Well. There's not much to say for my first fanfiction for ToAru Majutsu No Index apart from I love this series. i will incorporate some information from the novels in. In case the summary didn't explain it the main plotline of the story is the numerous investigations into the unknown Level 0 and how people discover who he is. Also, for those who already know who he is they will discover more about him and his 'unfortunate' life. As for Kamijou touma, i have elected for him to say 'Such misfortune' apart from 'Fukou Da' so some people will know what he si saying. After Fukiyose I plan to maybe focus on one of the Level 5's.

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Accelerator. Misaka Mikoto. Not only were they two of Academy City's Level 5's but there was anything that connected them. An unknown Level 0. Discarding the Level 0 that defeated the Number 4, the unknown Level 0 had been the subject of two of the most outrageous rumours that circled Academy City. To think that that Level 0 had the ability to take down the Number 1 and 3! It was no wonder that residents of the massive City had gone to their own investigation into the matter but turning up nothing. It was almost as if the General Superintendent was sealing the information, protecting that very Level 0. That just posed the question: just how strong was he?

Fukiyose Seiri frowned as she passed students is the hallway of a Certain High School. They were talking about that Level 0 again. Although the rumours had died down right after the Number 1 was supposedly 'defeated' they were still the topic of many forums and gossip among the lively students.

There was quite a good reason for her frown. She had never put too much thought into the rumour but the more she heard, the more curious she became. And that annoyed Fukiyose. She had no time to investigate baseless rumours and besides, if such a Level 0 existed, Fukiyose doubted that she ever wanted to meet them, let alone interact with them.

She approached her classroom, the sounds of shouting coming from it. The voices were familiar, as was the topic of discussion.

"Idiot! There's no way I would pass up an opportunity to help a maid-in-training." The voice was of one of the members of the Delta Force. "The only reason you don't want to is because you already have Maika!"

"Wh-What!? Where does all this baseless rumours come from nya~?" came another. It was from the second member of the Delta Force. "And besides! Helping out a lonesome girl across the street or any other form of troubled girl is fine with me! I don't to help a maid-in-training! It's that persistent attitude towards adversity that adds to the sex appeal of maids! Helping them reduces that appeal!" he pleaded.

Hurry to hear the conversation end, Fukiyose walked faster to the door of the classroom so that she didn't have to hear another person's input. Particularly the third member of the Delta Force. If he joined in the conversation would escalate out of control and she would have to resort to her 'Delta Force Restraining Technique'.

Strangely though there was no other input. She opened the door and saw the two members of the Delta Force arguing about the topic that they had just had.

One of them was a blue-haired boy wearing a dark-blue uniform that was buttoned up as well as dark-blue pants, his hair blue as well expect a lighter colour. Aogami Pierce.

The other was a blond-haired boy wearing sunglasses and the same uniform except it was unbuttoned, revealing a green Hawaiian type shirt underneath. Tsuchimikado Motoharu.

She glared at them and, just to make sure, walked over to check if there was only two. Indeed there was. She was both partly disappointed and relived.

Relieved as she did not have to deal with him, but partly disappointed as she had wanted to ask him something. If anyone knew about the mysterious Level 0 of the rumours, it would be the person who would probably have the bad luck to run into them. That left one person.

"Ah! Fukiyose-san!" said Aogami."Tell us, would you offer to be a maid-in-training to see if Tsuchimikado here is right?"

Fukiyose twitched, one of her hands clenching into a fist. "Care to repeat that?" she said eyeing Aogami.

Aogami held up his hands, sweating. "Ah nononono." He said. He immediately calmed down as soon as he realised that Fukiyose was not attacking them. Usually in these situations she did. But not today. Why so?

"So ah, is Fukiyose-san in a bad mood today nya~?" asked Tsuchimikado, realising the same thing.

She glared at the other boy and unclenched her fist. "No, I just wanted to talk to Kamijou." She said.

There was silence but it was shirt befire the two boys yelled loudly.

"That lucky bastard! Already penetrating through the 'Iron Wall Girl!"" said Aogami with his head in his hands.

This statement brought the attention of all the other students.


"Kamijou broke through the defences of the Iron Wall Girl?"

"There's no help for humanity now!"

"Kamijou has dominated all of the female race!"

"Shut up!" yelled Fukiyose. "There's no way I'd let that Kamijou get to me!"

"Then what business do you have with Kami-yan?"askd Tsuchimikado.

