Complete summary: This story is set in the Glee world as it is in the show, except in this world sex slave trade is allowed. Blaine is gifted to Kurt, who doesn't believe in the trade. Blaine has been traumatized by the training he was forced to endure and Kurt will do whatever it takes to help him break the chains that bind him.

This prompt is originally from the Glee Kink M e on LJ, but I found it through Xx-Erin-xX-AthrunxCagallifan's story Hold My Heart (which is really good, btw, if you are looking for a long, interesting AU Klain story that is already completed).

I have adjusted the prompt slightly for my own purposes because I do not write male preg. Please read it to understand:

AU where boys can be sold into the sex slave trade and are worth a lot of money.

When Blaine's parents fall in to debt, they place him for sale. A frighted and devastated Blaine is taken to a slave dealer who puts him through 6 weeks of "training" (details up to the author). Blaine is then placed for auction and bought by someone hoping to curry favor with the newly elected congressman Burt Hummel, not understanding that both Burt and his son Kurt (who the gift is intended for) are opposed to this sort of slave trading.

They decide to keep Blaine so that he can't be sold again, but immediately make sure that he has his own room, as well as private tutors to help get his schooling back on track. They soon discover that the training has done terrible damage to Blaine's self esteem and mental health, and organize counseling.

Blaine and Kurt become friends as he recovers, and slowly fall in love. They run into problems when someone tries to invalidate the Hummel's Claim, as Blaine is not being treated as a slave.

What is wanted in the story:

Blangst as Blaine is sold, and "Trained" to be a sex slave

Supportive Hummels and friends

Sebastian as the "trainer"

Sweet sex when Kurt and Blaine start making love, getting kinkier as they grow more confident

Do not want:

Vore, gore, bugcock, or hard Kinks

WARNING for this chapter: SEXUAL ASSAULT, if this is a trigger, WATCH OUT

Blaine blinked hard. He was disoriented and didn't know where he was.

"Oh, you have finally decided to wake up." Blaine tried to sit up to turn towards the voice but the world spun and he dropped back down.

The man walked around him until he was standing right in front of him. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Sebastian. For the next six weeks, I own you. I will teach you everything you need to know about being a sex slave. After that, you will be sold and your Master will own you. So lesson number one- you will never again be the master of your own fate. You will do what you are told whenever you are told to do it. If you do not, you will be seriously punished. This is your reality now. This is your reality for the rest of your life."

Blaine heard a buzzing in his ears that quickly turned into a high pitched whine and then he passed out.


A little over six weeks later, Blaine found himself being pulled out of the back of a van on a leash. He gasped for air as the choker around his neck pulled tight. The man holding the leash slowed slightly. Blaine figured he didn't want to damage the present he was about to give. He had to swallow back vomit at the fact that he was being given as a gift. A sex slave on a leash.

The man knocked and the wait for someone to answer the door seemed like it lasted forever. He was only dressed in boxers- those being the only clothes he had been allowed in training, although half the time those hadn't even been allowed. As the door opened, Blaine kept his head down as a sign of respect.

"What the hell?" came a male voice.

Blaine wanted to look up so badly, but his training was ingrained by now so he kept his gaze locked on the ground.

"Hello, Congressman Hummel. I would like to present your son with a present. Mr. Garcia has sent him as a sign of his regard."

"What's going on, Dad?" came a new voice.

Blaine glanced up briefly, seeing blue eyes set in a gorgeous face, before dropping his eyes back down again, hoping no one noticed.

"An associate of your father's has sent me to give you this as a present for your 16th birthday, which I believe is today. Happy Birthday."

Burt was very red by this point and opened his mouth to tell the man to get the hell off his property when his son spoke, gently kicking his father in the leg as he did so. "Why, thank you very much. Be sure to tell him how pleasantly surprised I am."

"I will. Here are the ownership papers." The man holding the leash smiled and offered Kurt the stack of papers.

Kurt reached out and took the papers, then the leash from the man. He kept a smile fixed on his face until the man had turned around and was heading for his car, then he spoke softly. "Please, come in."

Blaine did not respond as he did not know Kurt was speaking to him.

Kurt reached out and gently touched Blaine's shoulder. When Blaine flinched, Kurt hastily drew back.

Blaine instantly hit his knees, "I'm sorry, Master."

Kurt looked down at him, confused and horrified, then at his Dad.

"Don't look at me. I'm not even sure why you accepted him. We don't..." Burt said, but Kurt cut him off.

