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The next day, Fukiyose had nothing to do. She had already done all of the work that Komoe-sensei had set for her class (although she didn't think there was a point as Kamijou probably hadn't done it and would cop all the punishment for the class) so she decided that she would spend her day in the Underground Shopping Mall. Although Kamijou thought differently, she was a girl and she did care about the way that she looked and the clothes that she wore.

Today, she wore clothes similar to her school uniform: a short dress that was pink in colour as well as a shirt that was yellow. Although she didn't like to admit as much, she enjoyed wearing bright colours. And today she would be on the search for more. She rarely had time like this to herself and she took time to enjoy it as much as could. Or she would have.

Because there was one thing that would ruin her day. She glared at the figure that was standing near the convenience store ATM and approached it. They were wearing brown pants as well as a hite shirt that had red and orange stripes down the sleeves.

"Just what do you think you're doing here?!" she yelled as she sent a fist into the back of the person in front of her.

Now, to fully understand what happened just now, we must turn back the clocks just for a bit.

Kamijou Touma was stumped. He stared into his fridge, at the packet of instant noodles that lay inside. He started sweating as soon as he felt the eyes behind him that bore into him as they observed the contents of the fridge.

"Touma….you forgot the fridge was empty again." Said a voice behind him. Kamijou turned around as he looked at the vicious creature behind him. Behind him was a nun, around a year or two younger than Kamijou wearing a nun's robe that was white with gold embroidery yet held together with safety pins. Somehow, Kamijou had never learned what they were for mainly because he had lost his memories. The nun's name was Index and a close friend of Kamijou, so close that she was even freeloading at his dorm in his room.

"Ah,,,Index-san, please do not vent your anger towards this helpless Kamijou." Said Kamijou as he backed away as far as he dare.

"But Touma, Touma!" cried Index. "We have no food. What about me!? What about Sphynx?" (This will be the spelling, can't remember if it's an 'i' or 'y'.) To emphasis her point, she held up a calico coloured cat that meowed as soon as it was in Kamijou's sight. Its meow was probably meant to express "Wow! I didn't think I'd get screen time in this fanfiction!"

Kamijou twitched. "Why is it that I'm not included?! I have to eat as well! You're not the only one to suffer!" he yelled.

"But Touma, you're the one who forgot the food. It's your fault!" cried Index.

Kamijou held his head as he collapsed to the ground. "I-I don't have the energy to deal with an angry Index right now…"he complained.

And so, after much persuasion and complaining, Kamijou Touma eventually decided to head down to the Mall in order to get some food. He had headed down there with the punishment game with Misaka Mikoto on September 30th so he knew that there would be some food stores.

And thus, dressed in casual clothes and with Index in tow, Kamijou headed to the Underground Shopping Mall. And thus we return to present time…

"Fbah?!" cried Kamijou as he felt a pain in his back. He had headed towards the ATM in order to get some money so that he could buy some provisions for lunch and dinner. Unfortunately Index had come along and he knew that they would probably have lunch out and Kamijou would have an empty wallet. So he had been retracting some money when his card had gotten stuck and then-

Kamijou spun around and yelled. "What do you want? First my card and then this? What is up with-Huh? Fukiyose?" he said as he realised the person in front of him.

He took a good look. It looked like Fukiyose. But it couldn't be. The Fukiyose Kamijou knew was always in her school uniform. So this must be someone else.

"Ah. Sorry. I mistook you for someone else." He said as he turned back towards the ATM machine.

"Answer my question!" yelled Fukiyose as she gave a kick to Kamijou's shin.

"Gyah?!" yelled Kamijou as he fell to the ground, clutching his leg. "I'm sorry! I'm here to get more food for that freeloader of mine!" He looked up pitifully at his attacker. "What are you doing here Fukiyose?" Mow that he had accepted that fact due to the pain he was feeling he asked his fellow classmate the same question she had asked him.

She raised an eyebrow. "Why do you think I have to tell you that?" she asked. "Is it so wrong for me to go shopping once in a while? And what about your homework?"

Kamijou was silent before answering. "I thought you only did mail orders." He said as he received another punch. And with that Fukiyose left Kamijou who was clutching his newly punched stomach.

Kamijou looked up at the Iron Wall Girl that was getting smaller and smaller.

"There was homework?"