"Hmm?" she said. "Well, I wanted to ask him about that Level 0. You know that one who defeated the Number 1 and 3. I thought that his bad luck might have made him run into that individual." She said as she explained.

She was sure that it was just her imagination but she thought she saw Tsuchimikado's eyes darken underneath his sunglasses. She was about to ask him about it but Aogami spoke up first.

"Ah? That famous Level 0? And you want to talk about that Level 0 to the other famous Level 0? Well, I'd say that maybe Kami-yan has met them but I can't be sure." Replied Aogami.

The classmates seemed to have the same conclusion that Fukiyose had. That this Kamijou would have met the famous Level 0. They were chatting amongst themselves about the encounter he must have had and how it had progressed. Maybe the famous Level 0 had taught that Kamijou a lesson?

"Say, where is that Kamijou anyway?" Fukiyose asked. "Isn't he always here with you talking about this sort of pointless garbage?"

"Pointless garbage!?" protested Tsuchimikado. "I'll have you know that maids-in-training is an important part of Japanese society and-"

He never finished as a cry of "GYAAAAAAAAAH! SUCH MISFORTUUUUUUUUNE!" came from outside.

All of the occupants of the rooms eye's went to the window from where the scream had come from. Aogami, Tsuchimikado and Fukiyose's eyes drifted to outside. The scream had come from the swimming pool (yes they do have one. See Volume 6). One thing rose into everyone's eyes. What was going on?

The question was answered almost a second later as a figure ran from the area where the area was followed by another talker figure in a green sports jacket. The taller figure some of the students recognised as a teacher from the school, Yomikawa Aiho. Being a member of Anti-Skill it was not unusual to see her brandishing her famous anti-riot shield but strangely she was not wearing her Anti-Skill uniform.

That was not the figure that people had their eye on though. It was the figure that she was chasing. He had black, spiky hair and the same winter uniform that the other boys were wearing except he was wearing an orange shirt underneath. Kamijou Touma, the infamous Level 0.

"Ah. Well there's Kami-yan." Said Aogami. Indeed, there he was being chased by a PE teacher. Of course there was no contest. Yomikawa caught up quickly and tackled the defenceless Kamijou to the ground with her shield.

She was talking to him but the students were too far away to hear what she was saying. But they heard the reply.

"THERE'S NO WAY I WOULD DO THAT TO KOMOE-SENSEI!" he yelled, causing almost everyone there to clench their fists. What had he done to their precious teacher?

Yomikawa beat down the unfortunate Kamijou but was stopped as turned back to the swimming pool area. Apparently someone had called her name. The students all looked back to where she was looking and saw their teacher, a short person of 135 cm, Tsukuyomi Komoe approach the two.

Now, normally there would be nothing wrong with this act but this was far from a normal situation. With Yomikawa pinning down Kamijou that said enough. But what added to it was the fact that Komoe-sensei had appeared from the swimming area wearing nothing but a towel.

She approached the two and Yomikawa looked surprised at Komoe's rash act while Kamijou had his face planted on the ground. When they thought he was looking up at them, Aogami and Tsuchimikado gave a little wave. Fukiyose responded by hitting them both over the head.

When apparently the explanation was over, Yomikawa got off Kamijou and he slowly stood up, rubbing the parts that must have hurt. Komoe approached her student and was saying something to him that caused him to look away sheepishly. Perhaps a lecture?

When it was over, Kamijou gave a bow and started to walk off to the main building, passing Komoe as he did. But before he could fully leave, Yomikawa's mouth started to move. Kamijou turned back around and nodded every now and then and it was not long before she turned around and beckoned Komoe to follow.

Komoe turned to Kamijou and said something and ran off. That was when it happened. Unbeknownst to Kamijou, he had been standing on the edge of the towel that Komoe-sensei was wearing. Being a large towel for a short person, it covered more of the ground than it did her. As such when she tried to leave, the part of the towel that Kamijou was standing on came off with ease.

Somehow, from the view of the students from Kamijou's classroom and surely the other classrooms was thankfully blocked by Kamijou's body in the way. Thankfully, Yomikawa's had yet to notice and the students could only guess Kamijou's expression. It was probably one of shock. As was Komoe's. As such she let out a scream that caused Yomikawa to turn around. There was no explanation needed. She dropped the riot shield and cracked her knuckles.

