There are many things in this universe that we are not sure of. A smart man will tell you that he knows this, but he won't understand. A kind man will nod and move along without a word. But a genius… well, she'll set out to answer the questions.

Stories, stories, stories. True, false, whatever the case, they have the power to move mountains. There is one, ever-changing, ever-lasting that could move the entire universe.

There is a man called The Doctor. For a long time, he lived with a companion. Or two. Or three. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lovers, Family. The Doctor deeply cared for them. Over time, they left. One or two forgot. A few vanished. And then there were the ones who lost their lives. His very best friends. His family. I saved them once. Whoever the ginger was, she certainly was lucky to have Nina. That's when the Doctor met me. Genius that I am. It doesn't help that I'm also adorable, but enough about me. Even though I am brilliantly interesting. The Doctor lived alone for a long while after his great loss. In his blue box in the sky. Thankfully, some snow brought him back to me. And that's where it all begins.

The story of the Doctor. The man who lives on clouds and fights Daleks and creates and rewrites and ends time. The man who lives on.

A bit like me.

Oh but who am I? Where did I come from? What am I?

My name is Oswin Oswald. I fought the Daleks. And I am human.

Some might know me as Clara.

Or Miss Montague.

You may know me by another name entirely.

I may be the only person around whom the universe wraps more mystery than the Doctor himself.

But you'll have to be clever to keep up. All will reveal itself in time, won't it?