Observing the scene, Shin Wataru watched as his target walked away. He would have attacked the boy who was clutching his stomach but he felt in his mind that the girl was the biggest threat. And with that he followed her through the Underground Shopping Mall.

Fukiyose continued her shopping trip for a while after her encounter with the wild Kamijou before she looked at a clock that sat in the Shopping Mall. It was 12:33. Fukiyose nodded to herself as she headed towards the nearest food court within the Shopping Mall.

Although many of the meals within the Shopping Mall were from other schools in an attempt to widen the food culture within the City there were also many stores that served normal food that was not found in school cafeterias. Fukiyose preferred to go here rather than the other shops as she normally had vitamin induced bread as well as food from her own school cafeteria on a daily basis.

When she found a suitable store to eat, she ordered her food and proceeded to eat it with as much grace as she could. Naturally as many other people were passing by they tended to stare hat her or rather at an area around her chest. Although whenever she caught someone looking (usually boys) they averted their eyes quickly and she proceeded to eat.

She didn't like the stares that she would always get but she had determined that they were always going to be a consequence in her life. As soon as she finished her meal, she stood up and was about to leave when she caught sight of someone she knew.

It was a girl who was stuffing her mouth with food that surrounded the table. She had visited her class frequently, usually accompanied by a certain Level 0. And that Level 0 was sitting at the same table. As she pondered the thought of Level 0's, Fukiyose's thoughts went back to what Kamijou had said the day before.

It'd be wise if you don't look too much further into this Level 0. Some people might not want you to find out who they are.

Fukiyose frowned. Why had Kamijou said that? Was there something wrong with being curious? And why had nothing happened? The rumour was definitely a common discussion, she had even heard some Tokiwadai Middle School students discussing it. If someone had not wanted to have someone find out then then why had things not escalated?

Fukiyose guessed that the reason was because they had not been close enough to someone who knew this mysterious Level 0. And Kamijou had warned her. That meant only one thing in her mind.

Kamijou Touma knew who the mysterious Level 0 was.

Satisfied with her conclusion she walked up to the aforementioned Level 0. Thankfully, the table they were sitting at was for four people, so Fukiyose approached and sat down, looking directly at Kamijou who looked back in surprise.

"Kamijou." She said. She got straight to the point. "Who is the Level 0 in those rumours?"

Kamijou looked bot surprised at her presence and at the question. But before he could answer her question…

"Toufa? Whof is this?" asked Index with her mouth full killer intent surrounding her.

Kamijou immediately focused on the bigger problem. "Ah! Index! You know her! She goes to my school! Please don't punish me!" He huddled his head inside his hands and looked at her. Index looked fiercely at Fukiyose and, upon remembering her face, went back to eating.

Kamijou looked at Index through one eye and glad that the impending threat that was Index was gone, looked at Fukiyose.

He was about to say something and before he could, Fukiyose repeated her question.

Kamijou gave her a dark look. "I thought I told you you shouldn't look too much into the rumour."

"I thought about that." Said Fukiyose. "If what you say is true then why has no-one really been hurt? If someone didn't want anyone to find out then why hasn't anyone been hurt? It's because they haven't talked to someone who knows that Level 0. But since I talked to you, you must know something. The person who doesn't want the Level 0's existence unveiled must think of you as a threat as well. So there's no harm in me telling you."

Kamijou gave a look at her that she couldn't decipher. Was it concern? Anger? She couldn't tell. Still, Kamijou shook his head. "There's no way I'm telling you." Said Kamijou. "Have you heard of the group that protects that Level 0? Even they don't know who it is but they will do anything to make sure that their identity isn't revealed. Even though I know who the Level 0 is, I shouldn't tell you. It's not safe.

Fukiyose raised an eyebrow. He wasn't telling her so that she would be safe from those in that group. Even though he himself was in danger because he knew that Level 0's name, he didn't want her to come to any harm. She didn't know that Kamijou had this protective side to him but she focused on the topic at hand.

"So you won't tell me?" she asked.

Kamijou let out a soft smile and shook his head. "Sorry." He said.

Fukiyose let out a sigh and stood up from where she stood and walked away from Kamijou and Index. "It's fine." She said as she walked off. She soon disappeared from the sight of both Kamijou and Index.

Index looked at Kamijou. "Touma, Touma. Who was that Level 0 she was talking about? Is it you?" She had stopped eating. "What about this group you're talking about?" she asked.

