A Fruits Basket

By: KittyIchigo1

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Authors Note: This story is not meant to disrespect anyone. Although, it will be using mostly Greek/Chinese/Japanese Mythology. And don't worry, this isn't like other fanfictions that focus on their OC. This is mainly going to be about Tohru.

Chapter 1: The News

Bold 'O.O.O' means scene change


Brother and sister,

together as friends,

ready to face

whatever life sends.

Joy and laughter

or tears and strife,

holding hands tightly

as we dance through life.

- Suzie Huitt


"ROKU! COME ON! WAKE UP. IT'S TIME FOR SSCCHHOOLL!" a feminine voice yelled.

The said person groaned and put a pillow over his head. Blocking the 'annoying' voice. "Why can't she just shut up...FIVE MORE MINUTES TOHRU!" he yelled out. With that, Roku welcomed the sleep that was threatening to take over him. But, he welcomed it with wide arms. He almost fell asleep. Almost.

Suddenly a girl with cats all over her p.j's saying stuff like 'Me-OW' and 'Nya!'* burst into his room. She basically just flew into his room and jumped on his bed, in result, making him jump and fall of the bed.

"TOHRU, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY DOING THAT? IN THE MORNING?!" As you can see by this display, Roku is NOT a morning person. Tohru just giggled and walked out, long hair bouncing as she walked away. Then suddenly she laughed while still standing at the frame of the door, Roku gave her 'the look.' Suddenly, gathering thoughts from his fuzzy mind, his eyes widened to the size of saucers. "Tohru...no..." with that she ran out the room VERY quickly. "TOHRU, DARN IT, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE COLD WATER AGAIN!"since he was on the floor, he got tangled inside his blankets. Once out of them, he gathered his stuff, said a quick hi to his grandfather that they were staying with, and chased after Tohru, trying to get to the shower first, so then SHE could feel how it was to have cold water. He shivered.


Now, we shall pause this story. And give you the way they look.

Tohru has long brown hair, she has the biggest of blue eyes, that are always bubbling with life, happiness, hope, and love. She has pale skin, and small hands and feet. She isn't fat, but isn't so skinny that you can see her ribs. Basically, petite. She has a ribbon in her hair, a bracelet that says 'My Brother' and then half of a heart. She has a locket on her neck, that has her mother, father, and brother. Her mother and father on one side, and her brother on the other.

Her personality. Well, it's just like her eyes. She is always on the optimistic side of things, even if they are in deep trouble. She is always bubbling with life, and happiness. She loves everyone. Although, due to a tragic accident in her childhood, she has built herself a mental wall, so that when she wants to cry, she just has to suck it up and hold it in. But in the end, she's just a cute kitten that loves everyone. She is very energetic to! And just loves to help people in need. She also is a bit naive sometimes.

Now, lets just say there isn't much of a difference between Roku and Tohru. Except their personalities...but, why you may ask? Well...THEIR TWINS!

Anyway, to Roku's profile, Roku has short brown hair, and also has big blue eyes(although at the moment, his hair was flying all over the place). His eyes are always shining with life, and love. Although, hope and happiness weren't the first things that you could see, it was there. You just had to check. He also has pale skin, and medium sized hands and feet. Also like Tohru, isn't fat, but isn't to skinny either. He has a locket on his neck too. Same as Tohru's, except he has a picture of her in his locket. He has a bracelet that says 'My Sister' and then half of a heart. If you were to connect the two together it would say 'My Brother 3 My Sister.' It could be read both ways.

His personality. Well, Tohru and Roku are COMPLETE opposites in personality. While Tohru is bubbling with life, he is too. Just, a bit on the dark side. He is always there for his sister, or visa versa. Though in public, he hates to bring attention to himself, and is always calling Tohru 'dumb or stupid' because of her clumsiness. Due to a tragic accident that happened in Tohru and Roku's childhood, he has also built himself in a mental wall. Some people think of him as a bit on the 'emo' side. But he claims he could care less what other people thought of him. Unlike Tohru, he is a bit on the smart side, though, not enough to be a brainic. He loves Tohru with all of his heart, and could not be able to continue on in life if something happened to his dear sister. Usually, he curses out people a lot, but Tohru says she doesn't like it when he does that, so he controls himself. Most of the time...

