After two days rest, the G8 filtered back into the meeting room, to finish up the weeks worth of meetings. However there was a suprise waiting for them...

England was back.

He was the first into the room, and had set up the room, just like normal. He was even sitting in his normal seat, patiently waiting for everyone else to come in.

As everyone else arrived though, what was not normal was the heavy tension lulling throughout the room, obviously most evident between America and England, both who had to sit next to each other, and neither talked to the other. France, on the other side of the Englishman, also didn't like it- especially the cold front England seemed to be putting up against everyone.

As the meeting split up- for the first break, most hurried out of the room as fast as they could go. The only three left in the room were America and England and France, to at least try to break up a fight if one did start- although it would be very difficult to (if you didn't count Ireland, who had again snuck in... but totally NOT to keep an eye on England, and possibly, unnecessarily beat up America again... and was totally NOT hiding out in the corner).

"So..." America started, at least trying to start a conversation, even if he didn't pick the right topic "where exactly did you go, like, two days ago... y'know with-"

"I know when," England cut him off, with some sharp, cold words "and it's not really your business is it?"

He took a second or two to skim over America's state of wellbeing. One of the lenses of his glasses was cracked, America having no luck in finding his spare pair, somewhere around his tip of a house. He also appeared to have a little limp on his leg (possibly over-exaggerated though), and some faint brusing on his jaw. The next thing to say turned out a little awkward for England,

"So, I see.. you got some visitors... two days ago..." he said, sounding quite smooth, but inside he was tight with nervousness. The earlier cold front he put up, had eventually dropped.

"Ah..well... yeah," America said, taken aback ,by the sudden change of topic, especially to one which had hurt him (literally) "Yeah... so, I guess I'm sorry for what I said then... and, well, can't you really control your brothers? So, they don't.. well... beat random people up, I mean?" He managed to apologise (finally if you ask me).

Ireland was going ever closer to the pair, as was France, but both were for probably entirely different reasons.

"Accepted I guess. Then... not really control them... plus, why would I even want to?" England asked, accepting America's apology, and the possible ghost of a smirk flitted across his face. Ireland smirked too, knowing his little brother was going to be just fine... however there was one thing to say though...

He lent in close, to America and England, mostly leaning on England's shoulder though, and said,

"Plus, some nation, mighta said that we're all barbaric on 'those leetle islands of theirs' as well..." with quote fingers, and the worst impression of a French accent ever- considering it was horribly mangled by his thick Irish accent.

France facepalmed.

"What?!" England practically shouted, then lept upon France, and started beating him to a bloody pulp. America stood by watching the two, beginning to laugh again, while Ireland took the chance to sneak out, just before the rest off the G8 came back in.

And that's how Ireland started an Anglo-French brawl which lasted the rest of the entire meeting. Still it was nice to know that England was feeling better now.

Germay, however, was not impressed.

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