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Beta: 02/15/2018- WarLord Chapter-final

Lillian's point of view…

I lean against the cold lockers talking to Sparrow and Cassie, I can feel his eyes on me, at times I never feel them leave. I knew our time was at an end. In my head I knew that I had to leave him before it became impossible to do so, but my heart was the enemy, holding on to the man I loved. I was still doing my everything to help Warren behind the scenes, it was still months away from gestation but we worked tirelessly.

One day Warren will have to face the facts, face his crimes and take his punishment. I at this point was the only one who knew the new super asshole was my boyfriend. He was just so distant, he never hung with us or his old friends, our crews merged into one, at lunch he wouldn't be around but I knew he was closer than I wanted.

Even as my memory flows I need to also face the facts, he was evil and I was going to go down with him if I didn't leave. I was so torn, he was the love of my life, it was destiny, Warren and I together now we are fighting destiny tooth and nail.

Sparrow cut in, "He will be too far gone soon, you have little time remaining before it will be time to end it. I still have this unsettling feeling about the concert tomorrow." I was still going no matter what.

Jennifer gave me her ticket, she was not into that 'crap' music like, Leah, Dice, and Angelo so now I was going with them in her place.

I snort, "I am going come hell or high water." I needed to go to get out and be free from Warren.

Cassie says, "We got you covered with his dumb ass." her thumb hitched at her old friend, we all turned seeing him watching but not coming closer, my heart was breaking more and more as each day passed.

My eyes sad looking at him, he wasn't fighting hard against the evil inside, he will have to deal with me being gone. I turn from him walking away to lunch with the girls where I would act normal, act like my life wasn't in shambles, that everything was great.

But it was a lie.

A lie I continued daily and all I have to show is the pain.

I sit with my lunch smiling and laughing when inside it was held together by tape. The emotions and stress from everything ready to burst. I chucked a chunk of orange at Will laughing at his face before we all started laughing, happiness hit me, it wasn't my own. I scan the room seeing Warren by the far window eating, his eyes on mine. I had noticed him staying daily after school, at first I was worried he was trying to find out what I had been doing but now it seems he is up to something.

I wanted to go to him but as long as he keeps his distance from us, as long as he keeps pulling away from us then I'm at a loss. I leave heading to my next class feeling him walking behind me as the bell rang, my saving grace was how fast the halls here filled up making it easier for me to get into the classroom.

He smiled at me from the door his body filled it before he walked in, I held my breath as he knelt by my desk. My eyes watering when he pulled a black rose from his leather jacket placing it in my hand, a small note was tied to it. His warm lips touched my head before he was gone from the room, a few of my friends watch him leave.

I fumbled to untie the note, it was simple.

"I am sorry."

We had gotten into another argument last night, I finally told him I was thinking of going with Angelo to the concert. A fact he was not at all receptive to, he was pissed as he drove me home from dinner, in the end, I told him I wouldn't go when I had every intention of going and having a great time.

When school was finished we all walked out laughing with me between Angelo and Dice, their girls on their other side. It was like everyone thought I needed protection. They all would find out how wrong they were. Warren, he was watching as I felt all his anger and worry concerning me.

I gave a single wave, the rose resting in my hand. He smiled but that was it, soon he would text me, I would feel myself being watched not always by him either.

Day of concert…

I was dressing I messaged Warren I was going to Jennifer's for a slumber party, and I was but I was leaving with Angelo soon after, he would drop me back after we partied.

Layla had her bag as she watched me. I dressed in boho green cargo pants with my black and white vans, last was the black crop top with the words "Cute and going to hell" covering the front.

Layla says, "Jennifer is on her way to get us." so that means she will be here very soon.

I retort, "Let's be outside waiting." so we left waiting on the lawn for our step-sister to get here in her horrible mini car, I alerted her she should get a new one that will not explode on the slightest impact.

Layla asked, "Are you sure about sneaking off?"

I answer, "Mom knows I am going, her approval is all I need." I knew she was thinking of Warren, not our mother but hell I didn't need his permission to go out with my friends.

Jennifer agreed once we drove off heading to her house as it reached five. Right now hearts are broken and our love is bruised, I wasn't helping by going to this concert without him knowing, but I was not his to control.

I dropped my bags before the rest of the girls arrived, Jennifer walked me to her father's massive un-needed room. Now we both wait for her mate to arrive. We needed the cover of the dense estate to get me from her home without him knowing.

She smiled, she loved this undercover shit, the hiding and sneaking but again it was my life at stake. Angelo touched down on her father's balcony pulling her to him in this heated passionate kiss, one that I have had many times over, much to her chargen. But like I tell her you got to have intercourse with my man, your lips have touched him as well before I was gagging.

Angelo held her, "Saw his truck on the road, we don't have much time before he will run into my car." he held his hand to me.

I alert him, "I can fly." he waved this away.

He scoffed, "You are hitching a ride as a caution, he sees me and we need to dodge fireballs." I sighed letting him carry me away, the air was crisp and clean here. He was right about having to hurry, he flew faster now. Not but a minute later I was in his car as he sped off down the road but Warren was behind us, I was fucked if he saw me. I hunched down as low as I could go crawling into his small backseat.

