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o0Sucker Punched0o

The lights were always too bright, disorienting or some big word that Sam would have said. But they made my head fuzzy and all the cheering made my ears ring. I'd been fighting since I was a kid, barely fourteen. I was like my dad's own private little pitbull, taking down anyone who wanted to go toe to toe with me under a dingy bar or in a back alley for a couple bucks. As I grew, so did the cash.

"Here he is folks! The undefeated Dean 'The Demon' Winchester!" The announcer roared. Dean dropped his robe and jogged into the center of the cage, throwing his hands up. He wasn't really undefeated. Back when he'd done real fighting, in the streets a couple of guys had kicked his ass. These pansy 'kung fo sho' or whatever guys didn't have shit on him. He fought dirty, and rough, and the crowd fucking ate it up.

"Dean Winchester stands at 6'2 with one hundred and ninety pounds of pure muscle!" Which was also not true because Dean ate like a fucking pig now that John had died and wasn't keeping him on those protein shakes and egg white diets. But he was still in good shape, well good enough anyways. Dean felt his fingers sweat under the tape wrapped snugly around his fingers. He knew the scars from his youth that looked like star bursts were under them. The knife marks up and down his back only added to his 'character', but in reality they were just proof of how inhuman Dean was. How imperfect and how he had failed his father more than once and had been punished for it.

"Next up we have Castiel 'The Angel' Novak! A newcomer-" Dean tuned out the announcer, looking up to see this guy. He hadn't looked up a photo yet, but he'd heard enough. They called him angel cause he had a baby face or somethin' and he was light as hell on his feet, which Dean was not. Dean hated the little prick. When a reporter had asked Castiel what he thought of Dean, he'd said "I think Dean Winchester is lost. I think he doesn't even know who he is." Castiel's quote had been all over, making Dean seem like a total dick.

Dean was known for having a big mouth, and being called on his shit wasn't something he appreciated. He couldn't wait to pummel this little bitch. Castiel didn't jog up the stairs he walked slowly, head bowed. His silk blue robe blocking him from view.

"Hello Dean." Castiel greeted, dropping the robe. Blue eyes, deep blue like Dean's favorite jeans. He was pale as paper, with slender shoulders and a confused face, like he'd stumbled on stage and didn't belong there. He had big pink lips that would make a chick jealous. His brown hair was tousled and he looked sleepy and warm.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Dean barked around his mouth piece spitting it out and angrily turning to the ref. Bobby glared at him, Dean had known him for awhile and he didn't take Dean's shit which was why they had him ref most of Dean's fights.

"You got a problem Winchester?" Bobby grumbled. This fight was ridiculously televised. The whole Angel Vs. Demon thing being used in every slogan until it was mind numbing. It didn't help that Castiel was religious, and Dean had a pentagram on his chest and 666 scrawled between his shoulders.

"Yeah, I don't hit fucking girls!" Dean spat, and a mic caught it and everyone laughed. He expected the little guy to fly at him. But Castiel just stood there calmly, jiggling on his heels and rolling his shoulders.

"Shut up." Bobby said, already annoyed.

"I'm serious old man, I ain't fighting him. He's not even in the same weight class!" Dean snapped. Cas wasn't much smaller than him. But he looked soft and was a little smoother around the stomach than was wholly masculine.

"He's only a couple pounds lighter, shut your trap and fight boy." Bobby gritted into his ear. Dean straightened at that because it sounded too much like his father to not warrant instant obedience. He nodded once, shoving his mouth piece back between his teeth. He felt his red and black shorts brush against his already sweating thighs as he looked at Castiel.

"This is gonna be too fucking easy." Dean huffed, annoyed. He'd been working himself up over nothing. He spotted Sam sitting in the crowd and nodded. Sam jumped to his feet shouting.

"Get em' Dean!" Sam cried. Dean couldn't help but smile and send a cocky wink to his brother who rolled his eyes. Sam was a hot shot lawyer, but with a little bit of training Dean thought he might make a pretty damn good fighter himself.

"Alright boys, get ready." Bobby called over the massive crowds cheering. Dean went into himself, or at least that's what he called it. When the adrenaline rushed through his veins everything slowed down. He could see Bobby's mouth moving, his hand raised in the air. He watched Castiel brush his shaggy hair which couldn't be regulation, off of his sweating brow.