"Not now, Dad, let's get him inside first." He directed his attention toward Blaine. "Please stand up and come inside."

"Yes, Master," Blaine responded as he stood slowly.

"Please, my name is Kurt."

Blaine did not respond. He stepped into the house, keeping his head down the whole time.

Kurt exchanged another look with his father, who shut the door. "What is your name?" Kurt asked.

"Whatever you want it to be, Master," Blaine responded.

"Um, what did your parents call you?"

Blaine cringed inwardly. He didn't even want to acknowledge his parents' existence and, in that moment, his hatred of his parents for selling him won out over Sebastian's voice in his head that was screaming that he should say whatever his Master wanted him to say, do whatever his Master wanted him to do, be whoever his Master wanted him to be.

When Blaine didn't answer, Kurt sighed and let the subject drop for now. He reached forward and unclasped the leash from the choker, careful not to brush Blaine's skin. He didn't want to scare the boy any further. When that was done, he told Blaine, "Please, follow me."

Blaine's head raised just enough so that he could watch his Master's feet instead of his own. He followed him up the stairs and into a bedroom.

"This is the guest room. Well, I guess it is your room now. I know the color of the walls is absolutely terrible. I keep trying to tell Dad that we need to repaint, but you know he is just not that interested in stuff like interior design. The comforter is a pretty color though, I picked that out myself. I..." suddenly he stopped as he realized he was rambling. "Sorry, I ramble when I get nervous. Umm... I guess first thing first, we need to get you some clothes. Can't have you running around the house in just your boxers. My stepmom's eyes would pop out of her head and while I would find it totally hot, my broth," he cut himself off again as he saw Blaine flinch. "Oh my God, I just said that, I am so sorry. I'm gonna go get those clothes before I say anything else completely dumb and I'll be right back."

He practically ran out of the room. What the hell had he gotten himself into? This boy obviously had some serious problems and needed way more help than Kurt could even begin to imagine. He just... he just couldn't let that man take him away with him. God only knows where he would have ended up.

As he walked through the door of his room, he saw his Dad.

"What is going on?" Burt demanded.

Kurt hurriedly explained his rationale for keeping Blaine, finishing with, "We just have to keep him safe, Dad. And get him some help. Like serious help. I know this is crazy and there are like a million details to work out, but I just couldn't let that man take him and give him to God knows who."

Burt nodded. "Okay, well, I'll start looking into some counselors. But we will have to have a family meeting this weekend when Carol is off work to figure out all the finer details."

"Okay," Kurt said. "For now, I have to get him some clothes."

Burt nodded and moved to leave. As he reached the doorway, he paused. "You have to be real careful with him, Kurt. I don't know exactly what goes on in the Training camps, but from what I have heard they're really terrible. I guess they would have to be to prepare these kids for the treatment they get from most owners."

"I... I understand, Dad."

Burt nodded and disappeared down the hall.

Kurt sighed. Life had just gotten a whole lot more complicated.

Back in his room, Blaine didn't know what to do. So he just lay down on the bed, waiting for Kurt to come back. He was so tired.

When Kurt got back to the guest room with a few outfits in his arms, it was to find the boy fast asleep. He smiled. At least he looked peaceful in his sleep.


The next morning, Kurt got up early and went into the guest room, knocking softly before opening the door.

He found the boy standing next to the bed, staring at the pile of clothes Kurt had left on the dresser. As soon as he noticed Kurt, however, he dropped to his knees, head down. 'Oh for the love of-' Kurt cut the thought off and pushed his exasperation away. "Please, stand," he said. "Or sit, or do whatever you want, just do not kneel."

Blaine quickly pushed himself to his feet, still staring at the ground.

"What is your name?" Kurt asked again.

"Whatever you-" Kurt cut him off.

"No, no, what were you called, before you went to training?"

Blaine visibly recoiled at the mention of his training, but he answered in a low voice. "Blaine."

"Blaine," Kurt said, testing it on his tongue. "Very nice. Okay, so I'm going to explain your situation here. My father and I do not believe in any kind of slavery. I accepted you as a gift so that you wouldn't be sent somewhere else and mistreated. You are free to do as you wish in this house. I am not your Master, I am simply another person living in the house. You are your own person."

