Twilight belongs to SM

This particular story belongs to me.

Here 'he' and 'she' refers to Edward and Bella respectively. Since it is my own fantasy and I did not fantasize about 'EDWARD', I avoided mentioning his name in the story.

BOTH THE CHARACTERS ARE HUMANS. One shot but I may right further if I get enough comments.

His lips encircled my already hard nipple. His tongue continued the slow torture on it. When his adept fingers plunged deep inside me I cried out in painful pleasure. Leaving my swollen and marked nipple, his lips moved up towards my neck. And so sweetly he kissed me there. My whole body was in sweet fire. My hands which were gripping his hair slid down and groped his lower back. Pressing it with all my might, I pushed my hips up. For a moment it touched his already erect manhood and he hissed in pleasure. His fingers which were earlier assaulting my delicate region, were now massaging my bosom. I wrapped up my legs around his thigh and brought myself closer. His youthful manhood was touching my virgin lips. A little push and we will be linked together. But he waited, devouring every moment to the fullest.

His lips sealed mine with a kiss that could light up thousand candles. Our breaths caressed each other's face. On opening my eyes I saw him looking at me with eyes that whisper love. He placed few short kisses on the corner of my lips before licking my ears. Everything was too warm, his breath, his arms, his skin and even his eyes sparkled with warmth. My own skin burned and I was short of breath. It was too much. I wanted to give in. I wanted to continue. It was like the burning fire that I wanted to put out and at the same time embrace.

The slow sensuous torture went on for hours. I could no longer see anything. My eyes rolled back to my head. All I could fell was warmth and him. It was slimy. Everything I touched or felt on my skin was slimy. Sweat was dripping down my neck, back and bosom and he licked and kissed each one of them. I could bear no longer. I cried and begged him to deflower me. Slowly and silently, he moved ahead and between to steal my virginity. The sharp pain ceased all pleasure for a moment and I could feel the drops of my blood and tear roll down together. But before my tears could roll down further my cheeks, soft lips sucked it away. I looked into his eyes and found myself getting lost in the depth of his unyielding passion. He moved in harmony with the background melody. It seemed he choreographed his rhythm to the sensuous melodious song.

Such a sweet pain! My heart was beating like a hummingbird's wings. And strange feelings coursed through my body. I could hear his hitched breath. It was exactly like mine. Everything felt different. My eyes were closed shut but I could see light. It seemed at a distance someone cried out my name in ecstasy but all I could feel was flowing warmth. It flowed unhindered inside me. Light and warmth were all I could feel.

Slowly I floated back to earth. A heavy weight was crushing me beneath it. I opened my eyes to see him rising up of me. He smiled at me that melted my heart. He said nothing, just kept looking at me. Then with overwhelming tenderness he cupped my face and kissed me in earnest. When we broke the kiss, I noticed the dawn break. His arms snaked around my waist and I rested my head on his chest. He pulled me closer and my legs slid up to his waist and arms entangled his neck. We closed our eyes and stayed together like there will be no tomorrow. Two naked bodies entangled as one. We are one. A single soul.