Kamijou Touma didn't say anything as he looked at her retreating back, numerous thoughts in his mind.

Observing the same scene, Shin Wataru looked at Fukiyose. He had heard everything, even the fact that the spiky-haired boy might know the identity of the mysterious Level 0! In his own mind, he decided that he would deal with the boy later but his priority was the girl. She was asking too many questions.

Shin felt the gun that was in his hands. Sweat was pouring from his head. He would probably have to act. And the time to do so was-

Practically immediately after Fukiyose Seiri had left Kamijou and Index, she felt something hard press up against her skin. She didn't know what it was but it was cold. Cold and metal.

She turned her head and looked at the person behind her.

He had blond hair, his bloodshot eyes quite fearsome looking, around her age. He was wearing casual clothes, jeans that were ripped in some places, a brown short sleeved shirt and was sweating quite a bit. And in his hand. In his hand…..

Was a gun. A small metal object that Fukiyose had only actually seen held by Anti-Skill and in movies. She had never seen one up close and she had no intention to. But this situation was forced upon her.

She looked silently at her attacker. Even though she was quite tough, able to beat the entire Delta Force, she hadn't actually been put in such a dangerous position before.

Her attacker's mouth moved. And he said, "You've been asking too many questions. Time for you to depart this world along with those questions."

"A-About that Level 0?" stammered Fukiyose. If he was a member of that group that Kamijou had talked about…..

He didn't speak for a little bit but then moved his mouth. "Yes." He pressed the gun closer to Fukiyose and was about to press the trigger when-

Someone screamed. Both hostage and criminal turned to the source of the scream. It was a woman, standing a little away from the two yet pointing at them. Or rather at the menacing weapon that was pointed at Fukiyose's back. The people in the Mall turned at what she was pointing at-

And panic exploded around the Mall.

Shin gritted his teeth. He didn't want this. At this point, he wouldn't be able to escape by himself. Unless he had a hostage he doubted that Anti-Skill and Judgment would allow him to escape. Still, he gritted his teeth. He had wanted to kill her immediately but that was not possible now. He had wanted to protect the unknown Level 0 but he couldn't. He had to change his tactics and fast.

Quickly he turned around and faced the food court, firing the gun into the air. The gunshot sounded inside the Mall and people screamed and ducked down. None of the people were people of Judgment or Anti-Skill so as such they had no training in situations such as this. Even if they wanted to help, they couldn't.

"Everyone get down!" screamed Shin as he looked around. There was a staircase quite a while away but he would have to make it somehow. People complied and ducked to the ground, Shin turning himself and Fukiyose to make sure that no-one did anything stupid.

He whispered into his hostage's ear. "Alright then, slowly does it." He pulled Fukiyose as he moved towards the staircase.

Fukiyose was silent, sweating profusely. She should have listened to Kamijou. Listened to his advice to stay away. Although Fukiyose considered her situation, she was also worried for Kamijou. If she, who was merely asking questions, was going to be killed, there was no question as to what would happen to Kamijou, who actually knew their identity.

But as she was pulled away from the food court, she was puzzled.

The table where she was sitting at. There was a lot of food on it and Index was underneath the table searching around for something however there was something odd.

Kamijou Touma was nowhere to be seen.

The suddenness of the situation brought along a slow response. It was not until 10 minutes after the situation itself that Anti-Skill and Judgment members appeared in the food court and told of what had happened.

Amazingly, the culprit, who had been identified as Shin Wataru a Level 0, had disappeared. Being a Level 0, it was not uncommon for them to know the backstreets of Academy City extremely well. Even though that was the case, Anti-Skill and Judgment members were dispatched to search above the ground.

One person though who had been in the food court at the time of the incident had raced off as soon as Anti-Skill and Judgment came, unable to do so before as she was forced down by another person.

Index ran through the hall, looking for the nearest entrance that the criminal had gone. It had been 10 minutes since the incident and 10 minutes since Kamijou Touma had disappeared.

After Fukiyose left and before the kidnapping….

Index looked at Kamijou. "Touma, Touma. Who was that Level 0 she was talking about? Is it you?" She had stopped eating. "What about this group you're talking about?" she asked.

Kamijou Touma didn't say anything as he looked at her retreating back, numerous thoughts in his mind.