Unfortunately for Kamijou, he was unable to move, because if he did, Komoe's naked body would be only display for the school to see and the poor Kamijou had an affinity for protecting women. That though did not prevent them from beating him within an inch of his life.

"S-SUCH-" he started to say but never finished as Yomikawa punched Kamijou and ran off carrying Komoe-sensei.

Kamijou laid his head on his desk, a large fist-shaped bruise on his face. Apparently the nurse had refused to give him a bandage due to the fact of how he had embarrassed Komoe-sensei. As such he had to deal with having a stiff face for the entire lesson.

And during that lesson, the entire of his class, even Himegami which made him upset, glared at him and didn't really pay attention to the lesson. Not that Komoe-sensei minded. Each time she would address the class, her eyes unconsciously went to Kamijou and she looked away sharply thus losing her train of thought.

Then the bell for the end of class came and the students piled out of the classroom. Only a few select students stayed behind, namely the poor Kamijou and the curious Fukiyose.

"What were even doing at the pool Kamijou?" asked Fukiyose.

Kamijou shuddered. "Komoe-sensei wanted me to help out with other teachers." He filed out of the classroom and she followed. "So I had to help Y-Yomikawa-sensei with cleaning the pool." He stammered at her name. "And then when Komoe-sensei came to check up on me and Y-Yomikawa-sensei she slipped on the wet floor. I caught her but her hand was slippery and she fell in. A misunderstanding occurred and then….you know." Kamijou rubbed his face, anime tears running down his face.

They continued down the corridor, neither of them talking for a while. "So….what does the Iron Wall Girl want from this mortally wounded Kamijou-san?" Kamijou asked.

Fukiyose looked at Kamijou and decided to get right to the point. "I wanted to ask you about someone."

Kamijou looked surprised. "Umm…..OK?" he responded unsure of what she wanted to ask.

She was about to begin when she saw someone appear around the corner. "K-Komoe-sensei?" she said surprised. She had hardly expected her to be here, especially after what had happened during the day. Fukiyose felt pissed just thinking about the incident.

Kamijou looked at the corner and stepped back, looking around for the fearsome Yomikawa. When he decided it was safe he bowed towards the small teacher.

"Sorry Komoe-sensei! It was an accident!" He said with his head lowered.

Komoe seemed more flustered than she should have. "No, no Kamijou-chan! I-It's my fault. I didn't explain the situation to Yomikawa-sensei and then you got injured because of it. I apologise." She bowed.

"Not at all sensei!" said the sorrowful Kamijou. "I'm the one who didn't notice your towel and exposed you in front of nearly the whole school!"

The words dug into the teacher and she froze up on the spot. She didn't move for a little bit and when she did what looked to be a forced smile was on her lips and a blush on her face. "A-Anyway Kamijou-chan!" she said and she reached into his dress pocket and pulled out a large square bandage. "Please put this on that bruise! Sensei will feel guilty otherwise!"

Kamijou looked at the bandage and smiled. He took it and, using the sticky tape that was on it, put it on his face. "Thank you sensei." He said.

Komoe-sensei looked pleased and walked past both Kamijou and Fukiyose, humming to herself. The two students looked at her walk past and then, with Kamijou leading the way they came out of the school grounds. When they were, Kamijou continued their conversation.

"So who did you want to know about? I'll have you know that Tsuchimikado has a quite interesting relationship with Mai-" Before he could finish, Fukiyose interrupted him, restraining herself from her usual reaction of just outright violence.

"I don't want to know about Tsuchimikado. I won't think you'll know their name though." She said continuing.

"OK. Who is it?" Kamijou asked. He was getting curious.

Just as Fukiyose was about to ask him Kamijou stopped. He shuddered, almost as if he feared the presence of a fierce predator. He was not far off. As Fukiyose looked behind them, she saw the figure of Yomikawa-sensei behind them. She was slowly approaching the two and with each step, Kamijou's face got paler and paler. There was no killing intent in the air but Kamijou had spent too much time with the innocent Index to know better. As such, Kamijou's brain went into a certain mode.

It was not until Yomikawa was a few feet away that Kamijou spoke to Fukiyose. "We'll talk later OK?" he said and then took off at a run. Both girls looked in surprise at the fleeing boy and it was Yomikawa who reacted first.

"OI!" Where do you think you're going!?" But Kamijou was too far for her voice to be heard. "Heh." Said Yomikawa was an evil grin. "Think you can escape?" She crouched down into a sprinting stance. "I won't let you do that until you hear my apology!" She took off faster than Fukiyose could see and ran at an amazing speed.