"Go!" Bobby cried and they were off. Dean slammed his fist into Castiel's chest, nearly falling flat on his face when the punk vanished.

"The fuck?" He heard himself mumble, stumbling forward and catching the cage.

"Looks like Dean wasn't expecting Castiel to be quite so fast on his feet." Dean hated the announcers. Stating the obvious like everyone of his fans were morons. Spinning around Castiel was calmly looking at him, gently rocking on his heels. Dean snarled, lurching forward.

Dean had to admit, Cas was graceful as fuck. His hands slide around Dean's larger body. Dean thought he was going to tackle him down. But he was spun around like they were fucking ballroom dancing and thrown into the cage. Face smashed against the fence. Dean cursed, it hurt like a bitch.

"Are you alright?" Castiel asked, brow furrowed. Dean's eyebrows shot up, thinking for a second he was mocking him. I mean, they were paid to make each other hurt. But Cas looked serious, concerned even. Dean used that moment of hesitation to finally swipe Cas's feet out from under him and Castiel rolled away when he tried to grab him. He was just so goddamn fast.

Dean lurched forward swinging his combo that was erratic and deathly. The panel considered penalizing it. Castiel dodged every. single. fucking. blow. Castiel weaved under his swings, ducking smoothly under a sharp jab aimed at his nose. Dean was fuming, arms weak and he was breathing heavy while Cas looked like he had just taking a nice nap and could go for a cup of coffee.

"Seems like Winchester has finally met his match." The announcer chuckled and Dean bared his teeth. He caught Cas when the man was turned around which was low, but he didn't give a shit. He pressed him up against the cage and Cas turned in his hold. They scrambled onto each other holding tight. Dean was infamous for not 'hugging' his opponents. But he needed a breather desperately, he was feeling too dizzy and his muscles ached from hitting nothing but air. He got exactly one inhale before he was spun around and slammed back into the metal. He rolled his head back and felt Cas's flushed face press into his neck, holding him steady.

"I'm gonna kick your ass." Dean growled around the piece, he wasn't too tired to talk shit. Castiel let out a slow breath not saying a word. They were both slippery with sweat and Vaseline Dean tried to hook his leg around Castiel to break the lock he was in, but only succeeded in getting Cas to slide their chests together as he avoided it smoothly.

"You're very strong." Castiel complimented. Dean was, but he was also really tired. That must have been Castiel's approach to let Dean tire himself out so he could use his agility to his advantage. Dean fell for it like a sap.

"Get off me." Dean struggled, Castiel held him. Damn near nuzzling into him.

"You smell nice as well." Castiel continued. Dean felt his face flush, and his breath stutter.

Was this guy for real.

"Get off of me!" Dean screamed, thrashing. Castiel skipped back, cocking his head as if he was curious as to what Dean would do next. Dean had his answer, beat his fucking queer face in. Dean used his last burst of energy to charge the other man. He was spun around and slammed to the mat, Castiel straddling his hips. Dean tried to buck him off but it succeeded in only grinding their cups together.

"Shit." Dean cursed, because he was done for. Castiel dropped his head forward, letting out a slow breath.

"I apologize in advance." He said softly. Dean looked up at him in confusion before a fist came down and knocked his ass out.

Dean woke up on the ground, seeing the lights glare down on him. A silhouette stood above him and the crowd was cheering.

"Are you alright?" Castiel asked, offering his hand. His mouth piece was out, the fight was over.

Dean grabbed his hand, yanking himself up and slamming his fists right into Castiel's jaw. The crowd booed as Cas spit out blood onto the mat.

"Fucker!" Dean snarled, Bobby suddenly had him around the waist pulling him back. Castiel looked up, blue eyes wounded.

"I want a rematch you son of a bitch!" Dean howled as he was dragged off of the stage.

"Dean, are you nuts?!" Sam hissed, Dean pushed him away. He'd never been so pissed and confused in his life. He stomped to the back, letting Jo -his nurse- look him over.

"How are you feeling?"

"Don't talk to me right now." He demanded and she nodded slowly, biting her lip. Dean replayed the match a thousand times in his head, what he had done wrong and how it was humanly possible for Cas to be so goddamn fast. It wasn't. He had to be cheating, on some drug or something that the testers overlooked.