The one that came up first was that she wasn't safe. There was no way that Fukiyose would leave the Mall unharmed. He could have stopped her but then he would have Index dragged into the incident, something that he did not want to do.

He stood up and walked to the left, whereas Fukiyose had walked to the front.

"Touma? Where are you going?" asked Index as she was about to take another bite out of her hamburger.

"Ah, sorry Index." Said Kamijou. "Gotta go to the bathroom. You stay here OK?" And with that he had run off. Index had thought it was strange but as soon as he was out of her sight

Someone screamed and Index faced that direction. Then there was a gunshot.

Index had no doubt what Kamijou would do. He was always like that. Even with her. Although that part of him infuriated her, it was also something about him that she loved about him. Even though it pissed her off so much.

But even so, the villain in this case had a gun. And Imagine Breaker had no effect on things that weren't magic or esper powers. And so, Index raced off to catch Kamijou Touma before he got seriously hurt.

Shin Wataru found that it was too easy. Not that he cared. He had his victim, he had his gun and he had his escape. All he needed now was her death. He had managed to escape via the back alleys after escaping from the Mall and was now in District 7 in one of the alleyways.

His victim was sweating as she awaited her fate. Although the spiky-haired boy was also going to be a victim of his to protect the unknown Level 0's identity he was annoyed that he had to escape and then find that resident of Academy City again.

Still he had a job to do. His group required him to do it. And he was glad to. Anything for that mysterious Level 0 who showed that Level 0's could do anything.

Satisfied that he was far away from anybody that could interfere he thrust his victim to the ground. Before she could react he pointed the gun at her. Before he decided to kill her, he needed something that would make his search for that spiky-haired boy easier.

"Now…." Said Shin. "You're going to tell me the name of that boy you were talking to. And you're going to do it in the next 5 seconds. 5." He said.

His victim looked at him with wide eyes. "4". Still nothing. "3". There was more silence but before he could reach his next number she spoke up.

"Why would I tell you? I won't let you kill my classmate." She said.

Shin was partly impressed. Although she was in a situation where she could do nothing, she still had perseverance.

Shin let out a sick grin. "Do you know what I'm going to do to your body after I kill you? You can't imagine what it is but I can tell you that it doesn't belong in a T rated fanfiction. Of course, if you don't cooperate, I could always do them….prematurely. I'll make sure that your body doesn't go to waste." Shin licked his lips in a sick fashion.

His victim shuddered and backed away a tiny bit. But there was no escape. There was one exit and that was through Shin. He had everyone down pat. (Phrase meaning in control)

"2" said Shin as he readied his gun. He pulled back the hammer and held it at his victim.

Fukiyose was terrified. Of course, there was no way she wouldn't be. She had been kidnapped and was about to die. There were things that were going to be done by this sick bastard and no-one would know. He had even asked for her to sell out Kamijou but there was no way she was going to do that.

"1". There was a count left. Of course, Fukiyose could always use her esper power except her mind had been drawn a blank (also, I don't want to give Fukiyose a power that she doesn't actually have. I feel that I would ruin the story) in the situation.

She didn't know what to do. There were a few garbage cans behind her attacker and near but she knew that it wouldn't do any good. Nothing would help her. On the way to the alley, her attacker had managed to avoid people's stares by making her walk casually and then took her to an alley that was in a part of District 7 that she didn't know.

Regardless, she was going to die. Some part of her didn't want to accept that but another part of her made her remain rooted to the spot.

Her attacker gave a sick grin. "0". He pointed the gun. Yes. That was what had started all of this. That number 0. Fukiyose felt her throat clench and the corners of her eyes start to feel wet. If there was a Level 0 in this City that could defeat the Number One and Three then what about this attacker? Surely that Level 0 could defeat this thug. It didn't even have to be that Level 0. Anyone. Anyone.

She closed her eyes and prayed in a scientific world for something that could save her. That's when the gunshot rang out.

His victim's body collapsed. Shin looked surprised. Not because he had taken a life, on the contrary he hadn't. Just as he was about to take the shot, he had felt an impact from the right side of his arm, throwing off his aim. He had missed but just by a fraction.

Angry that he had failed he turned around and saw what had thrown off his aim. A garbage can lid lay on the ground near him and he looked up to see another one come his way.

Blocking it with his right hand caused him to lose his grip of his weapon and it spun out of reach past the victim he had acquired.

Shin looked with hatred at who had thrown the garbage can lids only to receive a punch to the face.

