Hello, Fan fiction readers, this story has been fully redone it has taken me a few weeks. I will post the fully redone version of What If? See my note at the bottom for more information on my stories.

Lacy William's, point of view.

Lacy was off in her own world a world where her girls, where still in need of her, of course they needed her but not like before. Today the twin's Layla and Lillian start their first year of high school. The twins are like night and day; she laughs. Layla is like the day, bright, kind over flowing with a sunny outlook on life with her long curly red hair. Her striking crystal green eyes and pale skin at 5'3", with slight freckles across her nose.

Yes Layla is an image of me at her age, now if Layla is the day then Lillian is the night. With her darker view on life and bad attitude to boot, she is sweet though. With her short black hair pale skin, with to die for almond shaped aqua blue eyes, she also has freckles across her button nose. But she is more like Fredrick, their father, he is not here with us and he wasn't my mate. But one look in Lillian's eye's you know Layla comes first in her life the love and bound between my girl's melt's my heart.

With Fredrick not around because his crimes against humanity, I know I have done well when I look at them. I mentally sigh, where the time has gone it feels like just yesterday they were playing at the park with their friends. Now there is no more of that only shopping and fighting, the fighting on Lillian's part. But I need to focus or they will not be ready and will most likely miss the bus. I don't entirely want them to be late or miss their first day of Sky-high. Shaking myself from my jumbled mess of thoughts and memories, of the distant pass. I was met with green and blue eyes and identical looks attached to the twin's beautiful face's .As if my sanity should be taken into consideration, maybe this won't be so bad I could use a breakā€¦..

Okay this whole story has taken me a few weeks to look over, I am assuming there will still be mistakes. I am redoing every story that I have reread. What If? , What Now! , New Beginning!, X-men. I will let you know when each story is finished I will post the entire story, after it has been corrected.