Blaine heard Sebastian's voice in his mind. You will never again be the master of your own fate. You live to serve. Your Master's pleasure is your pleasure- the only pleasure you will probably ever receive. Watch out, some Master's are extra cruel- they will be kind, make you think you have a choice, make you hope, and then they will use you and abuse you, getting pleasure out of the pain of your body as well as the breaking of your spirit because you allowed yourself hope. Hope is your greatest enemy. Always remember rule number one- You live to serve, you will never again be free, your pleasure does not matter. And he remembered Kurt's words on the porch, friendly and warm as he'd talked to the man holding his leash. He hadn't hesitated, "Why, thank you very much. Be sure to tell him how pleasantly surprised I am."

"Blaine, are you listening?" he heard his Master say. He realized with a jolt that he had completely zoned out. He hit his knees, again, mortified that he had been ignoring the older boy.

"I am sorry," he said fervently.

Kurt knelt down next to him and reached out one finger to put under his chin. Blaine flinched, but Kurt persisted, tilting his face up until their eyes met for the first time. Blaine sucked in a quick breath. His Master was... very pretty. Perfect skin, eyes as blue as the sky, rosy red lips. Quickly he dropped his eyes.

"You have very pretty eyes," Kurt told him. When Blaine didn't respond, he continued, "You have nothing to be sorry for. I simply wanted to make sure you knew that you can do what you wish within this house. I have to talk to my family about what we should do outside of it, as I am not well versed in what will be expected of me by everyone as an owner of... of... well, you know. I am not sure if anyone could do anything to us if I didn't follow the rules, either, and I don't want to screw up. I don't want to give anyone any reason to take you away. God, I'm rambling again. I'm sorry."

Blaine felt so confused. Why did his Master keep apologizing? Did he not know that he is always right? And he of course wouldn't do anything in the house without permission. He did not want to give his Master a reason to punish him. Sex could be very, very painful, as he had discovered very quickly.

His mind flashed back. "You need to understand that sex can be everything from very, very pleasurable to very, very painful. If you make your Master happy, they might be kind enough to let you help yourself come. If you make them angry, they can make sex the most degrading, painful thing you have ever experienced. Although, some Masters may make it like that no matter what you do. Even if they are not interested in inflicting pain, it is very unlikely that they will be interested in making you feel good. The thing is, a man naturally will become aroused in certain situations. If that is not alleviated, it can be painful in and of itself, as I am sure you are old enough to understand. So I suggest you make your Master as happy as possible and hope that they are not the type to torture their slaves."

Sebastian had then proceeded to show him what he had been talking about. He started with shoving three fingers into him with no preparation. Blaine had screamed out in pain. "This, my dear slave, is only a sample of the kind of pain your Master can inflict." He'd then pulled his fingers back out and, taking off his pants and boxers, he lay down directly on top of Blaine, who was naked. He lowered his head and nipped at the side of Blaine's neck as he circled his hips, his erection obvious against Blaine's groin. He ran his hands over Blaine's chest and lowered his mouth to Blaine's nipple, sucking it into his mouth, still circling his hips. To Blaine's horror, he felt himself begin to grow hard. How could he possibly find anything in this situation arousing?"You had better work on getting rid of your pride," Sebastian whispered. "Because if you don't, it will simply be shredded over," his hips ground down harder on Blaine's and pleasure streaked through Blaine at the friction, sickening him, "And over," Sebastian repeated the motion, "And over."

Sebastian then spent the next fifteen minutes dallying with Blaine, having Blaine stroke him while he stroked Blaine. Finally, when Blaine could feel his climax about to wash over him, Sebastian withdrew. Blaine cried out at the loss of contact and moved his hand down to grasp himself. "Don't," Sebastian barked out sharply and he stopped. Sebastian pulled out a strip of silk and tied his hands behind his back. "You see, while you thought that was pleasurable, it is actually the worst kind of torture your Master can mete out. Make you think that you can actually enjoy yourself, that it doesn't have to be all about your Master, and then leave you panting, wanting to come so much it literally hurts, but unable to push yourself over the edge. Then later, when the pain finally fades, you realize that you actually enjoyed the things you were being forced to do- instead of being repulsed, you craved more stimulation. That realization will destroy you. So always remember rule number one- You live to serve, you will never again be free, your pleasure does not matter."

Kurt just sat there, watching him. He was obviously far away, in his own world. Kurt sighed, rising.

Blaine brought his focus back to the present. His Master was standing in front of him, silent. He glanced up quickly to find his Master's eyes on him, so he quickly dropped his gaze back to the floor.

Kurt sighed again. "I'll bring you breakfast in a bit. You don't have to come downstairs until you are ready, however long it takes." With that pronouncement, he turned around and left, softly shutting the door behind him.