The Wrath Of The United Kingdom

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The current meeting was getting nowhere. Which was generally quite normal. Russia was creeping nearby nations out, Italy was annoying Germany, France was attempting to molest anything that unfortunately came within his reach and England and America were arguing about something, that had started from England's rejection of America's idea for a couple of massive hamburgers to solve world hunger.

"Sometimes I wish you were young again, because you didn't have such ridiculous ideas! Burgers are not going to clear up world hunger like a flash of bloody lightning!" England poked America's chest, with his right hand, then gently pinched the bridge of his own nose with it; perhaps trying to disspell the oncoming headache he was feeling. America felt a small fuse blow inside his head and let all his angry thoughts out in one big rush;

"Gah, y'know sometimes I wish I was raised by France, 'cause he doesn't really stay in the past as much-"

"Leave me out of zis, s'il vous plait?" France murmured in the background. The entire meeting was suddenly transfixed on America's rant.

"-and at least his cooking actually tastes of something other than cardboard, or whatever, and it doesn't always rain where he lives, so I just hope you go somewhere away and don't come back, you whiney, limey, waffely, scone-scoffing twat!"

Silence filled the meeting room. A pin drop would have sounded like a clap of thunder. Evryone's gaze was fixed on America, who was breathing heavily. But one by one they began to switch to England. The older, yet smaller, nation's face was flickering through a range of emotions. Hurt. Despair. Horror. Anger. Confusion. Fury. Heartbroken.

And then, without any warning, England turned on his heel and strote out of the room, slamming the door behind him, causing the hinges to rattle almost uncontrollably.

Silence once again filled the room, untill France filled it, not liking the heavy tension covering the room.

"Amerique, zat was quite 'arsh, even for you." he stated. All eyes were back on America, who surveyed everyone looking at him, (all who had varying levels of dissaprovement) then held up his hands in a sign of surrender.

"'Kay, 'kay, I'll go find him and apologise, alright?!" and then America walked out of the meeting in pursuit of England. Germany chose to (at least try) to restart the meeting, with quite a bit of sucess- France was sitting patiently listening to whatever was being said, as although he and England did quarrel quite a lot, deep down they did care for each other.

Near the end of the meeting, when there was about 5 minutes left, America re-entered the room, looking quite dejected. Nantucket hung low on his head, as all eyes turned to him once again, looking for an answer. America sighed.

"I-I couldn't find him. He wasn't in the entire building, or the hotel where we're all staying. Umm... actually he appeared to have checked out today, 'cause I asked at the front desk..."

Most nations brushed it off, as the meeting ended, as England needing some time alone, but the question still lingered in the air, a bit like an annoying mosquito-

Where had England gone?

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