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The next three days went by tormentingly slowly for Blaine. Every morning Kurt would walk in the room and put a breakfast tray on the dresser. Blaine would scramble out of bed and kneel on the floor. His Master would gently take hold of his upper arm, pull him to his feet, put one finger under his chin to lift his head, and softly order Blaine to look at him. Blaine would hold his gaze for as long as his Master wanted. His Master would sigh, tell him to eat and that he could come downstairs whenever he wanted, and he would leave. In the afternoon, he would bring lunch. They would repeat the process all over again. And again at dinner. Then, before his Master went to bed each night, he walked in and instead of pulling Blaine to his feet, his Master loosely but firmly wrapped his arms around Blaine's shoulders for a few moments, told him good night, and left.

Blaine was in agony because he did not know what game his Master played. He kept waiting for the moment when his Master's hug would turn into laying him back on the bed, taking what he wanted.

On the third day, after saying good night, Kurt said softly, "My room is just down the hall. If you ever need anything, please just let me know." He paused. He hated doing this, but maybe Blaine would respond better to orders than requests. "I actually demand that you come let me know if you need anything. Anything at all. No hidden agendas, it's just something that would make me happy." With that, he turned and left.

Blaine mulled over his words, carefully evaluating them. What he needed was for his Master to take him, to use him for the only thing he is good for anymore, to let him serve him. He couldn't stand the waiting, the not knowing. He wanted to start getting a measure for what kind of tastes his Master had. He knew that it was possible his tastes would be ever changing, Sebastian had warned about that, but he had said that most owners stuck to pretty much the same kind of sexual patterns. Would he be especially rough, liking Blaine's cries of pain? Once his Master took him, would he continue to leave him to his own devices most of the time or would he want Blaine to remain with him, always on hand? Would he be the kind of owner that was willing to hand out rewards as well as punishment, or would Blaine get nothing but pain at his hand?

Blaine rose. He hoped that his Master had been serious in his demand to let him know what he needed. He suspected that it was a test he was about to fail, thinking of his own needs when all he should be thinking about was his Master's, but he decided he would rather his Master punish him than leave him waiting, continuing to pretend he cares.

He padded down the hall quietly and pushed open his Master's door, which was slightly ajar. He walked over to his Master's bed, where Kurt was fast asleep, and knelt on the floor, head bent. He would not wake him, he would simply wait.

It was hours later, about three am, when Kurt finally stirred awake. As his eyes opened, wondering what had awakened him, he was startled to find Blaine, kneeling beside his bed. He shot up into a sitting position. "What?! What is it?"

Blaine's head jerked up in surprise- he obviously hadn't noticed Kurt was awake. His head quickly dropped again. "I... I'm sorry. You asked me to... well. I didn't want to wake you." Blaine swallowed hard and braced himself for a blow that never came.

His Master slid off the bed and knelt beside him. "What do you need? I," he hesitated, "I demand that you speak your mind, freely."

Blaine was hesitant, but he had already decided he would rather be punished than not know, so he simply prayed his Master meant what he had just said and forged ahead. "I... I need you to... to take me."

The last words were so quiet Kurt could barely hear them. "Take you where?" he asked softly.

Blaine licked his lips. "I live to serve, my Master's pleasure is my pleasure as my own pleasure does not matter, the only thing I have a right to need in life is to bring you pleasure. I do not even have the right to ask you, but you asked me to so please, please use me for what I am made for. I cannot... the waiting hurts."

Kurt's whole body froze. He quit breathing and he swore that his heart quit beating as Blaine's words sank in. His first instinct was to wrap his arms around the boy shaking before him, but he knew Blaine wouldn't welcome the touch. Then, anger made his blood boil. How dare anyone make another human being think things like that about themselves?

He tried to keep the anger out of his voice when he spoke, "I keep trying to explain that you are not a slave in this house." He saw Blaine open his mouth, then close it again. "Go on, speak," he ordered.

Blaine's next words sounded like a chant, like something he had memorized, "Hope is your greatest enemy. Always remember rule number one- You live to serve, you will never again be free, your pleasure does not matter," his voice broke on the last word and Kurt's heart broke with it.