Shin stumbled back, clutching his nose as he looked up at his attacker. He finally got a good look. And smiled.

"You made looking for you easier." He said.

Kamijou Touma had been following Shin Wataru for the entire time that he had fled. After Fukiyose had left he had hidden off to the side and waited to see if anything was going to happen. It did. The gunshot was his signal for Kamijou to act.

He thought that the criminal would take the easiest way to get out and had circled around, just in time to see Fukiyose being led away. He had followed them and when he had determined that the criminal was not bluffing in his attempt to kill Fukiyose, he acted.

Right now, he was standing in the alley apart from Shin and he glared at him.

"Why did you get Fukiyose involved?" he asked Shin. "She didn't even know anything about the unknown Level 0!"

He kept his eye warily on the gun that was near Fukiyose. Although he was not used to dealing with them, Kamijou still didn't flinch. He wasn't scared of what was going to happen to him but rather what would happen to Fukiyose.

"It doesn't matter!" cried Shin. "Us Level 0's are always been seen as weak! But not anymore. What with Hamazura Shiage defeating the Number 4 and the unknown Level 0 defeating both the Number 1 and 3, Level 0's aren't weak anymore. And if that Level 0's identity were to be exposed but you and this girl, then others would act. The Level 0 would be defeated and Level 0's would return to the place of the weak! But no more. We will rise above and defeat stronger espers. That's what our group aims to be. Not Skill-Out but something better. Stronger."

Kamijou narrowed his eyes. This was similar to what Hamazura had said when he had fought him for Misaka's mother. But still, Kamijou's ideals regarding what he had said to Hamazura had not changed.

"You think that Level 0's are weak?" asked Kamijou. "You only say that because you haven't found strength! Something to live and fight for! Picking others so that you can vent out your anger is not the answer!"

"Then what is? Skill-Out existed but then was disbanded after their leader was defeated by Accelerator! What hope do Level 0's have left? You're an esper with a power! I'll defeat you and show you that you're wrong!" shouted Shin in the alleyway. He took a step back intending to grab the gun.

Kamijou saw his action and moved fast. He lessened the gap between the two and sent a punch towards Shin's gut, one that hit. Shin bent over, gasping for air but took the opportunity to punch Kamijou's face.

Taking the hit, Kamijou grabbed Shin's collar and threw him back towards the entrance of the alley, punching Shin's face twice before sending an elbow towards his gut. Kamijou's previous fights had made him relatively tough. He was sure to win in a one-on-one, possible for a two-on-one but definitely impossible for a three-on-one. Being a one-on-one situation, Kamijou didn't hold back.

Kamijou took a few steps back, still in his battle stance. "Being a Level 0 doesn't mean we have no hope! Hope lies for everyone! Once you find something to live for, that makes you stronger than anyone else!"

"Shut up!" yelled Shin. "Don't talk like you know what I'm going through!" Using fast movements, Shin reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a small pocketknife, one that he held in Kamijou's direction. "What can I live for when I'm weak? Level's 0's have always been shunned! It's only once we become powerful and defeat higher level espers that we are feared! Just like that unknown Level 0!"

Shin leapt forward and swung the knife. Kamijou ducked and sent another fist towards Shin's gut, one that Shin managed to block. Retaliating, he swung the knife and Kamijou moved back to avoid the blow, bringing up his left arm to block. The knife cut the skin and Kamijou winced but sent another punch with his right fist towards Shin's face. It connected and Shin was thrown back, dropping the knife in the process.

Shin held his nose that was now bleeding greatly and glared at Kamijou. "You think that I defeated Accelerator just so I could be strong?" said Kamijou in a soft voice. That comment alone made Shin's eyes go wide. "You're wrong! I found something to fight for! Those Sisters and the Original of them! That's what made me strong! Even if I had lost, I would still say that! If by thinking that you can become strong by defeating others, then that make you weak! Lower than a 0! A Minus!"

"Mi…..nus?" said Shin. Was…..this boy in front of him the rumoured Level 0? No, that was impossible. There was no way that he was. That Level 0 fought to be powerful and strong. "Stop it! Stop talking like you're that Level 0. Even if you are a Level 0, you aren't the one that defeated Accelerator! Minus? Stop talking crap! My way of living is the one that is stronger than yours!

