Ok, bad day. Something happened today, and I can't stop kicking myself over it, so I decided to write about it. Of course, I changed the characters. But other than that...yes this really happened.


"Horror movies freak me out."

I nodded in agreement.

"Well I love them!"

Roxas, Kairi and I sat together in lunch, talking about campfire stories and slasher films.

Roxas didn't like horror movies, he hated the feeling of being scared. It made him feel nervous and weak.

Kairi, on the other hand, was a serious thrill-seeker. She loved everything that made her scream. From roller coasters to haunted houses, she loved it all.

I was sort of between (in opinions and in seating). I liked the little shot of adrenaline from going downhill on a fast ride, but scary movies and shows...yeah, no.

Roxas and Kairi started fighting about...something...I wasn't sure.

"Guys, quit it!" I exclaimed.

Kairi looked at me, her red hair parted and straightened perfectly. "You're right Xion. Ooh let's talk about Riku!"

My face turned red at his name, then white at the realization of Roxas next to me.

"L-let's not..." I mumbled, looking at my lap. I looked up at Roxas through my bangs. His face held a look of curiousness...and another unpleasant emotion I couldn't place.

"Yes let's!" Kairi squeaked.

I groaned.

"Ok so," Kairi began. "Xion met this boy and he says she's pretty and that he really likes her!"

I wince, not able to bear looking at Roxas.

"And they're so cute!" My (soon-to-be-murdered) friend squealed. "He lives in Radiant Garden, but they talk all the time on Skype!"

My face burned. She was blowing this waaay out of proportion. Yes, Riku did say I was cute...but so what? He probably had a girlfriend. And I don't like him...not like that anyway.

Then, something blew me out of my thoughts. I didn't know it at that moment, but the 'something' would be life-changing.

"I can't believe you got a boyfriend before I did Xi!"

Everything went silent. In my mind, anyway.

I looked at Roxas. Now, the only emotion he had was betrayal. No, there was something else.


He turned his back on me and started a conversation with his friend, Sora. He turned so fast his green and gray Wyldlife water bottle fell over, spilling the cold water on the table. Roxas ignored it.

"What was that?" Kairi wondered.

I turned on her. "Kairi! How could you do that?!"

She looked confused. "I-I was just talking about Riku."

I felt the headache I always got before I cried pound behind my eyes.

"You made it sound like we're dating! I don't like Riku and we don't talk all the time!"

There was another reason Roxas was mad, and I knew it.

He thought I had broken The Promise.

It was a half-day, because of snow, so we got out at 12:00. We were released and I rushed out after Roxas.

I ran down to the lockers, Roxas was kneeling down by his locker, luckily right next to mine. I was shoved into the wall by a hurrying group of students, but managed to squeeze through everyone. I crouched next to him just as he slammed his locker shut and stood up. I stood as well.

He glared at me hard and handed me something. I didn't bother to look at it.

"Roxas, Kairi didn't-!" I tried. He cut me off.

"I don't want to hear it Xion."

He walked away.

I stood there in the slowly emptying hallway. Finally, I remembered the object in my hand. I looked down and felt my heart gain fifty pounds and drop through the floor.

It was the mixed cd I made for Roxas. Full of beautiful Owl City songs, he had loved it.

But not anymore.


There'll be a sequel, but...gimme some time to see what happens...