Before Kurt could say anything, though, Blaine's spoke again, begging, "Please, please, do not force me to hope. I know I am nothing, worthless, and don't have the right to ask but if you want me to treat you like I adore you, I will, no matter what you do. Please, just, just don't make me believe in the impossible. Please, please, please." By this point the boy was crying, huge sobs wracking his body.

Kurt felt like his heart had dropped into his stomach and his chest ached horribly as tears spilled down his face. This poor, poor, sweet boy. "How old are you?" Kurt asked, his voice barely a whisper.

Blaine continued to cry, hunched over so that is face was almost to the floor, but he managed to whisper back, "Fifteen next week, Master."

Anger rose swiftly again. Fourteen years old? Fourteen fucking years old? He isn't even old enough to consent to sex. But then again, I guess the slaves didn't need to consent, he thought blackly.

Blaine chose that unfortunate moment to chance a look up at his Master's face. He quickly recoiled at the look of rage on his face. He had gone too far and now he would pay the price. He quickly pressed his face to the floor and whispered, "I'm sorry, Master, I'm sorry. I humbly accept whatever punishment you wish to give me for my insolence."

Kurt quickly reigned back his anger. He cursed under his breath. Now he had gone and made the boy even more afraid. He racked his mind, trying to figure out what to do next. If he told Blaine again that he wasn't going to be treated as a slave, he would simply think that Kurt was just waiting for the moment to pounce. If he said nothing, Blaine would torture himself with the possibilities of what awaited him down the road. If he actually did what Blaine asked and... and 'took' him, then Blaine would believe what he had been told about himself even more. It was agonizing, remembering his words, knowing he believed them.

Slowly, as he thought over Blaine's words, an idea formed. The idea revolted him- after all, the boy was only fourteen, but Blaine had already been through horrors no one should ever have to go through, and surely anything would be better than what Blaine was currently worrying about.

Kurt took a deep breath. "Okay, get on the bed."

Blaine's head came up. "What?"

Kurt smiled a little. In that moment, he had behaved almost normally. Of course, Blaine had already dropped his head again and, he suspected, was about to apologize again, but Kurt didn't give him the chance. "Get on my bed and lay down on your back."

Hesitantly, Blaine moved to the bed. This was it, he thought to himself. He prayed he could bring his Master pleasure properly, prayed that his Master was merciful.

When Blaine had situated himself on his bed, Kurt stood and looked down at him. "Now, you are going to do exactly as I say and say nothing, you understand?" If he started telling him about how it wasn't about his pleasure, he was going to get very angry and he didn't want to scare Blaine anymore, so it was best if the younger boy simply did not speak.

Blaine nodded his head. Kurt walked over and locked his bedroom door, noticing the fear that washed over Blaine's features at the sound. He walked back to the bed and climbed in next to him. By this time, Blaine's face had gone completely ashen and he looked like he might be sick.

"Hey, hey," Kurt said softly, gently brushing Blaine's curls off of his forehead. "Don't be afraid of me. I am not going to hurt you. I am just going to show you something that brings me ridiculous amounts of pleasure." In that moment, nothing could make Kurt happier than making this poor, abused boy feel better. He leaned down and brushed his lips over Blaine's, fighting back the feeling that he was taking advantage of him. Somehow, his world had gotten so twisted that not taking advantage of him was causing him more anguish than it was helping.

Once again, he brushed his lips over Blaine's. He would take his time, woo him slowly. He prayed that he would be able to do this right. Blaine's lips moved in response, although Kurt suspected that was due to his training more than an actual want to kiss. After a few minutes, Kurt began to feel less clumsy and he spent the next twenty minutes languidly kissing Blaine, slowly moving his attention to his neck, kissing, licking, nipping. Finally, he got what he was almost positive was a real response from Blaine.

Blaine tried to remember what he had been trained. To let his Master take the lead, to always respond unless told otherwise, matching his Master's behaviors. He tried not to be stiff, tried to pretend like he wanted this. Then, as his Master handled him so softly, so gently, Blaine found himself having to remind himself that it was all part of the game. His Master would eventually move on to take his own pleasure, Blaine must not be seduced into wanting pleasure for himself. But after a while of his Master's soft, lingering kisses, of his gentle bites, sweet tongue, and perfect lips traveling down his neck, up to his ear and back to his lips, he felt a stirring in his groin. Pleasure zinged up and down his spine and Blaine cried out softly at the feeling.