Kamijou clenched his right fist, blood running down his left arm from where it was cut. "If you still think that defeating higher level espers is the right way of life," Kamijou saw Fukiyose's unconscious body in the corner of his vision. He remembered his fights with both Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage, both in which he had fought to protect someone. But who was he fighting for this time?

The answer was simple. For Fukiyose. And himself. And with that resolve inside of him, the winner of the fight was clear.

"If you think that harming others is the way to become strong," continued Kamijou. He glared at the opponent in front of him.


With that, both parties rushed forward, brandishing fists that held their resolve. They hit the targets and both parties looked at each other until, ultimately, one fell and the other remained standing.

When Fukiyose Seiri woke up, she was surprised. She had expected to be in some other place, not in the alleyway that she had fallen unconscious in. There were a couple of Anti-Skill and Judgment members around and she herself was on a stretcher. She looked to her right and saw a familiar face.

"Y-Yomikawa-sensei?" she asked. The PE teacher smile at her.

"That's right. Are you OK?"

Fukiyose gave a small nod. "What…..what happened?"

Yomikawa scratched her head. "I was hoping you would be able to tell us that. We get an anonymous tip saying you're here and when we do we find that the culprit is here, still unconscious. We're doing blood tests now to see if anyone else was here though."

Fukiyose looked over at another figure, who was limp, who was also being carried in a stretcher. "He'll be healed and then tried." Reported Yomikawa. "But still. Are you sure you don't know who saved you."

Fukiyose thought back to the time before she was shot. Although she couldn't be sure, she had thought she had seen a figure pick up a garbage can lid before she had fallen unconscious. But she wasn't sure so she didn't tell anyone. If anything, the person who saved her was,

"A hero." She replied. "That's all I'm sure of. I was saved by a hero."

Kamijou headed towards the hospital in District 7, the one that he usually headed to after an incident. That frog-faced doctor there could help patch up on his arm. Although it was just a scratch, albeit a large one, he wanted to get it seen to. He had called Index, who had actually answered her cell phone, and told her to meet him there.

When he did, the frog-faced doctor was the one that he met with. He gave Kamijou a raised eyebrow.

"I've got two patients here. One being treated for shock and another for a quite heavy beating and a broken nose. Have you got anything to do with this?" he asked.

Somehow Kamijou got the feeling that if he answered yes, some major misfortune would be heading his way. No naturally he answered, "No. But I do have this cut on my arm. I was hoping that you would be able to fix it?"

Heaven Canceller gave him a displeased look then turned around and said "Follow me."

Kamijou Touma smiled and did so.

Two days later, Fukiyose returned back to school. Although the events of a few days ago had shaken her up they were resolved and the criminal had been arrested. Besides, there was no doubt that some people had heard about the events and the Delta Force may have been ready to act up to a large extent.

As soon as she entered the classroom, classmates crowded around her asking for details about what happened. The day that it had happened, it was all over the news and she had not allowed visitors after she had heard it for fear of gathering unwanted attention. Strangely though, Kamijou had visited before the news after apparently hearing that she was in the hospital. She was about to ask him why he was there but she hadn't had the chance, after all he had walked in on her just as she was changing and she had kicked him out.

She decided that she wanted a reason as to why he was there so early and looked over the crowd of classmates to see the Delta Force, well one member. Tsuchimikado and Aogami were among the ones who were crowding around her and only Kamijou sat at his desk.

Well, sat wasn't an accurate word. More like slumped. His face was on the desk and he groaned slightly.

Upon seeing that she whispered to her fellow classmates, "Say, what happened with Kamijou?" she asked.

The class turned to where he was and upon seeing his condition turned back to Fukiyose. "It turns out that Index was super mad at him two days ago, when you were injured."

Fukiyose remembered that Index had been there when Kamijou had walked in on her. Still, she listened to what they had to say. "Yeah, and she bit him. Really hard. He has a headache but it's clearing up."

Fukiyose nodded and the class continued their assault of questions until it was time for the teachers to start the class. However, that was not the case. When Komoe-sensei walked in, accompanied with Yomikawa-sensei, she had been more focused on her condition rather than teaching the class. As for Yomikawa-sensei…


"Oh crap! Sorry, Komoe-sensei but I have to be dismiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed! Such misfortune!" said Kamijou as he escaped from the classroom.

"Hang on! I still haven't apologised!"

And such, the student and teacher escaped from the classroom.