"Lips split, but you should be okay." Jo said quietly. Dean excused her. Pacing in the locker room. He should hit the showers he was covered in sweat and blood. He pressed his forehead against the cool metal of the lockers, eyes focused on the floor when he heard a soft knock.

"Not now, Sammy." Dean shot out, trying to ignore his brother.

"I seemed to have made you angry and I came to atone." Castiel's gravelly but soothing voice echoed off the walls. Dean turned around, eyes focused on him.

"Atone? Atone! You just cost me my entire career, I was the undefeated Dean Winchester! What am I know? You must have cheated you little shit, no one is that fast. " Dean got up in his face and he could see the bruise forming on his jaw from Dean's single and satisfying blow.

"I'm sorry." Castiel said softly looking at Dean with pity. Dean's blood boiled, two could play at the game.

"What are you, huh? Some kind of fag or something? I thought you were like a religious freak." Dean blurted. Castiel looked at him curiously, not in the least seeming offended. Dean would have been swinging the second he heard the 'fuh' being pronounced.

"I do not understand." Castiel said finally, blue eyes chilly. Dean snorted cruelly, throwing a hand on the locker above Cas's head and flexing. He didn't know why he was doing it, maybe just cause he felt like it.

"A fag, you know. Saying I smell nice, and rubbing up against me every chance you could." Dean said mockingly, hoping he got pissed. He wanted the little bastard to loose his cool, to take the first swing. He might be fast, but there was no way he'd beat Dean in a dirty fight. Castiel's cheeks went bright pink and Dean was shocked silent.

"You are huh? You want to suck my dick or something?" Dean laughed at him, and he was being too mean and he knew it. He didn't mind gay people. To each his own, but this guy had just beat him and he wanted to feel powerful again.

"D-Dean." Castiel stuttered, breath going all shaky in a way it hadn't during the entire match. Dean found his own following suit. He couldn't believe this, this guy could kick his ass but now he was going all shy and rosey cheeked on him.

"I can't believe I lost to such a little bitch." Dean snarled, and he didn't know what he was doing but his hand clamped on Castiel's shoulder and he was shoving him down to his knees. Castiel's shorts were the same color as his eyes with white detailing. Dean saw him hunch over, it had been too hard to see in the ring earlier but two massive wings poured over his shoulders. The tattoos were beautifully shades and detailed black and looking almost oil slicked with sweat from Cas.

"Wanna' suck me off angel?" Dean hadn't even kissed a guy before, but hell a mouth was a mouth. He just really wanted this guy under him, he wanted to see that calm face broken. Steadily those blue eyes were becoming more and more wild. Dean licked his lips as he pulled the draw strings of his own shorts open. Castiel's breath was hot and quick against his thighs, cooling the sweat there. Dean pushed his cup down and stroked his limp cock a few times.

"Go head and suck, Angel. Don't think I can get it up for little bitch boy's though." Dean smirked, but the second those pink swollen lips wrapped around his head he knew he was full of shit. His hips stuttered forward and Cas groaned softly. Burying his nose in Dean's pubic hair like sweat dick was his favorite smell ever. He sucked lightly, his tongue rubbing against Dean's slit like a pro.

"Fuck." Dean cursed, digging his hands into his soft damp hair and forcing him to take more. Castiel choked slightly, blue eyes fluttering open and closed.

"Open your eyes," Dean ordered. Castiel obeyed, black eyelashes brushing over his flushed cheeks. "Look at you, taking it like a whore. You suck everyone off? Bet you do. Bet you like being manhandled by big dudes huh, bet you like getting pinned down." Dean was talking shit still, something he was good at. But Cas wasn't telling him to shut up. He was breathing heavier, hands shakily curling around the back of Dean's thighs as Dean forced him further on his cock.

"Come on, you can do better than that." Dean murmured, forehead resting on the metal. Castiel sucked harder, swallowing around the tip and Dean cursed. He started fucking his throat and those lips just opened wider taking everything he threw at him. He held him steady, sliding down his constricting throat. Tears welled and spilt over Cas's eyes and Dean pulled out as he gagged, coughing loudly and resting his cheek against Dean's stomach.

Dean couldn't believe this, was this guy really getting off on sucking cock. Dean had to see for himself.