As soon as Kurt heard it, he returned to Blaine's lips, deepening their kiss slightly. He didn't want to move too fast, so he stayed there for a little while longer, his tongue battling with Blaine's as Blaine's hands came up to clench in his hair. Kurt would bet everything he owned that Blaine wasn't even aware of what he was doing with his hands. This was confirmed a few seconds later when he quickly dropped his hands back down to the bed.

As he continued kissing him, Kurt's hands worked to unbutton the top two buttons on Blaine's shirt. He stiffened but quickly relaxed again. Kurt again had the feeling that he was forcing himself to keep his body relaxed, but he ignored that thought and simply prayed that what he was doing would be best for Blaine in the end.

Kurt dragged his lips back down Blaine's neck to kiss the skin he had exposed. After a while, he heard Blaine moan and knew that he was once again finding true pleasure in Kurt's actions. So he brought his lips back up to Blaine's mouth as his hand traveled down to rest on Blaine's belt.

Blaine instantly stiffened and whimpered in fear. A moment later, he opened his mouth, probably to apologize, and Kurt stopped him with another kiss. "No talking, remember?" Kurt reminded him kindly.

Blaine nodded once in response and lay there, trying not to show how afraid he was. Kurt did not remove his hand, but neither did he move it, he just let it lie there. When he had first moved his hand to Blaine's belt, he had been able to feel that Blaine was aroused, but he no longer was. Kurt leaned back down to kiss him. This time, it took Blaine quite a while to truly relax and enjoy himself again, but Kurt was willing to do what he was doing for as long as it took.

Blaine began to shift his hips slightly, which Kurt took as a good sign. If he was going to help Blaine, he needed him to believe that he cared about Blaine, not just himself. And he figured the first step towards that would be disabusing Blaine of the notion that he did not deserve and would not receive pleasure. With that thought in mind he shifted his hand over the bulge in Blaine's pants. Blaine once again stiffened, but Kurt lightly dragged his hand up and down, giving Blaine friction, as he continued to nip and kiss his neck.

Blaine tried to remind himself of what Sebastian said, but it felt so, so good. It only took a minute or two for the stiffness to leave Blaine's shoulders as he gave himself over to the pleasure. His hips rose off the bed, trying to increase the friction that was driving him mad.

"Tell me, tell me what you need." His Master's voice floated over him and in the haze of pleasure drugging his mind, he didn't even think to question the boy's motives. He just answered. "I need... I need you to touch me. I need to come. Please, I need to come. Please let me, let me come."

The boy begging made Kurt's chest hurt, made him wonder all over again what they had done to him in training. Quickly, before he could think too hard about what he was about to do, Kurt unbuckled Blaine's belt, unfastened his jeans, and reached in to wrap his hand around Blaine. His hips jerked at the contact and his back arched off of the bed. He kept saying please as tears wet his cheeks and his hips writhed. The sight was truly heart-wrenching.

Kurt questioned himself on whether or not this was wise. Would this help or hurt? Kurt knew that neither of them were actually ready for this level of intimacy. They barely knew each other. This was not how his first experiences were supposed to be. What if he made things worse? His hand slowed slightly as panic began to rise.

Blaine whimpered. "Please, please, don't," he said.

Kurt froze and Blaine's eyes snapped open. His hand wrapped around Kurt's wrist. "I'll stop if you want me to," Kurt said. All he wanted was to turn and run. Or better yet, to wake up and find out that it had all been a nightmare, that there wasn't a terrified boy in his house that he was responsible for. He wasn't ready for this kind of relationship. And he didn't know how to deal with the kind of damage that had been wrought on this poor boy.

