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The war is over Chapter 1 Sirius and Anneliese moves to Forks to started a new life as Dad and Daughter

Anneliese lays her Head on Sirius's Shoulder Sirius smiles and Pull her close to his chest as they looked at the maps of the world Anneliese spots Forks and points it out to her Adopt Dad Sirius Looked at it nods as he agreed to move there with her

Anneliese smiles and starts packing her stuff when Ron and Hermoine comes in Hermoine "Anne why are you packing again?"

Anneliese "I am moving to Forks with Dad we want to started over "

Sirius Walk not seeing Ron and Hermoine "Sweetie the Pokey is Ready " Anneliese Waves goodbye and Sirius holds the Pokey and holds their Trunks they gone with a pop Chapter 2 in their new home Sirius and Anneliese smiles at their new home they ready unpack and are now sitting together eating dinner Anneliese cooked it

Anneliese gets two bottles of butterbeef hands one to Sirius "here dad " Sirius nods his thanks

Chapter 3 Sirius is not feeling very well Anneliese signs she in a Store looking for flu's tables for Sirius and some makeup for herself

Carlisle did not notices her and bumps into her Anneliese "whoa " Carlisle "oh sorry I did not see were I was going I am Carlisle Cullen you are?"

Anneliese " its fine I am Anneliese Lily Rose Potter-Black I am new in town my Dad Sirius is at home not Feeling so good I need a Doctor to look at him"

Carlisle "nice to meet you I am a doctor I have a look at your dad for you "

Anneliese "thanks Carlisle by the way follow my motorcycle it will lead you to my house "

Carlisle nods

Anne Paid for her Stuff pop on her Helmet Look at Carlisle nods to him to follow hops on her motorcycle drives off

Carlisle pop into his Car knowing Esme is with him seeing Anneliese Nods to him and Follows her

Esme "what going on Carlisle?"

Carlisle watch as Anneliese turns Right follows her "that Anneliese Lily Rose Potter-Black I am going to have a Look at her Dad Sirius is not feeling so good they are new in town"

Anneliese pulls on her drive and Carlisle Parks his Car gets out with Esme Locks the car

Anneliese leads Carlisle and Esme into her House puts the Tables in the Cupboard "I am going to get Dad now "

Carlisle nods

Sirius is wake

Anneliese "Dad you a wake?"

Sirius "yes Anne comes on in"

Anneliese Hands Sirius his Dressing grown "Dad I found you a Doctor Cullen he is down Stairs with his Wife Esme "

Sirius Nods Leans On His Adopt Daughter they walk downstairs into the live room

Carlisle Helps Anne with Sirius to the couch

Anneliese wraps a Blanket around Sirius

Anneliese does not sleep she is a Vampire/witch it only Sirius who sleeps

Carlisle Look at Anne in Shock to her liked him pale and greens eyes like what Edward had when he was Human

Anneliese look at her Dad mouths we should tell him

Sirius nods

Carlisle" what do you need to tell me?"

Anneliese "Carlisle I am Vampire Witch I was turned by unknown vampire I know what you are not worry tell anyone what you are "

Carlisle and Esme Looked shock

Sirius Lays his Head in His Daughter Lap

Anneliese strokes Her Dads Hair

Carlisle Takes some blood Sample and buts in IV in Sirius's Arm

Anneliese "Dad I need to Hunt"

Sirius Nods

Anneliese leaves returns with Jasper and Alice with her


Jasper Hold Alice's Hand smiles

Anneliese smiles "Carlisle I think I found my mate in Edward "* Pop a Blood pop and hands them to Jasper, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle ands Esme*

Anneliese Knows what Sirius Wants "I am going to Change Dad "

Sirius Smiles is Happy

Carlisle Looked Shock

Anneliese Lifts up Sirius and walks down into the Basement follow by Esme, Carlisle, Jasper and Alice

Anneliese place Sirius on the Couch "Dad you ready this?"

Sirius" yes Darling do it "

Anneliese leans down and bites into her Dad's Neck

Sirius Screams in Pain

Anneliese watch as Sirius goes tougher the transition into a vampire

Chapter 4 Sirius is now a Vampire

Anneliese hands the blood Pop to Sirius

Sirius pops it into his Mouth


Sirius "thanks Love "

Anneliese smiles and Hugs her Dad

Sirius hugs her back

Anneliese smiles

Carlisle Looked Shock

Anneliese is giggling hears a Pop

Remus, Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, Fred and George

Anneliese Speals and Hugs them

Sirius Hugs Remus

Remus hugged Sirius back know he a Vampire Remus is too a Vampire

Anneliese smiles snuggles into Sirius's side "Remus, Ron, Hermoine, Fred and George this Carlisle and Esme Cullen "

Sirius Smiles at them and Snuggles with Anneliese

Carlisle and Esme "Nice to meet you "

They all nods

Anneliese smiles at them

Chapter 5 New High Schools

Anneliese knows the Cullen's so she had them in her lessons

Edward "Hi Anne"

Anneliese "Hello Edward I need to tell you something"

Edward "what is Anne?"

Anneliese "you are my Soul mate Sirius found his in Stephy Lily Rose Lupin he changing her into a Vampire "

Edward "Bloody Hell"

Anneliese smiles hold Edward's Hand

Edward smiles at her

Anneliese 'I know '

Chapter 5 meeting the others Cullen's

Sirius, Stephy, Remus and Anneliese arrives at the Cullen home

Anneliese Holds Edward's Hand smiling

Sirius smiles as he holds Stephy's hand

Remus is also a Vampire not a Werewolf its cure his furry problem

Carlisle' hey Sirius and Anne this Esme my Wife that Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper you know Edward anyway

Anne' thanks Carlisle nice to meet you all yes Carlisle Edwards is my Soul Mate'