Nico's day was already pretty bad before the giant sea monster came and attacked. His first friend, Percy Jackson, and his girlfriend- who Nico had a tiny crush on- had fallen into Tartarus. His sister was dating that baby of a demigod, Frank, and Gaea wasn't far from winning this whole thing. And he had just spent the week imprisoned by some crazy giants in a giant bronze jar.

"What is that thing?" screamed Jason at the satyr, Coach Hedge.

"That, cupcake, is Cetus! Perseus fought him by using Medusa's head!" bleated the goat back.

"Anyone got a handy Medusa Head available?" asked Piper.

"Fresh out." Shouted Leo.

All in a normal day of fighting terrible ancient sea monsters.

The thing was most definitely ugly. It looked like a whale, only it was longer, with big, yucky eyes, a dull pink color, and a sea serpent look to it. It had maybe 100 rows of razor sharp teeth; lining it's large maw, and looking at it made Nico spit at it in disgust.

Frank was attacking it dragon-style, literally, while Jason struck it with lightning. "This is no use!" said Hazel. "Any more and the ship will break!"

"Have a little faith." Leo reeled back, taking it as an insult. Nico could have sword Dragon Frank rolled his eyes.

"She's right, cupcake!" said the goat. Leo muttered something about old goats and such, but was able to fly the Argo II out of range. Nico collapsed, grateful. All the undead skeletons next to him collapsed into bones.

Jason flew back onto the deck. Piper rushed up to him and whispered some things in his ear. His eyes widened, and glancing back at the sea that was below the warship, he turned ghostly pale.

Nico followed his gaze. The ugly creature was still following them.

"Guys! We have a problem! We need to head inland. Now!" he yelled. Leo nodded, and guided the ship towards the green speck in the distance. In less than 30 minutes, they were hovering over a cliff that was many feet above the sea. Ugly roared and sank back into the depths. Everyone let out a big sigh. Dragon Frank landed and turned back into regular Frank.

"I told you guys! No monster between Rome and the sea equals big monster waiting for us!" said the Canadian.

Nico rolled his eyes. "Alright, I really want to step on some dry land, so do you guys mind?"

Leo nodded, and the ship landed. Marching out, Nico immediately spotted the woman. She waved the heroes over.

"Come! Come! I have a story to tell!" she yelled in a heavy Greek accent.

Hazel and Frank exchanged glances. Nico understood. It could be a trap.

But Leo, of course, forgot all about that and bounced over. "What story?"

The lady was very beautiful, with long black hair, and a dark tan. She nodded. "A story about a princess, a jealous queen, and a miracle."

He smiled like a 4 year old, and sat down.

The rest of us approached, ever so slightly. She just smiled and said "I am Leto. There is no need to fear me."

"Leto… I've heard that name." said Jason, who furrowed his brow.

"I expect you have. Sit." She waved her hand, and some comfortable looking cushions lay on the ground. Leo easily snatched one, and sat on it. Nothing happened, so we all sat down.

"Once, a long time ago, there was King Zeus. King Zeus had a queen- Hera. But he still fell in love with many people. He looked down upon the Earth one day and saw a Titan's daughter, Leto."

"Like you!" said Leo.

"Yes. And she became pregnant. Hera was jealous though. She commanded all the lands not to take her in, and if she couldn't find a place, she couldn't have her babies. But a floating island, Delos, took Leto in, for it was not really land. But then again, Hera forbid the goddess of childbirth to come, so then again she couldn't give birth. But all the goddess swayed Hera by giving her a beautiful necklace 9 yards long. She let the goddess go, and Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis."

"Wait… you're the Leto! Mother of Apollo and Artemis!" exclaimed Piper.

"Can you tell us which came first?" asked Nico. "Apollo and Artmeis always fight over who was born first."

"Artemis." She smiled.

"So, because you have a problem with Hera, you want to kill us?" asked Frank after a short, awkward silence.

"Oh no, I really like Hera. She's very nice once you get to know her. I came to tell you my sister, Asteria, has something you need. You see, your quest will fail without her help. And look out for Tityos. He tried to kidnap me to get me to marry him, back in the day. So look out for him!"

"Tityos?" Piper glanced at Jason, who just shrugged. The heroes then proceeded up the gangplank onto Argo II.

"Hello Perseus."