Willtofish: hello my readers, my tablet is undergoing some maintenance so I have decided to start this story until I can get it back.

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Willtofish and Peach: quiet you

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Willtofish: and to think i was gonna teach you temporary exorcism techniques that cause incredible pain to spirits

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Willtofish: Disclaimer. Now.

Peach: he owns just his ideas and characters

Willtofish: ok, now start by clearing your mind of all but your victim…..

The shard

"So Enthir, whats this strange gem you told me about?" Will asked

"Here it is. I can feel a strange magic coming from it do you think you can identify it?" he asked

"Hmmm. The power it holds is very much alike the power that of Azura's Star. I would like to take it to her shrine to see what she can tell me. How much?" Will asked

"100 gold and its yours." he replied

"Done." Will said

As Will took the gem he felt the urge to force it into his hand. Not knowing much about it he resisted this urge and headed to the shrine.

*2 hours later*

As Will arrived at the shrine he was welcomed by Aranea with a "Lady Azura said you were coming."

"Yes I would like her to help me identify this gem." he said, again feeling the urge to force it into his hand.

"You know that you are aways welcome here, I am sure Lady Azura will help you." she said

As Will approached the shrine he heard "I foresaw you coming and I know some of the answers you seek."

This made him stop in his tracks. She knew he was coming but not some of the answers?

"Well then please tell me what you know." he said

"That gem is a shard of the Shikon No Tama, the jewel of 4 souls, I am surprised to see a shard of it here. The jewel doesn't exist in this plane."

"So then why is it here?" he asked

"It's here for you."