"I," Blaine started, then he stopped and licked his lips. He didn't know what to say. He had no right to demand anything. He did the only thing he could think to do to show Kurt what he wanted. He leaned up and pressed a kiss to the older boy's neck, at the same time flexing his hips slightly, pressing himself lightly into Kurt's hand. He hoped that the boy wasn't cruel. At that moment, Sebastian's voice floated back through his thoughts, reminding him- Hope is your greatest enemy. Before he could think any further though, Kurt began moving his hand again and pleasure streaked through Blaine's body, drowning out the voice.

Kurt didn't know if he was doing the right thing. He had a strong suspicion that this was a bad plan. But he instinctively knew that now that they had gotten this far, turning back would do much more harm than good. And as he watched Blaine's face, heard the moan slip out between his lips, he realized that he wanted nothing more in that moment than to bring this boy to bliss.

It wasn't long until Blaine's hips arched up off the bed and he froze for a moment before he began to convulse. Kurt quickly leaned down as Blaine cried out, kissing him to muffle the sounds the younger boy was making. The last thing he needed was for his parents to wake up. While he had good intentions, he knew the scene would look really bad. Leaning over Blaine, he grabbed a tissue and handed it to Blaine so he could clean himself up.

Blaine stilled and stared up into his Master's face. He didn't understand what had just happened, why it had happened. Never once had his Master done anything for himself through the entire episode.

"Now I want you to listen closely," Kurt whispered. "Bringing you pleasure, watching your face, hearing you cry out- that brings me unbelievable pleasure. The only people that need sex slaves are self-centered people that don't know how to share their lives with another person and have to force someone to stay with them and provide them pleasure. I am not one of those people." As he looked into Blaine's eyes, he could see that he didn't believe him.

Gently, he took Blaine's hand and guided it to the erection currently tenting his boxers. "Feel me. That reaction comes purely from watching you take your own pleasure. When you cringe, when you fear me, when you cry, it kills me. I do not receive pleasure from it, only pain." Even as he discussed it, as he remembered Blaine begging him, sobs wracking his whole body, he felt himself begin to go soft. "See? See? Simply remembering your pain from earlier makes my body recoil. Sexual pleasure is meant to be freely given and freely received between two people that care enough about each other to want to make each other happy. Anything less is obscene, dirty."

Blaine wanted to believe him, he really did. But Sebastian's warnings were always present, slithering through his mind like poison. Always serve your owner to the best of your ability, but never, ever trust them. That path leads only to more pain. Hope is your greatest enemy. The Master that tries to give it to you is the most sadistic, wanting to pull you up so they can cut you down.

Kurt sighed. He reached down and gently refastened Blaine's pants. He then removed Blaine's belt and told him to lie on his side. Fear ran through Blaine as realization flashed through him- his Master was going to beat him. His whole body stiffened as he complied with his Master's wishes, rolling to his side and waiting for the pain.

Kurt had seen Blaine's fear but was confused until he looked down at Blaine's belt in his hand and he realized what Blaine must have thought. With a curse, he tossed the belt to the floor. Blaine's whole body jerked at the sound of it hitting the hardwood.

"I would never, ever, ever hit you. No matter what you do. And you may not believe me now, but I swear to God, I will tell you over and over and over until you figure it out." Kurt knew his voice sounded harsh, angry. He was angry, damn it. He was in a situation that he had no idea how to deal with and as much as Kurt wished he could rely on someone else to help him through this, Blaine saw him as the Master so it was something only Kurt could fix.

He took a deep breath before leaning down to brush a light kiss on Blaine's cheek. Then he said softly and with as much tenderness as he could muster, "Good night, Blaine. Whether you believe it or not, you are safe with me. I will keep you safe." Then he lay down and, tugging the blankets up and over them both, he spooned his body around Blaine's, although he was careful not to wrap his arm around him. He didn't want Blaine to feel trapped. Surprisingly, Kurt soon fell asleep.

Blaine slowly relaxed as he heard his Master's breathing even out, indicating he was asleep. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew that nothing in his training had prepared him for Kurt's behavior. His Master had been hard, obviously wanting, but had taken none of the pleasure he had bestowed so lavishly on him, a slave. His only thought seemed to have been for making Blaine more comfortable, not for assuaging his own sexual needs. And now, he was snuggling to his back, forming a safe cocoon around him. He sighed, pushing the thoughts aside for now. He was tired. So very tired.

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