I cursed, "Fucking like a sports car is needed." I covered up just in time hearing his truck honking.

Angelo cursed, "Fuck, hide Lillian. This might get messy." I could feel Angelo slowing down his car pulling to the side of the road.

I waited trying not to breath being hidden like this was hard, but I managed to get myself wedged into a spot, it would be ridiculous to think a person would hide.

His deep voice chimed, "Hey there Angelo, were you at Jennifer's?" his tone was annoyed, his emotions chaos.

Angelo answered, "I was, she is my girl. In fact, Lillian is there, I assume that is why you are also on this road, Warren." it was a simple exchange of words but the emotions are nothing of the sort.

Warren chuckled, "Yeah it is, making sure she is being a good girl."

Angelo had to goat, Warren, "She is always a good girl." his anger spiked like never before.

Warren had to have grabbed his friend, "I let it go ya'll dated, don't make me regret that, Angelo. Stick with my ex and leave my girl alone, she will always listen to me as the reason she isn't with you heading to the concert. So, get it through your head she is mine, you lost your chance with her." I could feel the car moving now.

He laughs, "Be a good girl and stay down until we lose him." this was so uncomfortable, this would be a good time for me to listen.

I waited until he called for me to get my ass up there, my body hurt now. I resumed my front row seat. He drove to Kernersville where the concert was going to be held on seventy-five acres of land. It was packed when he pulled me from his car, my hand firmly in his so he didn't lose my shorter ass. He pulled me close to him as we looked for Leah and Dice, he handed the large man our tickets as they slapped wristbands on our arms. I look seeing food trucks and stuff opening as it started to get darker. We had fifteen until it started when we finally found them.

Leah screamed, "You made it!"

I answered, "By pure luck, Warren pulled him over. To think I managed to hide is ridiculous even to me." everyone laughed as the band took the stage, we had front row seats, the bouncer guy let us pass to the front row section.

The music was great, the food was good. I was leaned against Angelo when so much anger hit me, I turned looking up to Angelo, I was scared this was next level angry.

The anger wasn't directed at me, but he was here "Warren is here." Angelo swore.

He yelled, "Time to go we have an unwanted guest." Dice looked up, he pointed, Leah and I together as the boys watched up high. I look Warren was hundreds of feet up a few of his new friends doing something to the stage as a loud groan was heard then a loud crashing sound.

Blood-curdling screaming was heard from every direction, the stage was falling. It was massive. There was no way no one would die tonight when that thing hit the floor. Angelo pulled me away about to take to the air to save us, Leah and Dice already trying to get in a safer position. Warren was still on the falling stage he would jump when it reached the ground after killing hundreds, maybe his own family.

I screamed, "We can't leave them to die!" I flung my hands out focusing feeling the metal beams of the stage stop, it jerked back nearly making Warren fall. Angelo held me protecting me as plastic lights fell near us, his body over mine but I held strong.

Now the rage was directed at me I couldn't lose to him, Dice and Leah backing Angelo as a few masked assholes rushed us, I was not able to fight this was massive, everyone was watching in awe; then they had enough common sense to high tail their asses away from here.

I snap, "Angelo is the back of the stage clear? I need to drop this fucker." with a nod he took off only to return with a thumb up. With every ounce of strength I shoved my hands back the stage went sailing back, Warren was un-scratched when he emerged from the dust.

Angelo and Dice pushed us behind them as Warren and his crew came forward "Look at what we have here." he seethed in anger, this was a fight. He thought we had no clue, his hair was tied back, I knew it was him; my heart breaking.

His eyes turned to me "Hello little girl." his voice demented as Angelo shoved me behind him again.

I punched the Crystal girl when they attacked, I was able to hold my own in any fight, he watched his anger reaching new levels.

He rushed me his hands around me throat slamming me into the ground "Fucking bitch."

I gasped, "So much hate for a girl you have never met?"

His eyes on mine before Angelo was on him, I coughed and coughed for a good minute before I raised my hand sending every villain sailing away from us. Then they scattered as Jet Stream and Commander arrived, I was the first checked on and sent home.

I was shaking by the time Angelo dropped me off, I gave him a stern warning and asked my Uncle to watch him get home. Warren was going to be out for blood, his and mine.

I wasn't surprised when my cell blared his smiling face popped up, "Hello." I answered in a low voice.

I could hear his breathing.

He asked, "I want the truth." he was beyond all reason as I sit outside on the balcony of Jennifer's room as the girl's slumber, Leah passed out from fear as soon as her head hit the pillow.

I give in, "I was with Angelo, we went to the concert together like we wanted to. Leave him alone, Warren. Be mad at me and me only. I will do as I want, and I wanted to go with him, as friends," he hung up.

For the next few days he refused to talk to me, he would give me more dirty looks than Lash. Angelo figured I told him I was at the concert but then they all found out it was him there that night.

I watch him from the second story window as he talks to some guy, a guy I have never seen before he turned glancing around until he looked up our eyes locking before I turned leaving him watching me do so.