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This is a parody of the song "Mother Knows Best" from "Tangled". That movie is awsum, and so is Invader Zim, mixing them together brings awesomeness over the edge :D

Please enjoy! I did my best with the lyrics since English ain't my first language. ^^'

Zim was working on a device. He and Gir had just landed on Earth and he had no time to waste. The look of the situation now, was that Gir seemed rather...weird. The Tallest claimed that he was advanced but Zim wasn't sure...but he pushed away the thought with the argument that they are more experienced than him in Irken technology.

But he probably need Gir in situations from this moment on. So he had to be careful with him. Letting him stay in his base would probably be the most sane decision. He was still new in the world and he had a lot to catch up to understand it.

Gir was sitting with his piggy toy but he was very bored. He just sat there and stared at his role model Zim doing his business. For a long time now, he had fought about if he should question Zim or not, but he gave in and decided he should.

Gir sprinted where Zim was and he was so concentrated that he took no notice. "HEY, MASTER!" Zim was startled so bad he stumbled forwards. Turning, he loured at his SIR unit. "Sheesh, Gir, you scared the living Irken veins out of me. Don't you dare startle your Master ZIMMM ever again." He went back to working with the device.

"Uhmm...Master...I would like to ask you something...concerning where I can go." Zim didn't like where this was going. "What do you mean: 'Concerning where you can go'? I told you, you're not leaving this base." "But, Master, it's so BOOOOOO- *night, day, night, day* OOOOORING!" Gir whined loudly. The Irken was shocked. "How could you stay on for so long?!" He almost screamed, bags under his eyes. "Well, I am a robot." Gir said.

"Whatever." Was Zim's comment.

There was silence, because Gir awaited his Master's reply. When he realized he wasn't going to get one he started their conversation over.

"I WANNA GO OUT!" Gir screeched, making Zim wince. He turned around to meet Gir, walked up to him and put his hands on the little robot's shoulders.

ZIM: You want to go outside?


Why, Little Gir?

Look at you, as fragile as a parabolic screen

Still a little gizmo, just metal scrap

You know why I won't let you be seen

GIR: I know, but-

ZIM: That's right, to keep you safe and sound, bot

Guess, I always knew this day was coming

Knew that you soon would fail your quest

Soon, but not yet

GIR: But-

ZIM: Shh, trust me, jet

Master knows best

Zim turns off the lights so it's pitch black in the base.

ZIM: Master knows best

Listen to your master

The horrible humans you wont bear

Master knows best

They'll shoot you with a blaster

Your little body they will tear

Adults, smeetlings

Liquids and screaming

Acid and scrap dumps, the chumps

GIR: No!

ZIM: Yes!

GIR: But-

ZIM: Also large pigs

Babies with their diapers and

Stop, no more, you just upset me

Master's right here

Master will protect you

Robot, here's what I suggest

Skip disaster

Stay with master

Master knows best

Master knows best

Take it from your mamsy

On your own, you won't survive

Goofy, just a pest

Stupid and clumsy

Please, they'll melt you alive

Gullible, naïve

Annoyingly bubbly

Ditzy and a bit, hmm, well weak

How will you achieve

Dressing like a puppy

I'm just saying cause I'm a d***

Master understands

Master's here to help you

All I have is one request

Gir runs over to Zim and hugs him in fear, Zim feels a little uncomfortable.

Zim: Uh...G-Gir?

Gir: Yes, Master?

Zim: Don't ever ask to leave this base again.

Gir (sighs): Yes, Master.

Zim hesitates before saying it, slightly blushing.

Zim: Umm, I care about you very much, Gir.

Gir: I love you more.

Zim: Wh-WHAT?!

Gir: Master, don't ruin the script!

Zim: Pff- f-fine. I love you most.

Gir nuzzles.

Zim: Don't forget it

Go eat a biscuit

Master knows best

Right after the song, Gir squealed happily. "YOU'RE A GOOD SINGER, MASTER!" "SILENCE! The great and powerful ZIMMMMM does not sing!" He retorted angrily. "But you just did."

"LIES!" Zim screamed and smashed a chair in pieces.

A few days later, Zim realized he needed Gir for all his missions so he let him go outside, but on missions ONLY. If he did anything bad he would regret it...

Zim was working on another device (him and his devices!) Then he heard sirens outside. Puzzled, Zim ran outside in his human disguise and saw two police officers putting on handcuffs on Gir (in his dogsuit). Zim approached and looked pissed as he stared at Gir. Gir smiled weakly and nervously. "Long story."


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