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Based off of East Bridges' 'The Zerg Swarm' and its many broodlings


A New Overmind

unknown POV

I was a fool thinking it was a good idea to go for a drive in middle the night on Saint-Patricks day, and now I was about to get in a wreck. My only thought was "I hope my family is safe".

"Do you want power?" I heard. It came from everywhere, yet nowhere. I seemed to be floating in an eternal blackness.

"Yes I do." I told the voice

"Why do you want power?" it asked

"Everyone wants power, the power to protect, the power to destroy, the power to crush your enemies beneath your feet. That is why I want power." I replied

"And so you shall have it." it said

I felt my mind starting to dissolve and then being pushed into another. 'Hell no' I thought as I quickly put up my mental barriers, I learned to make them years ago to deal with bullying and now they were really paying off now. I was pushed into another mind in full control of what I thought. It then hit me that voice that gave me power really thought that I ,Will Jackson, would lose control of my mind? I worked for years just to keep it intact and I wasn't losing it now.

I was wondering where I was and that was I saw it, a small display appeared saying:

Current Swarm evolution level: 0

Current Overmind Bio Energy: 200/300

True Overmind: Will Jackson

Carrier: Hawk Wilson

Evolution requirements: construct Brood Spire

'Brood Spire?' I thought. Then another display appeared saying

Brood Spire: main larva producer for the swarm. Produces 250 larva per mile/hour of creep coverage up till 50 miles. Then produces 300 larva per hour until cap of Brood Spire is met. Creep coverage of 3 miles in any direction (28.26 square miles). Unlocks drone, zergling, overlord, spawning pool, and spine crawler.

'ah' I thought 'this is basically a mega Hatchery. Now to do some quick changes to this display'

I quickly force my way in and removed the 'True Overmind' text and changed it to adviser, I then removed the carrier text. I then started to wait for my "carrier" to wake up.

Normal POV

Anyone looking would only see a blood blossom bush, a large thorn bush with blood red flowers and a pungent odor of feces, when in actuality it housed a small girl, about 6 years of age, and an injured boy, about 15 years of age, in a hidden cave. He was attacked by the horrible creatures of this world, the izaki. They were the dominate species of animals on the world of Mundi. He had gone to look for their mother who had gone hunting 4 days earlier. While she did take days at a time if she was gone more than 2 days she would come back injured and that was just 3 days. It worried them so much that Hawk left to try and find her.

Crying she said "Please don't leave me Hawk, I need you."

Hawk then started to glow, scaring the young girl. She then saw that Hawk's wounds were actually healing.

He then opened his eyes to see his sister scared. Quickly getting up he went over to her to confert her saying "It's ok, Adria, I'm fine."

She looked up at him and said shakily "You started glowing and I got scared, but your wounds are healed"

Looking down he realized that his wounds were in fact healed, but that didn't matter what mattered was keeping Adria safe.

'I think I can help with that' Will told him

Looking around quickly he asked Adria "Did you just hear someone?"

"No I didn't. Did you hurt your head when you got attacked?" she asked

'Don't tell her about me yet, I can help you protect her, but you must keep me a secret right now. Just say you were hearing things.' Will told him

"Sorry I was just hearing things. Lets go to sleep its getting pretty late." Hawk said

"Alright Hawk. Goodnight Hawk." she said

"Goodnight Adria" Hawk replied

He waited until she fell asleep before thinking 'Ok who are you and why are you in my head?'

Chuckling Will replied 'My name is Will, I am here to help you control the Swarm.'

'The swarm?' Hawk thought and then the modified display appeared:

Current Swarm evolution level: 0

Current Overmind Bio Energy: 200/300

Adviser: Will Jackson

Evolution requirements: construct Brood Spire

'So your here to help me?' Hawk asked

'Yes I am, and let me say that you should start creating the Brood Spire, and before you ask I only know so much some things I won't know and we'll have to wing it.' he said

'Just how do I start creating this Brood Spire?' Hawk asked

'Go outside and place your hand on the ground and will it to grow.' Will told him

'Alright' Hawk replied. Getting up from the ground he made his way outside and placed his hand on the ground and did exactly as Will said.

Feeling all his Bio Energy drain away he looked down and saw a pulsating cocoon.

'Now go and rest Overmind. The Swarm can't have you collasping from exhaustion.' Will ordered

Hawk just walked into the cave and fell asleep.