Since my other story is taking quite some time for me to update, I think I will just start with my second one. The two stories have no connection.

A forest of crystals was decaying in the middle of the city. Its owner was doing battle with another being. The two creatures look similar, except one has similar crystal formations growing on its body. The crystal one was injured but it continued to fight on, even though it was missing its two large shoulder crystals. A mighty roar sounded from its opponent; its mouth opened and it fired a crimson beam. Then everything went black.

This all seemed like an eternity ago.

But SpaceGodzilla remembers it clearly. He had come to Earth hoping to use his crystals to turn the planet into his own power source, but his plan backfired when his "brother" showed up. Even with all his power he could not defeat the other monster; rather he very nearly lost his life were he not able to be able to use the last of his energy to create a crystal barrier which was able to block most of the beam that was fired at him. Through this he was able to escape, but the damage done to him had been severe. His once powerful body was streaked with wounds, damaging the crystals that were fused with his flesh; his skin was able to regenerate easily, but the crystals took time. SpaceGodzilla seethed with rage; the very thought of an opponent that he was not able to crush made him enraged. Letting out an angry roar, he swore to both heaven and hell that he will get his revenge.

But first he had to get out of this placeā€¦

As SpaceGodzilla floated through this endless void, he was suddenly bathed in purple light. He flied towards the light source, which revealed it to be a massive panel of purple light. SpaceGodzilla was not stupid; he wouldn't do something that could be potentially life threatening, especially at a time like this. But he needed to get out of this place.

The Cosmic Saurian floated through the panel, and his world was bathed in purple.

When his vision is restored, he is surprised to see himself in the middle of a desert landscape. The sun was beating down relentlessly. SpaceGodzilla was used to high temperatures, after all he had journeyed passed many stars that gave off tremendous heat, but this to him was rather uncomfortable. He looked himself over and is pleased to see that his right shoulder crystal has regenerated. Even with one, he can still conjure up a few crystals. And granted the place he's in is brimming with an unknown power, which if he's able to tap into can greatly benefit his energy regeneration. With this in mind, SpaceGodzilla set off to work; releasing a burst of glowing spheres that housed his powerful crystals.

SpaceGodzilla noted that his crystals are growing much faster than on Earth, and soon they are functioning and his right shoulder crystal was greedily soaking up the energy waves. SpaceGodzilla let out a triumphant roar; soon he would be back to his full strength and then-

"Well, what a nice surprise".

And that's the first chapter; you probably already know who it might be.

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