Very important thing, people! Please read!

Hey guys! I have bad news. School is starting for me now, and this year, unfortunately, I'll have exams. Important ones. So I won't have time to be writing three fanfics at the same time. I'll post the last chapter of It Was Always You (Bropez) today, and I was thinking about doing the same for this one. The thing is, I was really excited about this one and I had lots of stuff planned, that I think you guys would really like. So here's the thing:

1) I can either post an extra large chapter of this one this week, with lots of Laurwalk fluff, and then I won't post new chapters, at least untill Christmas break (can't promise it won't end with a cliffhanger though). I will concentrate all of my writing time on the Soul Mates fanfiction.

2) Or I can still post new chapters for both of the fanfictions as regularly as I can, but they will be short and, I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna take me more time to post them.

Soooo, which one do you prefer? I'm good with either one of them, so, please let me know!