ANYWAY! BACK TO THE STORY! Shall we? Now we were at...OH YEAH!


Tohru laughed as she heard Roku cursing in the shower. That, after all, was the only way to make sure he didn't fall asleep. If he were to fall asleep in school, then what would they do then? That's why she saved some hot water for him all the time. She continued to make breakfast for the family. That included her grandfather, and her brother. She made pancakes with blueberries, and smiled brightly when her grandfather and brother came down at the same time.

Roku has changed into his school uniform. Which consisted of a a military form like style uniform that was black, and was laced with white. Tohru has also changed into her shcool uniform, which consisted of a sailor-like style, that was blue and laced with white.*

"Morning Grandfather, Morning Big Brother" Even though Roku was a day older than her, she still thought of him as a big brother. With a frail voice, his grandfather said "Good Morning Roku, Tohru, I have something very important to talk to you about." They all sat around the table. Roku looked at the clock. "We still have an hour till school actually starts. What do you want to tell us Gramps?" Gramps was his was of "respecting" his grandfather. He respected him, but just loved to call him Gramps. He laughed which almost sounded a bit like Santa Claus.

"Now you two know of your cousins that are coming to live with us." They twins nodded their heads. "Well, since our house is so small, I was thinking of, making it bigger, having more rooms?" They both nodded again. Tohru did not like where this was going.

"Well, because of this, we can't stay here until the renovation is done. I asked my friends if we could come over and stay with them for a bit, but they said no children allowed." He looked up at them with pity.'Probably off to play poker or something...' "Roku thought. "Sadly, this is my only option, for all my other friends would not let me stay with them. Do you have somewhere to go while the renovation is going on?" He looked up at them with his wrinkly old eyes, which to them, were wise, and knew all. Tohru and Roku suddenly looked at each other. Then something happened, which Tohru was use to already.

She heard a click in her brain, and suddenly heard Roku's voice.

'Tohru, WHAT THE HECK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?! Why don't we just ask Hana, or Arisa?"

"Roku, we can't! I mean, they have enough problems as it is, we don't need to add to their problems Roku! I saw a forest a little ways back! We could live there till renovations done!

"Tohru, YOUR A GENIOUS, We need to get all our packing supplies, tent, flashlights..."

She mentally sighed. "Roku, if we live in a forest, what are we gonna tell Grandpa?"

He mentally rolled his eyes. "SURE TOHRU, LET'S TELL HIM WERE STAYING IN A FOREST!"

"Wait Roku, I DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERALLY!" she cried out frantically.

Another roll of the eyes." And I didn't mean that either. We'll tell them that he doesn't have to worry, and that he can call us on our cell to make sure were alright."

With that said. Or...thought? They told Grandpa they would be alright, and that he could call them to make sure they were safe. He laughed like Santa Claus again, and went upstairs. "Have a good day in school. Roku, no fights"

"HEY, THEY WERE PICKING ON TOHRU! Stupid Yuki fan-club..."

"Well, were off Grandpa! See ya later!" With that, she gave a quick kiss, and ran out the door, with Roku, now running to the school. Although they weren't gonna be late, they wanted to get there, before the school filled up, and they couldn't get to their lockers."

As they walked up the steps in school, they saw that it was filled up and they sighed, as they said in union, "Another day. Let's see the turn-out!" With their supplies in hand, they walked into school.


Nya: In Japan instead of cats saying meow, like how English people say it, In Japan, cats say 'nya'. Almost like 'meow' but 'japanese stlye'.

Uniform: Their uniform is the official Japanese uniform. In japan it is called a 'seifuku'. For boys, they were military-like uniform that is black, while the girls wear a sailor-like uniform. Colors vary. Although, this is for only middle and high school. In Elementary school, the children do not have to wear uniforms.

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