It was not until later that Kamijou managed to return, dragged in by Yomikawa-sensei who simply stated "Here's your student" and chucked him into the class before walking over to her own.

Like the day before she had been kidnapped, Fukiyose ambushed the poor Kamijou just as he was about to leave the class. Just as he was about to greet her, she beat him to the punch. Literally. She rammed her fist into his chest that caused him to bend over in pain. Then, she dragged him out if the classroom.

"Ah, Fukiyose-san, please let go of me. I seriously hurt this time."

She dropped him and as he got up, she shoved a finger at his face. "Alright, Kamijou, what were you doing at the hospital?" she demanded.

Kamijou held up his hands innocently. "Nothing! Honestly nothing! I had a scrape on my arm and had to get it seen to! That's all!"

Fukiyose narrowed her eyes and then nodded, satisfied. "Alright then. Now that that's settled-" She leaned her head back and head-butted Kamijou on his own forehead.

He toppled over and she picked him up by his collar saying "You could have told me that the Level 0 secret is that dangerous!"

Kamijou however, was too stunned to say anything and his head rolled about listlessly. "What about you then?" she asked. "Isn't it dangerous for you to have that secret as well? And that group. Who were they?"

Kamijou's head rolling stopped and he looked at Fukiyose. "That group…it doesn't really have a name but I've started to call them 'MINUS'." Fukiyose wanted to ask why but Kamijou but in. "As or the secret, you don't need to worry about me. What about you? Are you OK?" His gaze towards her was unexpectedly serious. Again, she was not used to it and let go of Kamijou's collar.

"I'm fine. Someone saved me when I was in trouble." Kamijou nodded and looked towards the school entrance. Fukiyose did too.

"Who was it?" asked Kamijou.

"Don't know. But they saved my life. In my eyes, I suppose a hero saved me."

She didn't know why but she thought that she saw Kamijou smile in the corner of her eye. He walked ahead and turned back when he was in front of her.

"Well, I'm glad to see that you're OK, Iron Wall Girl." Kamijou said with a grin.

Fukiyose twitched and she felt a fist clench. Although Kamijou may have said it to console her, she was feeling unexpectedly pissed. She glared at Kamijou. "Care to say that again?" she asked.

Kamijou Touma maintained the grin before turning and fleeing the scene.

And despite what Fukiyose felt, she viewed these occurrences as part of her everyday life. And she felt that she would have to thank that hero, whoever he was for allowing her to have that life to live.

"Yomikawa." Sad a voice. The current Yomikawa was not the PE teacher a Certain High School but Yomikawa Aiho of Anti-Skill. "The blood test results of the fight in the alleyway are here."

Yomikawa nodded to her colleague and went over to collect them. She hadn't thought much of it but it was procedure to check records of fights and beatings such as the case with Fukiyose Seiri. And as such, this was the case. All they had to do was search for blood. Easy and simply.

The culprit of the case, Shin Wataru had confessed and the only help they used from an esper was to see if he was telling the truth or not. Still, the blood test was required.

The main reason as to why Yomikawa had wanted to get the blood test so bad was the possibility of a third party. Shin had definitely been defeated by someone and the chances that their blood was spilled during the fight was high due to no destruction from esper attacks being present. Thus the fight had most likely been a fist fight and blood would have been spilled.

Anyway, the results lay in front of her. Confirming that the case was the one she was looking for she read the results.

Alleyway in District 7 was swabbed and two blood samples were retrieved that have a 98% chance of being involved in the incident. One of them is of Shin Wataru.

Indeed, that would be the case. Yomikawa read on.

Another blood sample was taken from the crime scene that does not have a connection to Shin Wataru but rather to the victim of the crime, Fukiyose Seiri. The blood sample that was retrieved was of-

The page ended and Yomikawa turned it over. She hadn't expected what she saw.

Kamijou Touma, Level 0 and classmate of the victim.

Yomikawa looked at the profile picture in front of her. It was of the boy that was at the scene. Judging by the fact that it was his blood, then it was most likely that he had been involved to an extent. But not as an accomplice. They had asked Shin if he had one and he had said no, which was the truth.

That left only one option.

"A hero. That's all I'm sure of. I was saved by a hero."

Yomikawa leaned back on the chair that she was sitting on and smiled.

She looked at the profile picture and grinned. "Looks like I've found someone interesting."

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