I know that I said that I was not going to write anymore Fanfictions, but this story popped into my head and ended up on the page. Never say never!

Steve is forced to fake his own death in order to keep his Ohana safe. He returns to find that his actions have caused more harm than good. Will his friends forgive him, will he be able to return and live a normal life?

The cab pulled up to the curb and waited patiently as the passenger emerged from the car. Paying the cab driver, he paused briefly to take in the scene before him. The flowers that once covered the picket fence were gone and all that was revealed was the chipped paint that once was so pristine. The grass was brown and patches of weeds covered the walkway. Reaching out to open the gate, the creaking sound, startled him. The trellis that once served as an arch was partly collapsed. "Gotta get that fixed" he said to himself as he walked to the front door. Scurrying in his pocket, he retrieved a key chain. Staring at the hula girl on it, he pushed the key into the lock and to his surprise the tumbler turned. "Still works".

Standing in the doorway, he scanned the living room and released a short sigh. Everything was just how he had left it with the exception of the sheets that covered the furniture. The sight had put him into a short daze when he was suddenly brought back to reality by the buzzing sound of the alarm. He faced the key pad and with a short pause he entered the code. To his surprise the buzzing stopped. "No one changed the code, that's good." He released a small grin and feeling relaxed and comfortable, he dropped the duffel bag that was draped on his shoulder.

Cautiously he walked throughout the house, finding it difficult to break old habits; he turned each corner, mentally clearing each room as he entered. He was used to being on the alert at all times. This was a habit that he was looking forward to changing. The appliances were unplugged, and the cupboards were empty and covered in dust. Slowly he opened the garage and expressed a sign of relief at the site of his father's Marquis. He walked inside and gently rubbed his finger along the side of the car. "I did this for you, dad", he whispered. Wiping the single tear that fell from his eye, he proceeded back inside the house and moved towards the couch. Reaching for the end of the sheet that covered it, he tugged and with one swoop, found the cover draped on the floor. The brown leather couch that he loved so much, was revealed. He ran his hand on the soft leather and carefully sat, placing his feet on the coffee table in front. He leaned his head back and with an expression of peace, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Home sweet home", was the only thought that crossed his mind.

Steve sat, savoring the peace and quiet, thinking that this was now how his life would be. No threats, no enemies, just a normal peaceful existence. The last years were painfully difficult, but his mission was accomplished. WoFat was dead, the Yakuza was dismantled and all known enemies were eliminated. He was free from any threats; he could finally have the life he secretly longed for.

Suddenly and without warning the door flew open and darting in, with guns drawn, the three individuals entered. Startled at the sight of the man on the couch, they stood in a trance.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" Steve smirked

Danny remained frozen with a look of fear on his face.

Kono lowered her gun and with a stutter said "Oh….my….God"

Chin completed her thought "You're alive!"