"Lemme' see." Dean said, yanking open Cas's shorts. Dean was surprised when Castiel tried to weakly bat his hands away. Pulling down his cup, Cas's flushed little cock poked up. He wasn't circumcised and the skin was flushed red and beaded with sweat. The dark curls above it looked soft.

"Look at you," Dean leered, watching Cas scramble to cover himself. Shy frown tugging at his lips as he looked down.

"Got hard just from tasting my dick, huh baby boy?" Dean mouthed against his ear. Dean could smell the sticky sweat, and the smell of his own dick on Cas's breath. Cas nodded shakily, hands tentatively reaching up to hold Dean's shoulders.

"Bet you'd come the second my dick was up your ass." Dean pressed his lips into a little dip on Cas's neck, and felt the smaller man's breath hitch in his chest before he let out a scratchy little moan and arched under him.

"Dean, please." Cas murmured, pulling him down into a hug. This was getting gayer by the second, Cas holding him all close and damn near whimpering against him. Dean spun him around, pressing his face into the lockers.

"Never fucked a guy before, might make an exception cause' your so damn pretty." Dean said into the wings that looked to be almost fluttering against Castiel's shoulders. The muscles twitching under the ink.

"Please." Cas sounded wrecked, he stuck out his ass and Dean had to admit it was nice. Pale and muscled, he had strong thighs that would wrap around Dean's waist when he pushed into- Dean shook his head.

"So what? I just stick it in?" Dean asked, Cas's jock strap was still on, cupping his erection and hiding it from sight. The straps under his ass only presented his firm ass for Dean's viewing pleasure. Dean smirked, swatting him once to see him jerk sharply before quivering. His hand print stood out red against Cas's lily white ass.

"You've got to use some form of lubrication " Cas breathed, shimming his hips and sticking out his ass more. Dean leaned back, rifling through his bag to find the Vaseline they slathered on their bodies before fights to make it harder to grip each other.

"You do it, I don't know how." Dean said, scrambling with the tube before handing it to the smaller man. Castiel made an impatient noise before obeying, he dug two fingers into the grease and reached back, sliding over his pink puckered hole once before roughly pushing in. The breath punched out Dean's chest at the noise that Cas made, it was the hottest thing he'd ever heard.

"Fuck, you really like that, huh?" Dean taunted, the mean edge lessening as his erection dragged over the strap digging into Cas's ass. Cas nodded fitfully, straining to bury his fingers further. Dean watched the pink hole open up and damn near suck at those fingers. Dean licked his lips, this was really hot.

"Alright, let me do it." Dean said, tugging Cas's hand away and shoving it up against the lockers to pin him there. Cas whined as Dean carefully traced his hole, it was warm and silky smooth. Dean pried at the entrance watching Cas's rim clench down. Dean forced his slick finger in and Cas crooned, sliding up against the lockers and jerking his hips back.

"Deeaann." Cas groaned, rocking back his hips, trying to spread his legs wider but his shorts were in the way. Dean added a second finger in easily, and frowned when Cas only let out a small happy sound. He wanted him to cry, to sob, to scream. He added a third finger, pumping it in steadily and got the reaction he wanted. Cas spasmed, blue eyes going wide as Dean pressed his cheek right up against the smaller mans to watch his reaction.

"Like that?" Dean spat, watching Cas duck his head shamefully. Something nasty and mean swelled in his chest, he was bullying this guy but the little wimp was letting him. Dean didn't think his dick could get harder but it did. He pulled his fingers out, and Cas let out a pitiful sound that made him laugh.

"Got to beg for it, Cas." Dean panted, sliding his dick right along the cleft of Cas's pretty ass. The man arched his hips, grinding back hard on Dean.

"Please, take me." Cas begged, the tears beginning in his eyes again. Something ugly in Dean liked that he was crying. Dean hadn't even touched his cock, he looked down to see the cup still snugly fit over Cas's groin.

"What do you want me to do?" Dean mocked, nipping at the bruise on Cas's chin from their fight. Cas flinched and closed his eyes, he bit his lip.

"Place your erection in my anu-" Dean rolled his eyes, alright so dirty talk wasn't his strong point. But that didn't make the little noises that came out of those big dick sucker lips any less sexy.