"Ah." Said Fukiyose. She realised a mistake that Kamijou had made. "Where are we going to meet up?" she asked no-one.

Fukiyose walked through District 7 but could find nothing. No trace of Yomikawa-sensei or that Kamijou.

"Cheh." She said. "Just when I was being serious. Honestly, I can't think that Kamijou is serious about anything." It annoyed her to a great degree the attitude that Kamijou showed her and everyone else. Always blaming his failures on his misfortune and never trying to improve. She hated that part of him but there was nothing she could do it. But then again, Kamijou was Kamijou because of that.

She rubbed her head. All this searching had made her tired. It was rush hour and soon it would be sunset. She decided that she should go back home and hopefully Kamijou would contact her tomorrow-

Wait no. That was unlikely. Tomorrow was the weekend. It was unlikely that all he would be doing was his own thing. She sighed. She suddenly felt the urge to say "Such misfortune."

She walked for a bit before reaching a crossing and she waited for the light to turn green, waiting among the other people. That's when she saw him. Kamijou Touma. He was sitting on a bench and looking overly-tired. Judging by how tired he looked, she would make it when the light turned green for pedestrians. Sure enough, that was the case and she stood over him.

"Kamijou! What were you doing?! I've been looking all over for you!" she said, displeased.

"F-Fukiyose-san?" he asked between pants. "We split up nearly 2 hours ago." He panted some more. "How can you do so much running with those large breasts of yours?" His eyes widened as soon as he realised what he had said.

"Wai-!" he was about to say but couldn't as a strong force flung a fist into his stomach. He keeled over, clenching his stomach, groaning in pain. Many people looked in surprise at the scene but merely passed by.

Kamijou coughed as he regained his breath and looked up carefully at the Iron Wall Girl. "What is it?" he asked. "I've been running away from Yomikawa-sensei and managed to do so but I didn't really want to have to run into you."

Fukiyose brushed some hair from her forehead. "I didn't want to do so either but you still haven't answered my question."

"Question?" Kamijou thought back to before they split up and indeed, Fukiyose had wanted to ask him something. "OK. You wanted to know if I knew someone right? Well, who is it?"

Fukiyose nodded. "Have you heard the Level 0 rumour?" she asked.

"Level…0 rumour?" asked Kamijou and tilted his head. It seemed he genuinely didn't know. Maybe she hadn't given enough information?

"Yeah. The one about that Level 0 who can defeat the Railgun and defeated Accelerator." Answered Fukiyose.

Kamijou's eyes went wide. Fukiyose raised an eyebrow. So he did know them. "Wh-What about them?" he asked.

"Oh nothing." Said Fukiyose casually. "I just wanted to know if you knew them and it turns out that you do. So they do exist." Fukiyose put a thoughtful hand to her chin thinking of her next question, the rush hour traffic of people moving around her as she stood near Kamijou.

"Well then do you know-" started Fukiyose but Kamijou interrupted.

"Fukiyose." Said Kamijou in a low voice. He was serious. His expression and tone told her that, especially since she had seen that expression of his once before. When she had collapsed during the Daihaseisai. She frowned. Was this a touchy subject with Kamijou?

He resumed talking. "It'd be wise if you don't look too much further into this Level 0. Some people might not want you to find out who they are." And with that Kamijou stood up and looked around. It was not long before he looked in a certain direction.

"My house is that way." He said and started to walk away. Before he left he turned and looked sat Fukiyose. "You better be careful who you ask about that rumour." He said cryptically and walked away, Fukiyose watching as he disappeared in the crowd.

She sighed and rubbed her head. It was unusual to see Kamijou serious and Fukiyose wasn't really used to it. She turned in the opposite direction and headed home as well.

Unbeknownst to both Kamijou and Fukiyose, some unpleasant ears had caught a hold of their conversation. He was about the same age as the two people in the conversation but he hadn't liked the topic. The unknown Level 0 was something of a legend in Academy City as there were a couple of Level 0's who lived to protecting that Level 0's name. They weren't Skill-Out but they were just as dangerous. And one of those members had heard the entire thing. Shin Wataru looked back at the retreating Fukiyose.

"So, you are the one who threatens the Level 0's existence." Shin looked back at the retreating Kamijou as well but shook his head. That girl's existence was much more dangerous.

Tomorrow, he would act. There were too many people today. Tomorrow, he would act.

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