They wanted power and from the air around her she didn't care how she got it either.

"My lady, I am merely a traveling swordsman looking for work," he answered not revealing his name.

"Are you really," she asks a cold grin gracing her features.

Nicole looked up from where he was bowing a devilish grin appeared across his face. "I feel that it is easier to eliminate my target once I've given them a false since of security."

Her grins grows even wider and colder, "I see. You know the payment then?"

Nicole returns to his bow, "Of course m'lady."

She stands from her seat and commands him to stand. "This is my daughter," she gestures to the young girl and she steps forward. "Maria, you will be her bodyguard, for your cover mercenary." Nicole and Maria make eye contact, his eyes widen in realization. However he keeps his mouth shut as the woman continues. "I am Lady Lydia, you shall report to me once a week for your orders."

Nicole gives her a curious look, "forgive me m'lady, I do not understand."

"In light of a certain situation," she glared at Nicole. "Security has been doubled," she held up her hand to stop Nicole from speaking. "I am aware that you believe you can still preform the job, however I will not leave myself to be suspected." She intensified her glare, "I will triple the reward for you." Nicole returned to his bowing position showing that he agreed.

He knew how these types worked, they wanted no blood on their hands and no fingers able to point at them once the deed was done.

Oh how he hated royalty and politicians. He bit his tongue back for the moment, he had an alternative motive, staying longer wouldn't hurt. It would give him more time to plant the seeds of deception. This place is where it all started, and if he played his cards right this is where it would end aswell.

Foolish sister… bastard of a brother for putting him through all of this. Their decisions had literally ruined his life and he planned on returning it all ten fold.

"Your duties will begin in a few days," Lydia's voice cuts through his thoughts. "That should give you enough time to learn what your duties are and the layout of the castle." She now gestured to a guard beside her, "Rafael here will come to get you once your room is prepared." Nicole nods as he is escorted from the room.

Once the door was closed Maria looked up to her mother, "Mother I-,"

"Do not speak my child," she puts cold finger to the child's lips and kneels down to her level. "Everything will be just fine," she pulls Maria into an embrace. "No harm shall ever come to you," she coos to her child and pulls away for the next line. "Of this I can guarantee," her eyes were dark and wicked as she looked at her child. Maria inturn shrunk away from her mother. Knowing the worst and silently feared it for the crown prince.

-Few moments later-

Nicole roamed through the castle, the hallwatys hauntingly familiar. His blood ran cold as he approached the courtyard. It looked as if nothing had ever happen the bodies had been buried the blood cleaned off the white stone. He could still faintly hear the clanking of metal against metal as swords and axes clashed. The grunts and screams of the soldiers as the fought and died for what they felt was right. He walked over and placed his hand on the pillar, that he had been tied too. He scoffed, how hard had tried to free himself that day. To risk his life to save him, how foolish. He turned so he placed his back on the pillar. He saw them like ghosts two soldiers guarding him as Prince Derek drew his arrow back in his bow. He felt the urge to struggle like he did that day. He didn't even there the soft tapping of feet as someone approached.

He had finally been able to lose the prince when someone called for his attention. Shahi wouldn't, no couldn't answer the young mans questions. The truth would destroy him, and Renef needed to rule this country. Even he knew that his existence was necessary even if he didn't fully comprehend it. Would he ever?

"That's what he would want," he thinks as he walks into the large courtyard. His breath hitched as he saw Nicole. A living ghost from his past. He stood there frozen just staring at the younger blonde. When Nicole didn't move or acknowledge him he slowly started to approach the other.

Once he got close enough he realized that Nicoles mind was elsewhere. His eyes where unfocused, seeing things that only he could see. Was he haunted by the past aswell? Shahi found himself frozen again. Taking in all of Nicoles features, he was just as he remembered. Shahi found himself drawing closer to the Nicole's form.

Their noses were just touching when a soft hand was placed on his chest making him freeze in place. Shahi hadn't been looking at Nicole's eyes till now, he noticed that they were back in focus. The emotions flowing in his light green eyes were unreadable for the silver haired man.

"Don't, "Nicole whispered quietly. That one word was enough to make him step back and lower his gaze.

Nicole pushes himself off the pillar and walked past Shahi. Stopping only a few steps away keeping their backs to eachother. Nicole spoke, "you're still sad," he stated more than asked. Shahi picked his head up but didn't look to Nicole. Nicole turned his head to look over his shoulder at Shahi. "It's foolish to believe that you can stay frozen in time," Shahi holds his breathe. Nicole turned to face forward again as Shahi slowly turned his head to look at his friend in a past life. A life that he still clung to. "You are not blind," Nicole starts again, "so opened your eyes before you truly lose everything," Nicole turns to Shahi keeping his eyes closed given Shahi a huge grin.

Nicole then fled quickly from Shahi's presences, Shahi wanted to cry. He opened his mouth wanting to speak for the first time and his voice failed him. He brought a shaking hand to his throat. That smile held such sadness. The happiness that Nicole always possessed, that he envied and wished he had was no longer there.

What had happened to his younger friend?


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