"Alright, point dexter. I'll fuck you." Dean lubed himself up and pressed the tip against the warm loose hole. Cas made a garbled noise, clawing at the lockers and freezing under Dean for the first time since Dean had grabbed him. Dean lined himself up, a little nervous. But how bad could it be. A hole was a hole right?

"Uh, Dean!" Cas was screaming, finally. Dean couldn't relish in his victory for long because the white hot clench of Cas around his tip was freakin' mind blowing. Dean choked, his hands shakily coming to rest on Cas's twitching hips.

"Stop moving, slut." Dean barked, he needed a second to get his head around this. He inhaled slowly, breathing out over Cas's neck before pushing in another inch. They both groaned in unison.

"You're so ... tight." Dean gritted, pressing his face into the wet curls on Castiel's neck. His hips stuttered in Cas's too hot hole and it felt so good, like his entire body was going to melt. He was never going to fuck another girl as long as he lived.

"Dean, more, please." Cas was whining, turning to press frantic little kisses under Dean's chin. Dean smirked, because this is what he wanted. He wanted Cas broken and whining like the little slut he was, but he didn't expect to be right along with him.

"Yeah, yeah, alright." Dean bottomed out, and his eyes went wide. His whole cock was stuffed tight in Cas, and Cas clenched down, like he was trying to hold him there.

"Fuck!" Dean growled, unsure if he even wanted to start thrusting because it was just so goddamn good.

"Dean, Dean." Cas was mumbling his name like prayer, eyes screwed shut and lips red from being bitten.

"Okay. Alright." Dean licked the sweat from his mouth were it was pouring down his temples, he pulled almost all the way out before sliding back in and holy shit.

"Oh my God!" Cas screeched in delight, his back hackling up like a bird's feathers being ruffled before he stretched out, rolling his hips steadily against Dean's cock. Dean watched him fuck himself, planting his hands on the locker and thrusting his hips back against Dean so hard his ass was clapping like a chick in a rap video.

"Hmm, my turn." Dean smirked, gripping Cas's hips now that he'd gotten his breath and feeling under control. He was really good at sex and he kinda wanted to show off to Cas now that the initial shock had worn off. He gripped Cas tight and pounded into him so hard he had to stand up on his toes.

"Oh! Oh! Dean!" Cas's eyes were wide, his breath quick and choppy. Dean licked the sweat sliding over the angel wings on his back, causing Cas to shutter.

"Come for me, bet you can do it without even touching your girly little cock." Dean snarled filthily in his ear. Cas made a devastated sound, eyes rolling into the back of his head as Dean lifted his leg and nailed something that had Cas freaking out. Dean thought for a second he might of hurt him, but the muscles in his ass clamped down and Dean cursed. He pushed in as far as he could, forcing Cas up onto the lockers as he came so deep in Cas's ass he thought he might cough it up. Cas milked him dry, the muscles fluttering over his erection as hey both slide down the locker.

"Fuck that was," Dean breathed, trying to catch his breath.

"Wonderful." Cas said with a sated sigh. Dean leaned around him, pulling open his cup. Dean saw the his limp little dick all sticky with sweat and precum. His own cock gave a twitch of interest which shocked him.

"Don't look." Cas flushed, trying to push his hands away. Dean laughed against his shoulder.

"What? Now your shy? After I just fucked-" Dean halted. The realization hitting him now that the adrenaline and lust had worn off. He'd just fucked a guy, and even worse he had fucking loved it. Cas felt small and warm under him, still bashfully hiding himself as he peeked at Dean from over his shoulder. Dean's chest throbbed and his mind supplied 'cute' helpfully. Dean stumbled back, quickly stuffing himself back into his cup and pulling up his shorts. He grabbed his bag, ignoring the Vaseline.

"Where are you going?" Cas asked, blue eyes innocently confused. Dean didn't know why he still thought the kid looked innocent, when only minutes before he had been practically drooling for Dean's cock.

Dean thought he looked like a broken bird, with small bones and messy hair as he sat crumpled on the ground between the bench and locker. Dean swallowed thickly when he saw some of his cum slide out of his ass to leak onto his calves.

"Just had to put you in your place. I'll see you on the mat, I was serious about that rematch." Dean said, putting false confidence in his voice. The hurt look in Cas's face made him chest ache but he ignored it.

"See you later, fag." Dean shot over his shoulder, practically tripping out of the locker room. He was so beyond screwed.