"Good morning my precious family who I love so much!" Garcia is always the perky one. "We have a case in Cleveland. It's really gross, so please look at the pictures on your own tablets to save my innocent eyes from all things puke worthy." I looked down at Agent Rossi's screen out of the corner of my eye to see what kind of killer we're working on when Agent Morgan, man of nothing BUT muscles noticed that I was in the room.

"Baby girl, what is the ex doing in here? You two aren't back together are you?"

"No, my most handsome prince, we are not 'together' in the way you are thinking, but we will be working together on this case. Sorry Hotch, but by the look of things, I'm going to need another keyboard."

"It's fine Garcia. Everyone, plane up in twenty. Garcia and Kevin are coming with. I need you both to get into the computer systems that Cleveland will have available." With that everyone left the round room with me still staring at the white board with the name of our destination on it.


One simple town, and yet that simple town could ruin everything. Everyone is in Cleveland. The Scoobies, Faith, Andrew, some of the newbie slayers and the Fang gang which also brought bleach blonde with them after the battle with the Senior Partners. How am I going to be able to keep my life a secret when I will be surrounded by my family? This trip has bad written all over it. Grabbing my phone from my pocket I texted Willow.

'Got a case in Cleveland. Will be there later today with the BAU/Garcia's team. Warn everyone!'

'OMG. Can't wait to see you. I will tell everyone!'

'G2G. Plane leaving.'

Grabbing my go-bag before I left the office, I started to head over to the plane. Everyone was already on it, so the plane locked its doors when I came in. I took a seat near the window and stared at the clouds passing by while the team talked over the case. Knowing I was not needed for any advice about the crimes since I'm only supposed to touch the computers, so I started to think about my friends. I haven't seen them in awhile. They had a nasty case that lasted a few months, so contact was out of the question, but we tried to at least say 'hi' every now and then. I get a lot of calls from the newbie slayers asking for advice and such, since I taught basic fighting skills to most of the girls. Wonder what it would be like if the BAU knew I could out skill them in fighting? Getting beat by the nerd. I like the sound of that!

The next thing I knew someone was shaking my arm.

"Lynch. Get up. We're here." Looking up, I saw Agent Hotchner was the one shaking my arm. Realizing I must have fallen asleep, I nodded at Hotch and started to grab my stuff. Looking out the window, I started to worry about all of the possible things that could go wrong. Hoping everyone listened to Willow and will stay away from me; I started to walk down the stairs and met everyone off of the landing strip by two black SUVs. The team was all facing a different car also on the strip, looking at it with curiosity. I noticed it was a red spider convertible. This is not good.

"Aye, you bloody Whelp. What took you so long? I have a few things to say to you about leaving me with the King of Nerds! Don't you ever leave me alone with him again you wanker…" All I could do was only thing I have ever been able to do since I was in high school. I stopped where I was and I stared at the person who was yelling at me; hoping it was a nightmare, since that actually could happen and hopefully that is what is going on right now. I am in a nightmare where I will wake up very soon. I will wake up….wake up…. "Oye, whelp! Are you even listening to me? Whelp!"

"Shut-it Spike! Unless you want me to tell Captain forehead about the time you had to wear my shirt.."

"No need to bring in brood-a-lots. Just you are going to keep Andrew with you for a few days and see how you could handle him." Spike came up and started to poke me with his figure, shoving me back some.

"You can't just leave him with me.."

"Why not?" Spike interrupted.

"We share an apartment! Did the bleach finally cause you mental damage after all these years? Your memory is worse than Cordy's!" Since when has Spike been this slow before?

"Watch. Your. Tongue." Spike and I were inches from each other's faces, forgetting where we were, well that was until I heard a voice clear behind me. Turning around I saw the team staring at the scene before them. Some had their mouths open; probably in shock that I actually stood up for myself. Plus, Spike is not a guy someone would openly talk back too.

"Lynch, is everything okay? We need to get going to the station." I could tell Hotch was trying to discreetly remove me from the argument with Spike, but he is too smart for that.

"Don't worry agents. I can take Lynch here to the station. We need to catch up on a few things."

"Or, he could come with us and leave you behind, especially since I don't think you want to just 'catch up on a few things' with him. Let's go Kevin." Rossi walked forward and grabbed my arm, leading me into one of the black SUVs. If I wasn't worried about the questions I knew I was going to get from the team I would have laughed at Spike's facial expression. He looked like a puppy that got kicked while trying to steal a treat.